All Pet Costumes

With this collection of All Pet Costumes, you're sure to find something amazing for your next night on the town! There are plenty of looks you can choose from, so it's easy to make sure your furry family friend fits in with everyone else at a costume party, when you go trick-or-treating, and much more!

Why Pet Costumes?

When Halloween hits, you'll want to make sure your entire family is ready for some dress-up fun, and now you can get the perfect outfit for your furry friend, as well! Dogs love to join anything that their people are interested in, so they're sure to love getting pet Halloween costumes of their own to complete a look. It's simple to add the littler barker to a group costume, or come up with a “couples” costume for master and pet.

There's a huge variety of pet costumes for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect look for your dog as well as yourself. No pet has to go without, since there are plenty of sizes, from Chihuahua all the way up to Great Dane – and if you do happen to have a Great Dane, you do a disservice by not dressing it up as Scooby-Doo.

Want to keep your pet comfortable on Halloween? Make sure you get a costume big enough, or not only is your pet likely to damage it, but it will be uncomfortable the whole night. You should also take care to keep costume pieces away from eyes, nose, and mouth, to avoid discomfort.

Types of Dog Costumes

Superhero - Iron Man

Want to make your pet a hero? There are plenty of choices, but one of the most popular is Tony Stark himself! Get an Iron Man costume for your pet, and another Marvel character or Avenger – or Thanos – for yourself to create a look that everyone will love.

Holiday - Elf

Dogs are known as man's best friend, so why not get your pooch a costume that makes them look helpful and useful for Halloween or the Holiday season? It will love joining the holiday festivities when you dress up as the Jolly Old Elf, and it's a perfect look for Halloween costume parties, Holiday events, and more.

Funny - Prisoner 

But, on the other hand, sometimes a dog gets where he shouldn't, and isn't helpful at all. If you have a troublesome pooch, get the Prisoner Dog Pet Costume, and put your pet in timeout! Get a security guard or police officer outfit for yourself to make the look extra special!

Scary - Chucky

What's Halloween without a little bit of fear and fright? You may know your pet is a sweety, but it's still the perfect opportunity to dress your dog up as a classic member of the horror movie pantheon with the Deadly Doll Pet Costume! Get the guests at your Halloween party screaming when they see this little guy or gal racing toward them for scratches!

Food - Pizza

Dogs love food. It's one of their big bullet points: loves food, walks, and cuddles. Why not get a pet Halloween costume for one of your pet's loves with something like pizza? It'll be a tasty treat for everyone to enjoy and laugh with when you dress yourself up as a pizza delivery man!

Animals - Penguin

Last but not least, why not dress your friendly animal up as a different part of the animal kingdom? The Walking Penguin Costume for Pets is an excellent choice, and can make any furry friend into a famous flightless bird from the snowy climes of the world.

Pet Group Costumes

Marvel Comics

If your dog has a collection of friends from the dog park, get them all something to wear with great group pet costumes in a variety of styles: One of the easiest is to dress all of the dogs up as famous and powerful members of the Avengers, or other Marvel characters, like Iron Man, Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Guardians of the Galaxy Groot and Rocket.


Dogs can be hidden heroes for a lot of people, and if you have a group of four of them who are looking to join the Halloween costume party fun, why not make them real heroes in a half shell with a group of four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles costumes, like the TMNT Donatello Pet Costume? Raphael, Leonardo, and Michelangelo will be able to join you when you head out for some trick-or-treating and much more!

Star Wars

Take your pet to the stars with a big selection of Star Wars costumes for plenty of pets, no matter the preference! Your pooch can dress up as Leia, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and many more, so it's easy to get the entire walking group looking great for a Halloween costume party, going trick-or-treating, and other dress-up events. Feel the power of the force with all the fun these costumes can give you!

Horror Movies

Halloween is a great time for scary costumes, even for your pets, and there are some great classic looks to choose from if you want to get your pet in on the frights. Get looks like the aforementioned Chucky, as well as Beetlejuice, Freddy Krueger, Pennywise, and other options that will make your pet look perfect for Halloween.


Dress the pets up as something they love for a fun pet group costume this Halloween with all the different food pet costumes: pizza, donuts, tacos, and hot dogs – a classic pet costume – will make your pets happy to join the fun and get your guests hungry for some tasty treats!


And if you have a huge group of dogs that want to have some dress up fun, look no further than our big collection of animal costumes for pets that are easy, fun looks perfect for any kind of dress-up events – there are turtles, teddy bears, monkeys, penguins, pandas, lions, and plenty more to make your pets represent every member of the animal kingdom.

Star Wars Pet Costumes

Movie Trailer

There are lots of fun pet costumes in the Star Wars brand you can use to make your pets look great, but that's not all! Check out the Star Wars Pet Costumes Movie Trailer to see all of these fun looks in action, and take a look at all the options you have to choose from!


If you're still on the fence about what kind of costume to get for your pet, this list of adorable Star Wars costumes has pictures and notes about each costume, so you can see them in action and pick the perfect one!

Popular Pet Costumes

Pet costumes have never been more popular – people want to make sure their entire family can join the Halloween fun, and lots of households are adding a pet to the group as well. This list of top ten dog costumes is sure to help you find a look you're sure to love, like Superman, bacon, sharks, and more.

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