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Which character costume do you want to wear? Which costume theme do you want to try? In other words, this Halloween, what do you want to be?

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All Halloween Costume Themes

All Halloween Costume Themes

For all characters, themes and individual costume options, BuyCostumes.com is the best costume shop online. With millions of unique costume combinations available and attainable, we're definitely dedicated to helping you get the look you desire. Since we know it can get a little overwhelming, use this page to shop our most popular themes and get some inspiration for the character you want to unleash this year.

Superhero costumes comprise a costume theme that's as tried and true as any. Between Batman and Superman costumes, Spider-Man and Spider-Girl costumes, and Justice League and Avengers costumes, it really just boils down to one question: Marvel or DC? If you're more into things like Marvel vs. Capcom, though, then you'll want to check out our collection of video game costumes, where old-school is just as important as next-gen. At long last, we've made sure that Mario and Luigi meet Master Chief!

Up for a little old west action? Western costumes are a great theme for everyone, cowboys and cowgirls included. TV and movie costumes are themes that all ages can relate to as well, whether you're into shows like Duck Dynasty and the Walking Dead, or cartoons and animated characters like the Disney classics. We don't need to tell you that Disney princesses are always a hugely popular costume theme or that Frozen costumes will be a hit this Halloween, but have you ever thought about exploring villain costumes?

If you really want to get down to business, then try out some occupations: from cop costumes to doctor costumes, we'll dress you for the job you want (not the job you have)! You don't need to wait for the faire to don your Renaissance thread, and steampunk costumes are a surefire way to get your gears turning. Not only are all of these themes are great choices for Halloween, but they're sure to be huge cosplay hits at comic cons, too! Also, since conventions are happening year-round, it's always a good time to suit up.

But, let's say you're looking for pure Halloween horror – there's no better theme than that! A Nightmare on Elm Street costumes and Friday the 13th costumes are classics for sure – why not combine them to create your own Freddy vs. Jason mashup? Original monster costumes like werewolves, mummies, vampires, and zombies are always available too.