Captain America Costumes

Become the first Avenger, defeat the Nazis, and battle against evil wherever it may be when you wear one of these Captain America Costumes at your next Halloween costume party, or when you go trick-or-treating with the little heroes! There are lots of styles to choose from for kids and adults, as well as fun accessories to help your costume look perfect.

Captain America Costume Ideas

The Avengers are made up of superheroes set on serving and protecting our beloved Planet Earth. But your purpose, Captain America, is the most noble of them all: freedom. Although not a member of the original Avengers, you were the all-star superhero team’s first recruit, and for good reason. You gave the band of super misfits its unified battle cry and would eventually become a valiant leader of the pack. As you fight for life and liberty, you bestow justice on those foolish enough to attempt to take it away. May these costumes represent the truly gallant and heroic individual underneath.

Which Captain America Are You?


Neither man nor beast dares tangle with the original Captain America! This classic Marvel costume includes the jumpsuit, attached cuffs, attached faux boot covers, a quarter mask, and the red, white and blue details that will command attention.

“The price of freedom is high. And it’s a price I’m willing to pay.” –Captain America


Oh my stars and stripes! The sexy American Dream Bodysuit Costume includes a form-fitting jumpsuit, fingerless gloves and Captain America “A” headpiece. Pair with a Captain America outfit for a cool couples’ costume, or declare your independence and ride solo in this stunning number.

“I’m loyal to nothing, General…except the dream.” – Captain America

Girl Power 

Captain America is a boy? Says who?! Freedom knows no gender and this costume shows. The Captain America Girls’ costume comes complete with blue tutu dress, red gauntlets and blue Captain America mask. Rock this costume and show your true hero colors.

“Courage, honor, loyalty, sacrifice. You’re braver than you think.” –Captain America in The Chosen


Becoming a superhero takes a lifetime of dedication and focus. Give your little one a head start with this Captain America Toddler costume! It comes complete with an adorable jumpsuit and character cap. Baby villains will be shaking in their boots!

“All those who choose to oppose his shield must yield!” – From the Captain America cartoon theme song

Pet Sidekick

And where would Captain America be without his trusty sidekick? Back in a frozen chunk of ice, by golly! The Captain America Pet Costume comes with caped costume and headpiece. Your pup will kick some serious tail in this get-up.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go get ‘em!” – Captain America


Are you flying under the radar because of your size? Heck no! It’s because you’re looking extra stealthy in this Captain America Winter Soldier Deluxe costume, which comes complete with sleek EVA jumpsuit and fabric mask. Stay sneaky, my friend.

“And what’s my fellow man’s responsibility in this equation…? To always be vigilant.” – Captain America


Does your superhero even lift, bro? Because this one does. Get that Super Soldier Serum bod with this ripped regalia. The Captain America Deluxe Adult Muscle Costume comes with the jumpsuit with sculpted muscle torso and legs, character hood, gloves, boot covers and belt.

“We Avengers will always fight the good fight!” – Captain America


Exercise your right to be fierce! A superhero should be super sassy. This Captain America Sassy Deluxe costume turns a classic on its ear. It includes the skirt, gloves, boot covers and eye mask to embody a vivacious version of the Cap.

"The day I fall to the likes of you is the day I hang up my shield.” – Captain America

Group Costume Ideas

Some consider The Avengers the greatest superhero team of all time. And we certainly have no interest in disputing that. So many legendary characters, all fighting for the same squad. We can’t think of a better way to make a super statement (and take home the coveted “Best Group Costume” award) than by making your next party a superhero party for the Age of Ultron. Assemble the Avengers ensemble with our array of high-quality and realistic Avengers costumes ranging from Thor, The Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, and yes, our beloved Captain America. What’s more fun than one superhero? A whole crew of them!

Captain America and Iron Man

These two characters have been in cahoots since the beginning. The history between them is as long and storied as the Avengers organization itself. This pairing is perfect for any close friends, relatives, or significant others to show solidarity and strength in numbers.

Captain America and Black Widow

Move over Brangelina. There’s a new power couple in the universe! Although formerly of the adversarial association S.H.I.E.L.D, Black Widow now makes a dynamic duo with the honorable Captain America. One is known for strength, the other for cunning. These two were meant to be.

Kid Captain America and Kid Ultron

Do you have two children in your life who BOTH want to be Captain America? Fear not, oh super-parent of little faith! The Captain America classic and Age of Ultron costume combo gives everyone what they want and turns a squabble into a celebration!

Kid Captain America and Captain America Dog Costume

Pair up Fido with little Timmy or Suzie and say hello to this year’s Christmas card photo! The Kid and Pet Captain America costumes make the perfect match for a birthday party or trick-or-treating with the rest of the family!

Enhance Your Captain America Costume Style

Captain America Ultimate Costume

Captain America is strong and fast. This aerodynamic headpiece protects your noggin and keeps you moving. Like a true American, Captain America wears the stars and stripes with pride. No Captain America is complete without a trusty belt. Carry your Avenger card and a gadget or two.The shield is perhaps the most crucial element of the entire outfit. Despite many changes in the uniform over the years, the circular shield and star have remained almost untouched.Saving the world requires one hearty pair of boots!

Captain America Costume Accessories

You can’t go trick-or-treating without a place to put candy. But keep that pillow case in the hall closet and hit the neighborhood in style. Collect candy like a superhero with the Avengers Treat Pail and you’ll be smiling all the way back to the Stark Tower. No Captain America costume is complete without the shield. This red, white and blue shield is the only way to pull off the quintessential Captain America look. Leave your ordinary loafers in the closet. They play no role in this costume. The Shazam black boots will give your costume a truly authentic touch.

Captain Miss America Makeup Tutorial

If wearing a headpiece isn’t your style, no worries! We’ve got you (and your face) covered. YouTube video blogger and superheroine makeup guru, Elsa Rhae, outlines an awesome way to get the classic mask look without the mask. All you need is light blue, dark blue, black and white face paint, some black eye shadow and a steady hand. Start with the basic mask shape, add some killer details (don’t forget the signature Captain America ‘A’!) and you’ve got a sharp and memorable look to last the whole evening.

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