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Ancient alien robots from the planet of Cybertron, a world long ravaged and torn apart by the war between the noble Autobots and the militant Decepticons, take their epic struggle for peace or domination across the universe to the Dark of the Moon and eventually come to Earth, threatening a new Age of Extinction for us all. Advanced robots with the ability to transform into new structures to suit their environment, they take on the form of various vehicles typical to our planet and seamlessly blend in. The dauntless Autobots led by the noble Optimus Prime fight for freedom, the right of all sentient beings. They are locked in opposition with the malevolent Megatron and his faction of military robots, the Decepticons, who seek domination and the Matrix of Leadership. World famous stars of comic books, animated TV and movies, the Transformers are undeniably awesome. Their powers to switch from an unassuming car or truck into an impressive robot excite the imagination and set fire to dreams. Bots like the loyal and yellow Bumblebee, the irreverent Ratchet, the devious Soundwave, and vile Starscream truly are more than meets the eye. Choose your character and put on the transformative costume. Do it with style or don't bother doing it.