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Be your favorite video game hero or character today!

From classic games like Pac-Man and Mario Bros. to current hits like Halo 3, we have the best video game costumes for the gamers in your life. Everyone has a favorite video game, either retro or brand new, and our options won’t disappoint. Save Princess Peach or use blocks to protect against monsters. Open the “Portal of Power” with Spyro by your side. No matter your challenge, we can make you a part of the action.

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Video Game Costumes

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Video Game Costume Ideas

Video Game Costume Ideas

Whether your 5 or 50, everyone has a favorite video game. Iconic characters who once lived exclusively at the local arcade now appear on home entertainment systems, in books, movies, toys and clothing lines. Some of these characters have become household names and their signature appearance makes for a great look as well. If you’re interested in bringing your favorite video game character into the three-dimensional world, BuyCostumes has everything you’re looking for. Jump goombas and break blocks as Super Mario, enjoy some pizza as Raphael, protect humanity as the Master Chief or show your ninja skills as Kitana. Whatever look you’re hoping to create, you’ll find it here. So hop in and hunt around because when you gear up with video game costumes from BuyCostumes, you’ll never need a reset button.

Video Game Character Bios

  • "I am only a conduit, for a message that eludes my understanding."
    - Ezio
    Assassins Creed Ezio Bio

    Assassin's Creed Ezio

    On the surface, Ezio Auditore da Firenze was a Florentine nobleman. Shrouded in the secrecy beneath, however, he was also the mentor of the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins. Ezio’s war against the Templar Order is an act of vengeance for the hanging of his father and brothers when he was only 17. Now a veteran assassin, nothing will stop Ezio from getting his revenge.

  • "You don’t flirt with the enemy, Leo. You take them down!"
    - Raphael
    TMNT Raphael Bio

    TMNT Raphael

    Raphael, the fiercest member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is known as much for his twin Sais and red bandanna as he is for his cavalier attitude. When he’s not verbally sparring with his brothers or physically fighting the Foot Clan, he enjoys a good slice of pizza and maybe a sarcastic comment or two.

  • "It's a-me, Mario!"
    - Super Mario
    Mario Bio

    Super Mario

    For Mario, there is no greater mission than to rescue his beloved Princess Peach from whatever trouble has befallen her. Whether it means crawling through a sewer, stomping on a goomba, finding a warp tunnel or battling King Bowser himself, Mario is always up to the challenge.

  • "Roll with the Punches!"
    - Night Shift
    Skylanders Night Shift Bio

    Skylanders Night Shift

    Once a baron of the Batcrypt Mountains, Night Shift left it all behind to pursue his dream of becoming a championship boxer. He dominated the Skyland’s circuit until a rule change eliminated teleportation and stripped him of his title. Now Night Shift has found a new cause for his pugilistic skills as a member of the Skylanders.

  • "Our duty as soldiers is to protect humanity... whatever the cost."
    - Master Chief
    Master Chief Bio

    HALO Master Chief

    He is humanity’s greatest solider and it's only hope in the war against the Covenant. As a Spartan, the Master Chief’s armor, weaponry and physical prowess make him a worthy opponent for any pack of Elites, brawling Brutes or giant Scarab that’s due for an unexpected visitor.

  • "Get over here!"
    - Mortal Kombat Scorpion
    Mortal Kombat Scorpion Bio

    Mortal Kombat Scorpion

    He was once known as Hanzo Hasashi, but to his enemies in the Mortal Kombat ring, he is Scorpion. A resurrected ninja, Scorpion is one of only three characters to appear in every Mortal Kombat game. Scorpion’s mission is one of vengeance, seeking out those who destroyed his clan and murdered his family.

  • "Pikachu, Pika, Pika!"
    - Pikachu
    Pikachu Bio

    Pokémon Pikachu

    There are hundreds of Pokémon but none are as iconic as Pikachu. Small, yellow and rodent-like in appearance, Pikachu have been known to travel in packs and can be fiercely loyal. They may appear soft and cuddly, but when threatened watch out for the lighting storm they are able to unleash.

  • "Always defending the weak and the helpless. You're predictable. And that's why we're gonna win."
    - Arkham Knight
    Batman Arkham Knight Bio

    Batman Arkham Knight

    The Arkham Knight is a villain in the Batman: Arkham Knight video game who wears a militaristic bat-suit with the Arkham symbol on his chest. He displays exceptional physical strength and leadership skills as he fights against Batman, making him a formidable foe.

Super Mario Group Costumes

Super Mario Group

Level up your gang with these Super Mario Brothers costumes from Buy Costumes. We have the perfect go-kart racing, warp tunnel diving attire for your entire group and options in everyone's favorite characters. There's Mario, video games' most iconic plumber and, of course, his little brother Luigi. Princess Peach, Toad and Yoshi are here too, secondary characters in the games, these costumes are perfect for a front and center appearance. And if you want to celebrate your wicked side, what better way to do it than as the King Koopa, Bowser, himself.

Any of these looks will have you hopping, jumping or flying to your party in style though you may want to leave the fireballs at home. It's always Mario time at BuyCostumes so jump in and shop around because with looks like these, it's never game over.

Video Game Group Costume Ideas

  • Blue Spartan & Master Chief

    Blue Spartan & Master Chief

    In the distant future the Spartans are humanity’s greatest warriors, tasked with protecting the human race from the destructive onslaught of the Covenant and the assimilation of the vile Flood. Whether you don the blue armor of a Spartan or take on the role of the Master Chief himself, the fate of humanity is in your hands.

  • Mario & Princess Peach Costumes

    Super Mario & Princess Peach

    Since the original Super Mario Brothers, Mario and Princess Peach have been inseparable video game characters. Whether Mario is rescuing Peach from a castle, they are teaming up in the sequel or they are racing go-karts against one another, each game has included both of these characters. Keep that unity going with this great partners' look from BuyCostumes. Just watch out for the koopas.

  • Pac-Man & Inky Costumes

    Pac-Man & Inky Couple

    Looking for a video game costume that’s unique and iconic at the same time? Go old school with our Pac-Man and Inky group costumes. Pac-Man is still one of the most well-known video game characters, and the presence of Inky nearby will ensure you’re always looking for the cherry among those power pellets.

  • Leonardo & Raphael Costumes

    Leonardo & Raphael

    These characters may have their differences but Leonardo and Raphael are still brothers. Together these two turtles make for a great group costume. Battle the Foot Soldiers or munch on some pizza and skateboard through the sewers, if you’re doing it together it’s always turtle time.

Enhance Your Style - Elf Warrior Princess

  • Elf Warrior Enhance Your Style
  • Head to the lands of Hyrule, enter the dungeons and look great doing it with this Elf Warrior Princess from BuyCostumes. We have everything you need to recreate the iconic look from your favorite video game, but in a much more feminine way. These sexy brown boots are perfect for stomping on orcs, and your green tunic is the perfect dashing ensemble for any Triforce hunting. Complete the look with elf ears and your own sword. Now you’re ready, so let the adventure begin!