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Girls love getting dressed up for Halloween, since there are so many different options to choose from when you shop these girls Halloween costumes! They'll be able to dress up as their role models from movies or tv shows, find the perfect outfits from video games, become a classic Disney princess, and much more – they're all amazing choices for looking her very best at her next or very first Halloween costume party, when she goes trick-or-treating with all of her friends, or going to any other kind of dress-up events!

Get girl costumes from the new Descendants movie, get Bo Peep's look from the new Toy Story movie, make her into Captain Marvel, Eleven from Stranger Things, and plenty of other fun, new outfits from older properties like R2-D2, Harry Potter, and even things more generic, like hippies, pirates, international costumes, ghosts, police officers, chefs, and much, much more!

Types of Girls' Costumes

Disney Princess - Elsa

How has dominated the Disney scene in recent years more than Elsa from Frozen? The cool blue design that Elsa rocks throughout most of the movie is an amazing way to help your little piece of royalty look ready to rule at her next night of Halloween costume parties, when she goes trick-or-treating, and any time else she wants to be the coolest princess ever!

Scary - Witch

One of the most classic looks that a girl can grab this Halloween is a spooky witch – with a poofy dress, a pointy hat, and a broom to ride through the dark night! She'll be ready to weave enchantments and magic with all kinds of different outfits she has to choose from, so she's sure to find an outfit she loves!

Superhero - Wonder Woman

What if your girl wants to become a powerful warrior who is always ready to battle against villains and criminals? She'll have the strength to stand up against her opponents, or look her very best at a costume party, when she has a Wonder Woman Girl's Costume! Power her up this year!

Storybook - Dorothy

The amazing land of Oz is the place to visit this Halloween if your child gets the Girl's Dorothy Costume! This classic movie is one of the most adored films in history, and with this and several other different outfits to choose from, your girl can get the original blue look that has captured imaginations!

Toddler - PJ Masks

Maybe your little one is looking for an outfit that's comfortable, powerful, and great for both sleeping and taking on the bad guys: Try out the Classic Toddler Owlette Costume! It's a bright red look that makes her a young hero at her next Halloween costume party, night of trick-or-treating, and much more!

Tween - Vamperina

If your daughter is a little bit older, and she wants something that's a bit sharper, take a look at some of these classic vampire looks like the La Vampira Child Costume! The night will be hers to rule with intense looks like dresses and skirts, boots, high collars, and lots of other fun pieces and looks she can use to make her outfit perfect!


Why not make your next girl Halloween costumes magical? If your child wants to spread joy and love, check out the Unicorn Child Costume, and get a colorful and memorable outfit for Halloween! There are plenty of styles to choose from, so there are lots of ways to make sure your little girl has a wonderful look for any kind of event!


And, of course, pirates. Who doesn't love pirates, other than ninjas? Now you can get some wonderful looks for your girl's night of Halloween fun, plundering, and trick-or-treating when you get looks like the Renegade Pirate Girl Costume! She's ready for adventure, loot, and all kinds of fun when she digs up buried treasure, battles ghosts, and much more!

Girls' Group Costume Ideas

Disney Princesses

There are some amazing group costumes you can put together this Halloween! Get a ruler of every color with characters like Elsa, Anna, Jasmine, Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, Moana, Merida, Rapunzel, and lots more, from all kinds of Disney movies! They'll be able to become a wonderful group of pretty princesses with all kinds of magical properties, friends, and lots of adventures to come!

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman isn't the only female superhero who rocks the comic book page! Your little hero will also be able to dress up as Captain Marvel, Supergirl, Black Widow, Batgirl, and Spider-Gwen, and now all of them will be able to come together and show the boys how powerful they can be at their next Halloween costume party, when they take the neighborhood by storm while trick-or-treating, and much more!


But superheroes aren't the only ones who have come from the comic book page! Your girls will be able to become a collection of dastardly dames who are ready to raise trouble at their next night of Halloween costume parties, going trick-or-treating, and lots of other fun events with costumes like Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and more – they're going to love the way they look, and all the dangerous power they'll control!

Fairytale Storybook

Last, but not least, your child will be able to create an unforgettable collection of magical creatures with all of her friends, using creatures and costumes like fairies, elves, unicorns, mermaids, and much more! Bring mythology to life and make sure Halloween is a magical event at their next costume party, when they spread their special joy throughout the neighborhood, and much more!

Enhance Your Fairy Costume

Magic comes alive this Halloween with a fairy costume for your girl, but there are lots of amazing ways to make sure she looks perfect for what ever kind of event she has planned! There are plenty of fun accessories you can add to her look, including fairy wings, magical wands, and even a tiara (which makes her a fairy princess, which is just so cool, honestly). Putting together a magical girls costume has never been easier, and now you can create a unique look that your daughter will love – no matter what kind of event she has in mind!

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