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Mario Costumes

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Mario Costume Ideas

Mario Costume Ideas

Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach all became household names when Super Mario Bros. launched and became one of the most successful video game franchises of all time. If you remember playing the original Nintendo game, or if you enjoy playing the new games with your family, then one of BuyCostumes' Mario outfits would be the perfect choice for your next costume event. Mario may be one character, but BuyCostumes has a variety of costumes available for everyone who dreams of jumping down a drainpipe, fighting the evil King Koopa, Bowser, and rescuing Princess Peach. Whether you need a costume for adult males or females, children or toddlers, BuyCostumes has you covered.

Choose Your style - Mario

  • "It's a-me, Mario!"
    - Mario
    Horse bios

    Mario Boy

    Goombas and Koopa Troopas will cower in fear when they see your child coming for them in the Mario Deluxe Toddler Child Costume. With a blue jumpsuit, red shirt, mustache, hat and gloves, this costume brings everyone's favorite plumber to life. Don't forget the camera because this is a costume your child will never want to forget.

  • "Mamma mia!"
    - Mario
    Mario Girl Bio

    Mario Girl

    Not all girls want to be a princess every Halloween or for every dress-up party. If your little girl wants to be an iconic hero from one of the world's most popular video games, the Mario With Skirt Costume For Girls is the perfect fit. The costume includes a blue and red dress, red hat, gloves and a mustache on a stick.

  • "A Mario Brother never says 'can't,' Luigi."
    - Mario
    Mario Man bios

    Mario Man

    Whether you want to trek through levels of Goombas, Koopa Troopas and Bob-ombs, or enter a go-kart race against Luigi, Yoshi and other friends, the Mario Adult Costume will prepare you for all of the plumber's favorite activities. Strap on Mario's jumpsuit, hat and gloves, and you'll be ready to rock any costume party.

  • "We can fix anything if there's spaghetti involved."
    - Mario
    Mario Woman Bio

    Mario Woman

    The main character of Super Mario Bros. may be male, but that doesn't mean only men can dress as Mario at a costume party. The Mario Costume For Women captures Mario's signature look but gives it a modern and feminine twist. Instead of a red shirt and blue overalls, the outfit features a red and blue dress with a hat, gloves and Mario's famous mustache on a stick.

  • "Let's-a go!"
    - Mario
    Mario Baby bios

    Mario Baby

    Your little one will be the center of attention at any gathering in the Toddler Mario Costume. He may not be old enough to play Mario games yet, but he can certainly look the part. The costume includes a blue and red jumpsuit and Mario's famous fluffy red hat. The jumpsuit is built for comfort so your little guy will be a comfy and cozy plumber throughout the party.

  • "My crazy plans always work."
    - Mario
    Mario Riding Yoshi Bio

    Mario Riding Yoshi

    Want to amp up your Mario costume and stand out from the crowd of other Marios? The Inflatable Adult Mario Riding Yoshi Costume is what you've been waiting for. This costume features Mario's famous getup, with the blue and red jumpsuit, hat and gloves, but it also includes an attached, inflatable Yoshi. With this outfit, you can ride to your next party in style.

Super Mario Brothers Group Costumes

Super Mario Brothers Group

Get the whole herd together for a wild party that is full of wonder and magic. Your little ones will be eager to gallop around in their sparkling costumes as they plan to spread smiles and laughter throughout the room. Symbolized by the unique cutie marks, each pony has a distinct personality and something amazing to bring to the table. With all of their strengths combined, this herd of My Little Ponies proves to be a beacon of light that is sure to brighten up the atmosphere at any costume celebration, whether it is Halloween or a theme party.

Friends & Couples Costume Ideas

  • Princess Peach & Mario

    Princess Peach & Mario

    Mario and Princess Peach have been an iconic duo since the original Super Mario Bros. game. Whether Mario is rescuing the princess from a castle or the two are racing against each other in go-karts, Mario and Peach have been a prominent pair throughout the franchise. With the Mario Adult Costume and Deluxe Princess Peach Costume, you and your partner can become the timeless couple for your next costumed event.

  • Yoshi & Mario

    Yoshi & Mario

    Team up with your best friend and pay tribute to one of your favorite video games with matching Mario and Yoshi costumes. As Mario's trusty steed and close friend, Yoshi has helped defeat Goombas, Koopas and other enemies on Mario's journeys through different levels and worlds. In the Mario Adult Costume and Deluxe Yoshi Costume for Adults, you and your BFF can conquer anything at your next party.

  • Mario Mom & Mario Baby

    Mario Mom & Mario Baby

    Your little tyke is sure to be a hit dressed as everyone's favorite plumber in the Toddler Mario Costume. Don't let your toddler steal all of the attention, though. In the Mario With Skirt Costume For Women, you can complement your adorable mini-Mario with a stylish and feminine version of the character's classic attire. The two of you will be unforgettable as a matching pair.

  • Mario & Luigi Kids

    Mario & Luigi Kids

    Are there any brothers more recognizable than Mario and Luigi? The famous siblings are the core of the Mario Bros. franchise and the perfect inspiration for your kids' matching costumes. Both the Mario Deluxe Kids Costume and Luigi Deluxe Kids Costume are complete with jumpsuits, hats, gloves, mustaches and inflatable bellies to give your children the brothers' signature superhero plumber looks.

Essential Features - Mario

1) Puffy Red Hat

2) Oversized Moustache

3) Red Shirt

4) Blue Overalls

5) White Gloves

  • Mario Enhance Your Style
  • If you want to impress friends for a Halloween or costume party with an authentic outfit inspired by Super Mario Bros., the Mario Adult Costume is the way to go. As an officially licensed Nintendo product, this costume doesn't skimp on the details. First, the costume's puffy red hat , which is marked with the famous "M" logo, of course, and oversized mustache ensure everyone will recognize you immediately. At the heart of the ensemble is a jumpsuit with a red shirt and blue overalls to mimic Mario's trademark plumber attire. The costume also includes an inflatable belly that can be inserted into the jumpsuit to give you Mario's plump shape. Topping off the look is a pair of white gloves. With all the parts you need for a complete Mario look, the Mario Adult Costume won't disappoint.