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Rey Costumes

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Rey Costume Ideas

Rey Costume Ideas

Over 30 years ago we were introduced to an orphaned boy living on an obscure desert planet in the corner of a galaxy far, far away. This was, of course, Luke Skywalker. He quickly became one of the world's most recognized heroes, a champion of the human spirit over machinery, of good over evil. Ever since, we've hungered for another such hero to emerge. With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the wait is over. Simply known as Rey, she is an orphan with an unknown past who spends most of her time scavenging the remains of Star Destroyers in the desert of Jakku.

As the sinister First Order gains power, she joins up with the Resistance in an epic struggle against evil. Seeing that she's already staged to join the ranks of the iconic heroes of past Star Wars episodes, we at BuyCostumes have made sure to stock up on plenty of Rey costumes. For the young girls looking up to their new galactic role model, we have two different of outfits. We also have adult costumes for women of all ages who may be looking to fight the invading armies of the First Order.

Rey - Choose Your Style

  • "Luke Skywalker? I thought he was a myth."
    - Rey
    Cruella de Vil bios

    Adult Rey

    When the Force awakens and evil rears its ugly head, it's time to stop scavenging through the desert and take action. Dressed to face the extreme heat, you'll be in perfect shape to encounter the minions of The First Order. After all, you're everyone's favorite new heroine, Rey. With detached sleeves, a belt with a pouch, leather-like cuffs, pants and a deluxe top, this costume will make it look like you've been transported directly from a galaxy far, far away.

  • "This is the Millennium Falcon! You're Han Solo!"
    - Rey
    Evil Queen Bio

    Child Rey

    For the little girl with big dreams that go beyond the reaches of her planet, we have the stylings of the newest Star Wars heroine. Dressed like she just walked off the movie set, she'll be a commanding presence against the rising forces of darkness. Now, if only she could clean her room! This classic costume comes with detached sleeves, a printed jumpsuit, an attached apron, and a leather-like belt.

Female Star Wars Group Costumes

Female Star Wars Group

In a not-so-distant galaxy, in fact, right in your neighborhood, it's girls' night out. Who's coming? You, a few girlfriends and a host of femmes fatales from the Star Wars movies. Whether you're planning to go to a costume party together or getting dressed up to go see the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, we have a wide selection of costumes to fill every role! Who said only guys get to cause chaos? We have the recipe that will let the girls join the dark side as well.

The villain of all villains Darth Vader never looked better than in that form-fitting jump suit, and the same goes for the stunning female Stormtrooper costume we carry. Ladies can also choose to go as Boba Fett, the deadly bounty hunter. Of course, we also have costumes for the princesses out there. Our Princess Leia and Queen Amidala costumes will make you look so good that you'll intimidate even a Jedi master. From the old classics to the characters from the latest installment of the saga, such as the evil Captain Phasma and the new hero known simply as Rey, we have the goods to turn your evening into an event of galactic proportions.

Star Wars Friends & Family Costumes

  • Rey and Finn Costume

    Rey & Finn

    Two heroes with unknown pasts, shrouded in mystery and fighting their way toward a destiny they are unsure of - yes, it's going to be that kind of night. Dressed as the two newest heroes in the Star Wars universe, you two will be set to champion for good and fight the dark side. The Finn costume comes with pants and a top with an attached jacket. Rey's costume includes detached sleeves, a belt with a pouch, wrist cuff, pants and a top.

  • Rey and Kylo Ren Costume

    Rey & Kylo Ren

    As the Force awakens, both the dark side and the light side grow in power. New heroes arise in a time of trouble and, of course, new villains wreak havoc as they battle for power. Watch the dark and the light sides collide by pairing together the main hero and the primary villain from the new Star Wars movie with these two deluxe costumes. Kylo Ren's costume includes a hooded cape, robe, belt and mask. Rey's costume includes detached sleeves, a belt with a pouch, wrist cuff, pants and a top.

  • Rey and Han Solo costumes

    Rey & Han Solo

    It's the perfect mentorship: Han Solo, everyone's favorite smart aleck from the classic Star Wars movies, and the new heroine Rey. He might be old, but this roguish, interstellar smuggler still has a few tricks up his sleeves - tricks a young adventurer like Rey could use! The Han Solo costume includes pants, captain's shirt and black vest. The classic child's Rey costume comes with detached sleeves, a printed jumpsuit, an attached apron and belt.

  • Rey and Princess Leia Costume

    Rey & Princess Leia

    Even Rey, the coolest new heroine on this side of the galaxy, needs a sidekick, and who better than her favorite four-legged friend? That's right, now even your dog can get in on the fun and dress as Princess Leia. Who knows what powers she can summon from the canine side of the Force. The princess Leia dog costume comes with a headpiece and a jumpsuit. The deluxe child's Rey costume comes with top and pants, detached sleeves, belt and cuff.

Rey Essential Features

1) Tan Top with Wrap

2) Detached Sleeves

3) Brown Wrist Cuff

4) Belt with Pouch

5) Tan Pants

6) Brown Boots

  • Rey Costume Essentials
  • The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rey Costume for Girls has the essential costume features to make your little girl feel like she's in the middle of a heroic fight against the dark side. The tan top with wrap provides the cool comfort needed for the harsh desert environment. Accessories such as the detached sleeves and the wrist cuff lend essential details to the costume. The belt with pouch protects all the treasures and trinkets you can find. Finally, for the long days spent trekking across the galaxy, the tan pants and brown boots are built to withstand desert sands and Stormtroopers alike.

Enhance Your Style - Rey

  • Rey Enhance Your Style
  • Feel the force when you wear this Rey outfit from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The costume on its own is sure to attract attention, but you can be just like Rey from the movie when you add a few accessories to finish off the look. You can be ready for any situation when you wear Rey's Eye Mask with Hood, which will make you feel like you've just landed in the dessert planet of Jakku. A Rey costume isn't complete without her signature staff to carry for protection. And a pair of sturdy black combat boots will be a huge help during your adventures. You'll be ready to join the Resistance and fight the dark side with this rugged Rey outfit.