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Western, Cowboys & Indians  

Hey, y'all! Check out our Western, cowboys, and Indian costumes!

The Western, cowboys, and Indians remain favorite costumes because their history is so much a part of our country's history. Try on a 10 gallon hat, or a cowboy duster jacket, or even become your favorite make-believe cowboy from Disney's Toy Story. Then again, there's something that stirs the imagination about being a Native American princess or a brave Indian warrior.

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Cowboy And Indian Costumes

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Western, Cowboys & Indians Costume Ideas

W,C,I Costume Ideas

Yee haw! It’s a classic Western, Cowboys and Indians costume party! You’ll find everything you need to get ready all in one spot. No matter which side you choose, the perfect costume and accessories are waiting for you to wear and dazzle everyone you see. The gang’s all here with gunslingers, cowboys, the saloon gals, renegades and Native Americans.

And don’t forget about the sheriff. There’ll be no battles at this costume event as everyone joins in on the fun of the Old West. Get ready to say "howdy y’all" because you can bet your boots it’s going to be a great time with friends and family dressed up as their favorite western characters. You can be the good guy or the bad guy, or just the girl drinking at the saloon. Whichever you choose, it’s bound to be a perfect party!

Western, Cowboys & Indians Character Bios

  • “Cowboy up!”
    - Cowboy
    Cowboy bios


    This rugged cowboy is ready to ride, rope some steers and spend some time with man’s true best friend, his horse. The Old West is calling and this little Wyatt Earp or Calamity Jane junior is ready to answer, fully outfitted in a traditional cowboy hat, vest and chaps.

  • “Howdy partner!”
    - Gunslinger
    Gunslinger Bio


    The gunslinger has gone down in Wild West history as one of the greatest horseback riding and poker playing bandits in all the land. You’ll see him down at the local saloon causing a bit of trouble or just enjoying a nice cold drink. His mustache gives him that mysterious look, so you never know what he’ll do next!

  • “Give me knowledge, so I may have kindness for all.”
    - Native American
    Native American Bio

    Native American

    This Native American chief brings peace and happiness to his tribe, whoever they may be! He’ll sit around the campfire telling stories of days past or give you the low down on the tribe’s latest hunting techniques. This chief has the power to entertain at any type of gathering.

  • “The rainstorm and the river are my brothers. The heron and the otter are my friends.”
    - Pocahontas
    Pocahontas Bio


    One of the most beloved Disney princesses, Pocahontas has a special place in her heart for animals, peace and all things nature. She understands the earth and its creatures, and she spreads her knowledge with understanding and compassion as she paints with all the colors of the wind.

  • “Follow the law.”
    Sheriff Bio


    There’s a new sheriff in town and he’s ready to get everyone on the right side of the law. He’ll saunter on into town and make sure you’re on the straight and narrow. There will be no funny business when this guy’s around.

  • “If I had to live my life over, I’d live over a saloon.”
    -Saloon Madame
    Saloon Madame Bio

    Saloon Madame

    She’s the most glamorous gal in all of the Wild West and she’s ready to have some real fun. Head on down to the saloon because drinks are on Madame as she shows off her stylish ensemble. She’ll catch the eye of every cowboy and gunslinger in the room with her alluring dress and dazzling gold fringe.

Cowboys & Cowgirls Group Costumes

Cowboys & Cowgirls Group

The fun possibilities are endless when you get the entire family involved for a night of Western costume fun. Gather your cowboys and cowgirls around and have them pick their favorite ensemble to get them feeling like they’re truly a part of the Old West. Represent all of your favorite characters when you get your friends involved, and even your dog can join in!

Western Friends & Couples Costumes

  • Gunslinger and Sheriff

    Sheriff & Gunslinger

    True enemies, the gunslinger and the sheriff have never gotten along. These two figures represent the good and evil ends of the Wild, Wild West. Go for irony with this group costume and entertain all your friends with your hilarious idea.

  • Saloon Gal and Bartender Costume

    Bartender & Saloon Gal

    The Saloon Gal is always at the bar, so it only makes sense that the bartender is her date for the costume event! You two will be the life of the party as you tell jokes, laugh and dance the night away. And don’t forget, you’ll be supplying the drinks!

  • Indian Man and Women

    Indian Couple

    A strong and noble team, this man and woman Native American duo exhibits pride and knowledge unlike any other. A classic couple costume, you two will stand out among the crowd in your traditional garb. Just make sure you have some exciting stories to really dig into your role.

  • Indian Boy and Indian Mother

    Indian Mom & Indian Boy

    A Native American mother will always protect her little boy. Go for the cuteness factor when you dress up as a Native American maiden and bring along your son. Whether you’re answering the door for trick-or-treaters or you are out at a party, this is sure to be a hit.

Ultimate Costume – Burlesque Beauty

1) Miniature plumed hat with veil

2) Detachable pink bustle bow

3) Pink and black bodice with built-in corset and stretchy lace

4) Elbow-length, black mesh fingerless gloves trimmed with pink

5) Black tiered skirt with pink ruffles

  • Optimus Prime Ultimate Costume
  • Combining style and seduction, this stunning burlesque number will have you feeling both feminine and feisty as you kick up your feet and dance the night away. Who doesn’t want to be the center of attention? You can have it all with the Ultimate Burlesque Beauty Costume. A gorgeous pink and black dress is complete with a built-in corset and stretchy lace to perfectly fit your shape. The black tiered skirt features pink ruffles that flow down around your legs. Finish off the look with a miniature plumed hat with a veil and a detachable pink bustle bow. You wouldn’t be a true burlesque girl without elegant gloves, so don’t forget about these elbow-length, black mesh fingerless gloves trimmed in a lovely pink. Don't be afraid to strut your stuff when you have this amazing outfit on!

Enhance Your Style - Gunslinger

  • Gunslinger Enhance Your Style
  • Dress up as the most dangerous villain in the Old West and spook your fellow costume party guests. Even though you can’t bring your horse, you can impress everyone with your costume skills when you have the full gunslinger ensemble down.Black, authentic-looking cowboy boots go perfectly with your dark getup, making you look super stylish for a night out on the town. You’ll feel like a true bad guy in these heeled beauties.You’re not a gunslinger without the signature moustache. Get ready to cause some chaos with your lawless ways the moment you put this on your face. Jesse James is no competition for you.You’ll always have the quickest draw with this over-sized cowboy gun. It’s the sharpest looking six shooter in the Old West. Whether you’re robbing banks or stealing horses, this cowboy gun will do the trick.