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Women's Costumes

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Women's Costume Ideas

Monster Costume Ideas

Everyone loves a costume party, but when it comes to dressing to the nines, it’s the girls who just want to have fun! There’s no limit but your imagination for what you can pretend to be at your next festive event. Perhaps you’d like to become a favorite movie character, like a Stormtrooper, Wonder Woman or Elsa. Or do you prefer something a little creepier? The Vampiress of Versailles is sure take anyone’s breath away. Funny costumes are loads of fun as well – you’d make a lovely Mrs. Potato Head, don’t you think?

Whether you make them laugh or leave them staring in awe, dressing up is tons of fun. Remember to select something you really like, because as long as you are comfortable and confident, your costume will shine. Check out our collection of the best women’s costumes and you’ll be the hit at any party..

Women's Character Bios

  • "She looks too pure to be pink!"
    - Grease
    Grease Bio

    Grease Pink ladies

    In the 70s John Travolta had all the ladies swooning when he starred in Grease. Today, you can play the part and make your teen dreams come true when you dress up in a Pink Ladies Jacket! It’s cute, comfortable and chic – a true, winning combination.

  • "Work like a captain, play like a pirate."
    - Pirates of the Carribean
    Rustic Pirate Lady Bio

    Rustic Pirate Lady

    Are you rough and tough with a feminine touch? Then the Rustic Pirate Lady. is perfect for you. A little bit naughty and a little bit nice, you’ll capture the hearts of all the mates at the party and look fabulous while doing it.

  • "A lord without a lady is like the sky without the moon."
    - Lady in Waiting
    Lady In Waiting

    Lady In Waiting

    Mercedes or minivan - no matter what type of carriage you drive, you’re sure to look lovely dressed as a Lady in Waiting for your next costume party. When you arrive at the ball, you’re sure to turn heads in a purple and green medieval-style costume fit for royalty.

  • "Everyone deserves the chance to fly."
    - Wicked


    Do you adore the musical Wicked? Become your favorite misunderstood evil witch with the Elphaba Defy Gravity Dress Costume. This stunning dress features black satin and lace with an embroidered sequin and lace applique accent to flatter your figure perfectly. The matching snakeprint hat is the ideal finishing touch!

  • "Get ready to whip the world into shape!"
    - Sleek N Sexy
    Sleek N Sexy Bio

    Sleek N' Sexy

    Have killer curves and know how to use them? With the Sleek N Sexy Bodysuit Adult Costume, you’ll knock their socks off while whipping them into shape. This bold and sexy costume is sure to get noticed by all – and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • "Evil queens are the princesses that were never saved."
    - Angelina
    Maleficent Bio


    Channel you inner Angelina with this bold Maleficent Deluxe Black Gown . Cloaked in sinister style, you’ll rule your kingdom with an iron fist and evil eye. The long elegant dress is heightened by gorgeous fluted sleeves and a stunning headpiece that looks like it was pulled straight off the movie set.

  • "I’ve got red in my ledger and I’d like to wipe it out."
    - Black Widow
    Black Widow Bio

    Black Widow

    Being a superhero isn’t a man’s job – with strength, agility and stamina, women can dominate the superhero scene with style and power. Dress in the Avengers Black Widow costume and you’ll prove just that. This body-hugging costume shows off your curves as you take out the world’s top criminals.

  • "Keep calm and use the force."
    - Star Wars
    Jack Skellington Bio


    In a galaxy far, far away, there was a lovely lady who blew all the men away! Forget Leia – with this feminine Star Wars Stormtrooper costume, you’ll succeed on any mission you put your mind to. The force is strong with this form-fitting costume that is sure to be a hit!

Women's Group Costumes

Frankenstein’s Monster Group

"In 1977, George Lucas changed the world by releasing the first Star Wars movie; it captured the hearts and imaginations of people around the globe. The love for the franchise has only increased over the decades, as young and old alike enjoy the flicks and numerous spin-offs. If your family or a group of friends is looking for a fantastic themed costume idea, you can’t go wrong with Star Wars. The host of colorful characters lets everyone choose a favorite for an overall look that’s sure to be an award-winner.

Our collection of Star Wars costumes has everything you could ever need! Let your imagination soar by dressing as Darth Vader or Obi-Wan Kenobi. Little ones will delight when dressed as Yoda or a miniature Luke Skywalker. You can even go sexy with a Princess Leia Slave Costume – if you dare. The possibilities are virtually endless, so get your group together and start brainstorming which costumes are most fitting for each personality."

Women's Group Costume Ideas

  • Batgirl and Wonder Woman Costume

    Superhero Group Costume Ideas

    Wonder Woman andBatgirl are here to save the day! No one can ignore this duo as you enter the costume party as two of the best female superheroes around. Whether you go with your girlfriend or dress up with your daughter, you’ll show them that girls rock!

  • Decades Group Costume Ideas

    Love the allure of the roaring 20s? Transform into a daring flapper in theFabulous Flapper or What’s Shakin’ Flapper Dress. Red and black sequins blend to create a look as flirtatious as it is fearless. You’ll be the No. 1 girl at the speakeasy – or at least at the party.

  • Queen Ravenna and Maleficent Costume

    Villian Group Costume Ideas

    Not all queens are full of sugar and spice and everything nice. Become an evil duo and take the world by storm when dressed as Queen Ravenna and Maleficent. Black satin dresses with gorgeous detailing set the tone for wicked rulings by beautiful queens who are so bad, they can’t be ignored.

  • Pirate Group Costume

    Pirate Group Costume Ideas

    Arrrr, mates! When you and your best gal are looking to drop your anchor at the best party in town, dress as sensational pirate ladies and the lads won’t be able to resist. The Rustic Pirate Lady and Sexy Swashbuckler costumes will leave them weak in the knees so you can easily steal their hearts!

Ultimate Costume – Vampiress

1) Striking red and black collar, fastened in place with a cameo broach

2) Made from the highest-quality black velvet

3) Full petticoat

4) Gorgeous puffed sleeves

5) Flowing gray lace section

6) Has a V shaped insert in bodice and skirt

  • Vampire Ultimate Costume
  • Move over Dracula, there’s a new vampire in town and her dark appeal can’t be beat. The Vampiress of Versailles Elite Adult Costume is the ultimate female vampire look if you want to make a big impression. The red and black collar with broach perfectly complements the black velvet dress with amazing red V-shaped insert and bodice. Flowing grey lace on the sleeves will capture his attention as you reach out for a juicy bite. The hoop skirt gives the illusion you’re floating as you walk for a fantastic appearance that will leave everyone speechless.

Enhance Your Style - Medieval Warrior

  • Medieval Warrior Enhance your Style
  • In a time of queens and princesses, there were a few brave females who weren’t content sitting around waiting for a man. These Medieval warriors took charge of their own destiny with fearless determination. Embrace this female strength by dressing in the beautiful Medieval Warrior Maiden Costume. The delicate teal gauze dress lets you show off your curves while the leather accessories tell everyone you mean business. Complete the look with a Medieval Studded Shield Purse, and Sexy Gold Shoes. And don’t forget – no Medieval warrior leaves home without her Sword !