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Wonder Woman  

The gifted warrior princess is a heroine for all time.

As "beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, as strong as Hercules, and as swift as Hermes," Wonder Woman is one of the most famous heroines ever. She is an idol and symbol of strength and allure to every female from little girls to grown women. Put on that flowing cape and show the guys you’re the modern day Wonder Woman back to show the guys who’s boss!

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Wonder Woman Costumes

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Wonder Woman Costume Ideas

Wonder Woman Costume Ideas

With divine powers, superhuman strength and remarkable beauty, Wonder Woman can compete successfully with all of the other superheroes. She never misses a step and has many powerful allies. You will feel as beautiful as Aphrodite, as wise as Athena, swifter than Hermes and stronger than Hercules as the breathtaking Wonder Woman. Whether you are fighting for justice, love, peace or gender equality, you will be a hit at the party with an amazing Wonder Woman costume. Make your next event something spectacular with this superhero classic.

Wonder Woman - Choose Your Style

  • “Steel your nerves and find your courage.”
    - Diana
    Anime Wonder Woman bios


    Lasso all the attention in the room with a stunning anime version of this classic costume. While Diana may hail from Themyscira, her red, white, and blue outfit is perfectly patriotic. Don’t just choose another predictable anime costume for your next gathering. Go outside the box with your divine powers and rock this Wonder Women outfit.

  • “I made a vow that I would always be aware of my strength.”
    - Diana
    Alternative Wonder Woman Bio


    Wonder Woman does not conform to expectations or stereotypes, so why would you? Break free from tradition with an alternative Wonder Women costume that will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. Your powers will remain as strong as ever with a look that is suited for your little girl.

  • “I am the Goddess of Truth.”
    - Diana
    Girl Power Wonder Woman Bio

    Girl Power

    Shine brighter than any star in the sky with your exceptional brains, beauty and brawn. This costume is the whole package, just like you! Once you walk into the party, everyone will immediately notice that you are a force to be reckoned with. Your compassion and just ways will shine right along with the sparkling sequins that cover this costume.

  • “Go in peace my daughter. And remember that, in a world of ordinary mortals, you are a Wonder Woman.”
    - Queen Hippolyte
    Infant Wonder Woman Bio


    Wonderfully adorable, this costume is the perfect getup for your little miracle. She will look like the princess she is with a comfy cape, headband tiara and frilly skirt. She may not be fighting crime quite yet, but those beautiful big eyes can see the truth in your soul even without the Lasso of Truth by her side. She is surely destined for greatness.

  • “Woof Woof”
    - Wonder Dog
    Pet Wonder Woman bios


    Everyone trusts the judgement of a dog. Whether she is sniffing out the truth or running after the bad guys, she deserves a few superpowers of her own. With a golden tiara and precious outfit, this superhero will certainly win over your heart. Make it a family affair for your next costume party and dress up like all of the DC superheroes!

  • “Which will hold greater rule over you? Your fear or your curiosity?”
    - Diana
    Sexy Wonder Woman Bio


    With the strength of an Amazonian and the beauty of a goddess, Wonder Woman certainly is something divine. Her sharp wit and piercing intelligence can even win over the strongest of Supermen. Knock out evil and everyone else in the room just by making your entrance. You will look amazing in this sexy skirt, corset top and waist-cinching belt.

  • “I’ll ask you once, out of courtesy. But only once. Surrender.”
    - Diana
    Tough Wonder Woman Bio


    Evoke the power of a warrior princess with this elaborate Wonder Woman costume. You will be ready to take on any foe, no matter how mighty, with this complete look. In a world dominated by men, Wonder Woman can fight alongside the best of them and shine even brighter with her ability to lead with compassion and the power of the truth.

  • “I know who raised me, and what I was raised to do.”
    - Diana
    Trendy Wonder Woman Bio


    Fighting crime never looked so good. Wonder Women always does what is right, and this show-stopping tank dress is oh-so right. Slip into this ready-to-wear tank dress with a cape that will keep you looking stylish while you enjoy the costume party. When justice calls, you will be ready.

DC Superheroes Group Costumes

DC Superheroes Group

They may have super-human strength, but no matter how mighty they are individually, you cannot beat the power of a superhero group! Bring the entire DC Comics gang together for your next big bash. With their powers combined, no evil is too big to overcome. Double dippers, music hogs and gossipers beware! The Justice League is on the prowl, making sure the party goes off without a hitch. As Wonder Woman, you will stand out from the pack as the most famous heroine of all time. Showcase your brains, beauty and brawn with all of your friends by your side.

Wonder Woman Friends Costume Ideas

  • Wonder Woman & Green Lantern Costume

    Wonder Woman & Green Lantern

    As part of the Justice League family, these friends will certainly light up the room. With the Green Lantern's glow and Wonder Woman's radiant smile, the whole party will be weak in the knees. Just remember that with allies in the Amazon and the Intergalactic police force, this duo has eyes all across the universe.

  • Criminal & Wonder Woman

    Criminal & Wonder Woman

    She never fails to take down the bad guys and come out victorious. Whether she uses intelligence, strength or charm, she always get the job done. When the Greek Gods are on your side, it is hard to fail. While fighting evil and criminals, she hopes to unlock the full potential of humanity.

  • Wonder Woman & Supergirl costumes

    Wonder Woman & Supergirl

    Break out the girl power with two of the most empowering feminist icons of all time. Your little girl will feel like she is invincible with her best friend by her side. Nothing shines brighter like the desire to make the world a better place alongside your best friend Supergirl. They will work to rid the world of evil by spreading joy, love and honesty all year round.

  • Girls Wonder Woman & Wonder Dog Costume

    Girls Wonder Woman & Wonder Dog

    We all know who really runs the show in the Justice League. Have your pooch join forces with you when you dress up like the mighty Wonder Woman for your next costume party. Whether he plays your sidekick for the night or you work equally as a team, everyone will get a kick out of this unpredictable take on a classic superhero costume.

Wonder Woman Essential Features

1) Golden Tiara

2) Golden Gauntlets

3) Wonder Woman Cape

4) Golden Belt

5) Knee-high Boots

6) Lasso of Truth

  • Wonder Woman Costume Essentials
  • We have costume essentials that you need to become Wonder Woman. Her golden tiara with the shining red star is far more than an accessory. It can double as a throwing weapon that boomerangs back ready to be used time and time again, no matter how many villains come her way. As a symbol of her Amazonian past, the golden bracelets help her escape from her enemies unscathed. They deflect gunfire, small missiles and other projectile weaponry. Soar above the evil of the world with the trademark Wonder Woman cape. The belt Diana wears once belonged to the Amazon queens. The Golden Girdle of Gaea was made from the original girdle belonging to the Earth goddess Gaea, enhancing the strength of the wearer. Nothing says power quite like a pair of knee-high boots. As she runs, fights and flies, these red boots carry her throughout each trial. This iconic and essential weapon is Wonder Woman's number one. The Lasso of Truth helps her get to the bottom of a case quickly. The Lasso forces anyone who is captured by it to tell Diana the truth once and for all.

Enhance Your Style - Wonder Woman

  • Wonder Woman Enhance Your Style
  • The basics will get the message across but adding on all of the additional pieces will really drive the costume home. Wonder Woman needs all of her golden accessories not only to complete her unique warrior princess look, but to effectively do her job. To convincingly play the part, you need more than just a crime-fighting attitude. Get the complete look whether you are a blonde or brunette. With a flowing wig, knee-high boots and crime-fighting leggings, you will be ready to take on any job no matter how big the danger or how crazy the party!