Bear Costumes

From monochrome white and black panda bears, to cute and cuddly grizzly bears, to dark black bear outfits, there are plenty of options to make a wonderful Halloween costume party, going trick-or-treating, and more for both adults and kids, and even the youngest infants! They're going to love their ferocious or cuddly costumes for a fun night out!

Bear Costume Ideas

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! We have every kind of bear costume to match your inner beast, even if that beast is absolutely adorable! There’s a bear for every stage of life. Does Dad want to relive some scenes from his youth? Look no further than the Grateful Dead Dancing Bear costume. And honestly, you can’t get much cuter than our kids' panda costume or the pink shaggy bear suit for your infant or toddler. If there’s a bear you can imagine, chances are we have a costume that will let you play the part of your favorite furry animal.

Types of Bear Costumes


If you’re ready for a costume as fierce as it is adorable, it might be time for you to step into the skin of the most lovable animal around: the panda. Like you, it has more than just a cute face. This cuddly bag of bamboo has some serious claws and doesn’t take kindly to getting poked in the belly too much. The costume comes with a headpiece, shirt, pants and shoe covers.

“Go ahead, Panda. Show us what you can do.” – Kung Fu Panda

Polar Bear

The polar bear: The largest land carnivore in the world, and believe it or not these terrors of the Arctic are also, quite possibly, the most adorable animals on the planet when they're young. You can dress up your own young pup up in this heart-achingly cute costume. Of course, you also know she can be a pretty fierce beast! It includes a shaggy pink jumpsuit, headpiece, wristlettes and anklettes, accented with a grey bow.      

“I sure miss polar bears. Their babies are so warm and cuddly and trusting.” – Kurt Vonnegut 

Teddy Bear

The teddy bear has been a crucial part of childhood for over 100 years. If your child loves their special bear, then they’ll love to dress up as their best friend. The best part is that you’ll love seeing them in this costume more than they love wearing it. It is sure to be one of the most memorable outfits of their childhood. It comes with plush fur body, hood and shoe covers.

“Teddy bears don’t need hearts, as they are already stuffed with love.”

Psycho Teddy Bear

The cuddly friend from childhood has had a change of heart. Someone took his porridge, sat in your chair and messed up his neatly made bed. Not cool, not cool at all. Madness has taken over the once cute little bear and he is on a very entertaining rampage through various parties around town. A great time has never looked so terrifying, or funny! This costume comes with a torn plaid shirt with fur underlining, fur gloves and the craziest bear headpiece of all time.

“Something clicked in that bear’s head.” – Grizzly Man

Sexy Bear

Mama bear is not only to be feared, but also admired. It’s time to show the world how sexy a bear can be. The slim-cut outfit will flatter your figure and make all the creatures of the forest drop their jaw and wish they had a bear like you to cuddle up with at night. This woodland outfit comes with a hooded dress with zip closure, gloves and furry leg warmers.

“I just wanna be your teddy bear.”


Slip into the fur of this foul-mouthed bear to shock and delight the entire party. Don’t worry, you can be as crass and badly behaved as you'd like when you’re dressed up as an innocent teddy bear. Slip on the faux-fur tunic and the head piece and you’ll be all set to remain in character as long as you'd like. All you’ll need to bring are some saucy lines.

“Ok that’s it, that’s where we’ll draw the line?” - Ted

Forest Animals Group Costume Ideas

Escape into a new kind of adventure with a wide array of costumes that will transform your happy American life into a wilderness of excitement. All the furry creatures have come together here, scouring and sniffing out fun. Your kids will love to search through our selection of costumes and find their favorite animal to dress up as. From wolves to squirrels, rabbits to teddy bears, we have the costumes your kids won’t want to take off, and because they look so cute in them, you won’t want them to take them off either! Don’t think we forgot about grown-ups, because with foxes and flying squirrels, there are plenty of wacky outfits here to put a big smile on anyone’s face.

Couples & Friends Bear Costume Ideas

Panda Couple

You’re likely to find this pair hanging around bamboo groves or winning a cutest-couple contest at a party. These creative panda costumes will be a hit wherever the night leads you. The female costume comes with furry leg warmers (a perfect style for humans or pandas), a panda hood, and scarf and mitts. For a full-body look, try on the panda pants, top, boot covers and headpiece that come with the Panda Adult costume.

Psycho Teddy Bear and Zombie Hunter Couple

The kids are all right, they’re doing their best to keep the world safe and clear from zombies. But sometimes Dad transforms into a psycho teddy bear, and this father-son duo turns into the ultimate odd couple. The psycho bear costume comes with a torn plaid shirt, fur gloves and the bloody bear headpiece. The child’s zombie hunter costume comes with a frayed trench coat, shirt, hat, belt and zombie-hacking axe.

Polar Bear Adult and Baby

Leave your coat at home! With this plush polar bear costume, you’ll be ready to jump between ice flows and take chilly dips just like the experts at the North Pole do! And, of course, your little one will want to join in on the fun, too. Dressed as these two polar bears, you’ll be the cutest (maybe slightly fierce) pair of bears in town. The adult costume comes with a plush jumpsuit and headpiece, the child’s costume includes a jumpsuit, headpiece, wristlettes, anklettes and a gray bow.  

Momma Bear and Cub

They may look cute, but the last thing you want to do is come between a mama bear and her cub. Though, when people see this particular bear pair, it might be hard to believe how dangerous she can be. Mama bear never looked so good as she does in this hooded dress with zip closure, gloves and furry leg warmers. You little cub will be even more cuddly in the plush body, hood and shoe covers.

Ultimate Bear Costume

You don’t just plunge into freezing-cold arctic waters and become a polar bear. It takes some planning and, of course, the right costume. We’re not saying that our Polar Bear Adult Costume made from soft, fuzzy fabric will fool the real bears, but it’ll come pretty darn close. With generously sized eye mesh for clear visibility, you’ll be able to navigate the most crowded parties. The attached hand mitts and white shoe covers are two features that make this fully enclosed costume convincingly cute. These details add up to make a fun, comfortable outfit you’ll be happy to wear all night.

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