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"Open the blast doors! Open the blast doors!"

Here’s your chance to be the hardened soldiers of Star Wars fame. They’re the strength of the Empire's ruling fist. There’s no mistaking who you are in the white battle armor and helmet. You’ll be one of the most dramatic entrances at the party. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to keep the order — that’s what Stormtroopers do so well!

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Stormtrooper Costumes

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Stormtrooper Costume Ideas

Stormtrooper Costume Ideas

They make up the faceless legion of the Galactic Empire, obligated to serve their Sith lord and fight against rebels, Jedi and anyone else who dare oppose his dark will. They are the stormtroopers, numberless soldiers in white clad armor, bringing subjugated rule to a galaxy desperate for freedom.

The stormtrooper is one of the most iconic villains of the Star Wars series. These Imperial servants appear in each of the films, though their uniforms and helmets change depending on the period. This gives you plenty of options when choosing the costume that appeals most to you. Do you dress yourself in the classic skull mask from the original trilogy or take on the more robotic look of the soldiers appearing in the newer films? Whatever you choose, grab your blaster and start the march, because it’s time to find some rebel scum!

Stormtrooper - Choose Your Style

  • “Stop that ship! Blast them!”
    - Stormtrooper
    ARF Stormtrooper bios

    ARF Stormtrooper

    Bright white uniforms never made the most sense for battling in woodland environments like the forest moon of Endor. If you’d like to make your Stormtrooper look a little more stealthy, then the Deluxe ARF Trooper costume is just for you. Sleek camouflage over plated armor means you’ll stand out and blend in all at the same time.

  • “There's one...set for stun.”

    - Stormtrooper
    Classic Stormtrooper Bio

    Classic Stormtrooper

    When you think of the word Stormtrooper, this is the look you conjure up. BuyCostumes' Classic Male Stormtrooper Costume captures this iconic image in stunning detail from the hollow eyes to the ready-to-use blaster. This costume is so real you may just hear Darth Vader breathing once you put on the helmet.

  • “Move along!”
    - Stormtrooper
    Female Stormtrooper Bio

    Female Stormtrooper

    Female Stormtroopers never graced the silver screen in any of the films, and that’s good news for Luke, Han and Leia. Make quelling a rebellion a gender-neutral affair with this signature style that looks great with or without the helmet on.

  • “Close the blast doors...open the blast doors! Open the blast doors!”
    - Stormtrooper
    Kids Stormtrooper Bio

    Kids Stormtrooper

    Bring on the littlest legion. This Stormtrooper child’s costume is the perfect attire for a tyke who would rather hunt for droids than presents or Easter eggs. This durable, realistic costume is perfect for the child who wants to wear it for Halloween or simply dress up for a backyard mission.

  • “Look sir, droids!”
    - Commander Fox
    Commander Fox Bio

    Commander Fox

    Sometimes it just feels bad to be bad. If you’d rather side with the Republic and stand against the evil forces of the Dark Side, then Commander Fox is your hero. Separated from his Clone Trooper brethren, Fox travels the galaxy protecting the innocent and capturing criminals. Don the helmet today.

  • “I used to believe that being a good soldier meant doing everything they told you.”
    - Clone Trooper
    Clone Trooper Bio

    Clone Trooper

    The original Stormtrooper costume is an iconic look, but younger fans may be more familiar with the newer Clone Wars uniform. For them, this Clone Wars Trooper Costume is just the ticket. Don the Mandalorian armor and take action against Jedi, separatists and droids everywhere.

  • “That is a very tempting offer, Viceroy. In the meantime, I have a gift for you.”
    - Commander Gree
    Commander Gree Bio

    Commander Gree

    Some Clone Troopers are a cut above the rest, and those elite Clone Troopers fall under the leadership of Commander Gree. Combat the Jedi wherever they hide and protect the innocent races of the galaxy in the proud name of the Galactic Empire.

  • “One, orders. You follow orders. They keep you alive.”
    - Troop Leader Rex
    Troop Leader Rex Bio

    Troop Leader Rex

    You don’t have to be an officer to stand out from the pack. Take Troop Leader Rex for example. In the fight every step of the way, Rex is the type of Clone Wars Trooper other soldiers look up to and children want to become. Just don’t be surprised if your child develops a following of his or her own.

Star Wars Villain Group Costumes

Marvel Superhero Group

From a galaxy far, far away to an event near you, here they come. All of your favorite Star Wars characters from the original trilogy or the newer films are here. Don the robes of the mystic Jedi and fight for the free will of the helpless, make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs as Chewbacca, enforce the will of the Galactic Empire by joining the Stormtrooper legion or pursue your own deadly game as a gangster like Jabba the Hut. Whatever role you plan to play in the galaxy, the table is set for you. Start your story today and one day it just may be scrolling across a movie-theater screen.

Stormtrooper Group Costume Ideas

  • Stormtrooper & Darth Vader Costumes

    Trooper & Darth Vader

    Check out the Empire’s black knight and his loyal followers. Darth Vader never travels into battle without the assistance of his Stormtroopers. Likewise, these teeming hordes are boosted by the presence of the dark lord. Combine them and you create a pairing no rebellion or guest list can stand against.

  • Stormtrooper & Jedi Costumes

    Jedi & Stormtrooper

    It may take a Jedi mind trick, but sometimes you have to let rebel scum join you at a party. This couple’s costume symbolizes the clash of the Star Wars films between the noble Jedi and the forces of the Galactic Empire. Show up in this look and the Force will certainly be with you.

  • Adult & Kids Stormtrooper costumes

    Adult & Kids Stormtrooper

    Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper? Princess Leia asks Luke Skywalker that question, but this kids stormtrooper and the adult stormtrooper costume proves they come in all shapes and sizes. If you want to look the part and start your own legion, this is the pair for you.

  • Ewok Dog & Kids Clone Trooper Costume

    Ewok Dog & Kids Clone Trooper

    Never underestimate the allegiances of the Ewoks from the forest moon of Endor, because it just may cost you a Death Star. This costume coupling is the perfect way to bring your child and beloved pet together, turning a troublesome tribe into a Stormtrooper’s best friend.

Stormtrooper Essential Features

1) Stormtrooper Helmet

2) Black Jumpsuit

3) White Body Armor

4) Utility Belt

5) White Boots

  • Stormtrooper Essential Features
  • Despite the way they appear on the screen, not all Stormtroopers look alike. To perfectly capture the look you need to have the essentials. The white, skull-like helmet is easily their most distinguishing feature, complete with air holes at the base, the hollow black eyes and the perpetual sneer. From there you need the black body suit that goes under everything else. On top of the body suit is your molded white armor, the best in the galaxy and perfectly befitting a soldier of the mighty Galactic Empire. Keep that armor – and everything else for that matter – together with your utility belt that holds all the ammunition, charges and equipment you’ll need when in pursuit of the rebels. Finally, you need your white boots. You’ll be trudging across a lot of foreign worlds in your service to the Dark Side, so it’s important you have dependable footwear for the journey. These are the essentials of the Stormtrooper uniform. Grab them today and crush this pitiful rebellion.

Ultimate Costume – Stormtrooper

1) Authentic Helmet

2) Molded Plastic Armor

3) Molded Plastic Belt

4) Black Gloves

5) Officially Licensed Star Wars Costume

  • Stormtrooper Ultimate Costume
  • Stand out from the millions of other Stormtroopers with this costume of one-of-a-kind quality. No uniform captures the films better than the Ultimate Stormtrooper Costume. The helmet is the most iconic aspect of a Stormtrooper’s uniform and the Ultimate Costume provides you with a completely authentic piece of headgear on which no detail was spared. The molded plastic armor covers your entire body, from your chest and legs to your arms and feet, perfect for deflecting the blaster fire of your rebel enemies. The utility belt is a separate piece that adds further realism to the look; it includes all of the pieces that appear in the movie. Finally, your black gloves are here, allowing you to escort a rebel to his waiting jail cell or fire your blaster at one who got away. This is the officially licensed Stormtrooper costume and your final destination for a look so real it’s worthy of a casting call.

Enhance Your Style - Stormtrooper

  • Stormtrooper Enhance Your Style
  • The right accessories make the stormtrooper, and at BuyCostumes we have everything you need to elevate your basic solider to a trooper worthy of joining the legion of the Emperor’s best troops. So gear up, because your next mission awaits. Sadly, not everyone understands the benevolence of Emperor Palpatine and the Galactic Empire. That’s why it’s helpful to have a blaster lying around. Gear up with this iconic weapon in a color that keeps everyone safe. The gloves complete the Stormtrooper. Hold your blaster in comfort with these black gloves. Each has a spot of white-colored armor, perfect for going with the rest of your look and making your conquest of the galaxy even more authentic. If your mission is trick-or-treating, ensure success for the Empire with this Star Wars pail. Iconic characters are featured on the sides, but you’ll most enjoy the treats that are placed inside.

Stormtrooper vs Jedi

  • Stormtrooper


    They have been tasked with hunting the Jedi into extinction, and now only a few remain. Your job is not finished, though. The galaxy is fraught with rebellion and your new Death Star is not complete. Find the traitors, crush the rebellion and bring the galaxy back under the rule of your dark master.

  • Jedi


    The legions of stormtroopers are endless and behind them lurks a dark master, bending all to his will. As a Jedi, your challenges are great but all hope is not lost. Your powers grow stronger every day, your lightsaber is always at your side and always the Force is with you. Use it and you will taste victory yet.