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Give Them a Scare

To fright fans, cosplayers and costume collectors, the Nightmare Collection is a dream come true. This exclusive collection of monstrous masks by master sculptor Mario Chiodo truly has no equal in this world or the underworld, making them an awesome choice for year-round costumed thrills, from Halloween to Comic-Con to every frightful place.
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Meet The Mastermind

  • Mario Chiodo

    The Revolutionary

    Mario Chiodo has revolutionized the art and Halloween industries with game-changing design for over 25 years. Since establishing his namesake studio, Chiodo Art Development, in 1997, Chiodo has created artwork, wearables, décor and collectibles for Google headquarters, Las Vegas casinos, museums, restaurants, hotels, a children’s theme park and several major film studios.

    The Return

    Now, in 2015, Chiodo has partnered with BuyCostumes to make his much-anticipated return to the Halloween scene with The Nightmare Collection, an exclusive collection of monstrous masks and costumes. Forged from Chiodo’s vivid imagination – plus thousands of hours of research, development and design – the creatures, dragons and warriors in this one-of-a-kind collection are one of the crowning achievements of Chiodo’s illustrious mask-making career and a tribute to the master sculptor’s earliest artistic dreams.

    The Remarks

    “When I was a young artist, nothing piqued my interest as much as the fantasy, illusion and horror of Halloween,” said Chiodo. “Even as a 3-year-old picking up clay for the first time, I wanted to bring the creatures from my imagination to life, and my destiny as a creator of monstrous masks was set forth.”

The all new Nightmare Collection rules. On Halloween night or at a haunted house, the horrific creature costumes and hand-crafted warrior costumes unleash your inner confidence and make bystanders scream. The movie-quality dragon masks slay. From steampunk to the apocalypse to classic monsters, these collectible masks are your nightmares brought back from the dead. In an awesome and awe-inspiring Nightmare Collection mask, thrill-seekers like you will rule the night.