Ariel Costumes

The Little Mermaid is ready to swim to freedom and fun this Halloween when you search for Ariel Costumes this year! Going to costume parties and trick-or-treating will be a blast when you or your little one is dressed as this classic Disney character. There are lots of styles and accessories for a perfect look!

The Little Mermaid Costumes Ideas

Your Wildest Dreams Can Come True with Little Mermaid Costumes

§  Whether you prefer to walk on land or work your flippers under the water, you can enjoy this wonderful selection of shimmering Little Mermaid costumes. There are numerous treasures to be found, and you just have to look at them right to see them. With the right accessories and Ariel’s adventurous attitude, you will have plenty of characters to choose from for costumes for the whole crew. You will love these under-the-sea costumes whether you are looking to take a themed party up a notch or just dive right into Halloween. These Disney costumes are sure to make a splash wherever you go.

Who Will You be Under the Sea?

Elegant Ursula       

You may be clever, but that doesn’t mean you always use your powers for good. Show off your sneaky plans in this elaborate Ursula costume. You may not gain the trust of many people at the party – especially any mermaids – but your loyal sidekicks, Flotsam and Jetsam, will always be by your side.

"Well, I'll give 'em something to celebrate soon enough.” - Ursula

Sassy Ursula    

With all of your wicked ways, you will love to capture the stories and tales of everyone you chat with at the party. Keep that magic potion flowing freely and you will feel like you have the whole world – or sea – in the palm of your hand. Whether you are playing mind tricks on the guests or you are tasked with watching your nemesis closely, this costume offers you the perfect combination of danger and seduction.

“It's what I live for, to help unfortunate merfolk, like yourself, poor souls with no one else to turn to.” - Ursula

Adult Ariel 

Sing your heart out while you strut your stuff in this elegant and tasteful Little Mermaid costume. This beautiful mermaid dress will make you feel like you are the shiniest object in the room, and you are sure to catch everyone’s eye. You will be compelled to spin around in circles and let your hair flow freely as you embrace life on land. There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but there is only one Ariel!

“Wish I could be...part of that world.” - Ariel

Girl Ariel  

Every little girl dreams of being a mermaid whenever she jumps into the water. Their grace and beauty is simply mesmerizing. These mystical creatures can come to life when you choose a mermaid costume that will make her heart flutter with joy and her imagination take off. Let your little beauty grow her fins for a day with this stunning Little Mermaid costume. The ballerina-style dress will fit perfectly as she sings and dances her way through the day. Just don't forget to invite Flounder and Sebastian for a memorable party the whole gang can enjoy.

“I just don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad.”- Ariel

Group Costumes

Ariel and Ursula

While Ursula may have led Ariel down a dangerous path, the two shared many long conversations with one another. Ursula played a large role in Ariel’s opportunity to meet Prince Eric, despite being the sneaky villain she is. Play out the dynamic between these two while you enjoy the festivities all night long. While the costume will be unmistakable, be sure to add the signature Ursula makeup to really finish off the look. Every good villain has a mark of distinction, and hers very well may be that vibrant blue eye shadow.

Ariel and Crab

Sebastian is King Triton’s royal court composer, but he quickly becomes Ariel’s closest confidant and like a second father. His wit and charm will win over everyone at the party just like they did Ariel. If you and your friend don’t want to be separated throughout the festivities, give this dynamic duo a shot.

Adult Ariel and Girl Ariel

Mother and daughter can both live out their dreams of exploring the magical underwater world of the Little Mermaid together. Let your voice shine through as you sing beautiful melodies together. With your mirror image by your side all night, people will be wondering if Ursula is playing tricks on them!

Girl Ariel and Boy Fish 

Whether they are siblings or just friends, this is the perfect costume for two little ones. They can both explore their curiosity about the mysterious world that lies under the sea and look for the treasure chest hidden inside a sunken ship. The teamwork will make this costume set even more true to the story.

Enhance Your Style

Ariel with Accessories

1. Ariel Tiara – This princess of the merfolk doesn’t need many jewels to be happy, but this beautiful tiara will be the icing on the cake for your complete costume.

2. Ariel Wand - Every little princess wants a wand. In the magical land under the sea, your little girl will love to wave her wand and dance around elegantly!   

3. Ariel Shoes - These sparkling shoes with Ariel on them will make your little girl jump for joy. She will love them so much that she will ask to wear them every day.

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