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Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Decorating Tips

Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Decorating Tips

Take a bite out of the night with this ground-breaking scene! When zombies are shambling amuck, no one is safe (not even the garden gnomes). Here’s how to create an eerie entrance that is sure to bring your brainiac maniacs back to life:

Start off on the right foot (or the left) by laying down the bloody aisle runner. Handprint clings, an animated door greeter and an outdoor fogger will further create horrifying ambiance. But if you really want to entice the horde to escape the confines of their crypts and coffins, block off your (grave) yard with caution tape, sprinkle your lawn with zombie-fied appendages, and stake your claim on at least one sign that warns all those who enter to “Turn back now, or abandon all hope.” No matter how you’ve been infected, the Zombies theme proves that the people who decay together, stay together...frightfully ever after!

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Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Decorating Tips

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