Darth Vader

Luke and Leia’s father and interstellar evil-doer, there’s no bigger baddie than Star Wars’ Darth Vader. Use the dark side of the Force and serve the evil Galactic Empire in one of these black costumes that are anything but basic. Perfect your Darth Vader impression, grab a red Lightsaber and get in touch with your inner Anakin Skywalker.

Darth Vador Costume Ideas

A Jedi knight, forever a champion of darkness and deputy of the Dark Side. Even your own mentor, the great Obi Wan Kenobi, christened you as a master of evil. You, Darth Vader, cannot be stopped by any measly Rebel Alliance or any puny little Jedi. You’re an instrument of the all-powerful Empire and will not cease until the entire galaxy is in the palm of your sinister hand. No matter your favorite Star Wars movie, you know there is no villain more powerful than Lord Vader himself. We’ve got just the costumes to have you looking like you just stepped off the Death Star.

Types of Darth Vador Costumes

Boy Darth Vader

We all dream big things for our kids. But sometimes you just know when they’re destined for something even bigger than we could imagine. Though just a child, the force is already strong with this young one. The Darth Vader Elite Child Costume comes complete with the black detailed jumpsuit, belt, cape, gloves and mask. If your child pictures those ants he/she is burning with a magnifying glass as members of the Rebel Alliance, you’ve come to the right costume.

“Obi Wan has taught you well.” – Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker

Darth Vader Man

FDR once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” FDR had obviously never heard of Darth Vader. If you want to pretend to be the most infamous Jedi knight, you’d better have the right outfit. The Star Wars Deluxe adult costume comes straight out of Revenge of the Sith and includes the mask, cape, jumpsuit, collar, boot tops and belt that you need to truly transform into the devotee of the Dark Side.

“You have control of your fear. Now release your anger.” – Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker

Darth Vader Woman

“Hell hath no fury like a woman dressed as Darth Vader.” – Anonymous. If you thought Lord Vader was scary before (you were right), hold onto your droids because she’s about to get FIERCE. With the Darth Vader Female Adult Jumpsuit, you’ll strike a whole new kind of terror into the hearts and minds of those feeble rebel soldiers. This getup comes with the bodysuit with molded armor, mask, cape and belt, plus all the sass and fire the party can possibly handle.

“The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the force.”

Dog Darth

Love Darth Vader AND your pup? We’ve got just the outfit for the furry little Sith Lord running around your home. The Darth Vader Dog costume is the perfect way to show the other party people that your dog is so intelligent and well rounded, it decided to dress up as Darth Vader. It comes complete with the jumpsuit with attached arms, headpiece/helmet, cape and belt. Pro tip: Put a light saber on its tail and give it a treat.

Darth Vador Group Costume Ideas

If you’ve ever been to a party (and we’re pretty sure you have), you know there are so many things to look forward to. You’ve got Jill’s famous pesto guacamole and Jack’s legendary Monster Mash playlist. There’s Steve’s crazy “worm” dance and Lucy’s signature Old Fashioned. You also know that more than half the fun is who you’re with, and costume parties are no exception.

A group costume is an awesome way to squeeze even more quality friend time out of any event. You get to plan the costumes together, argue about who gets to be who (Jim is obviously Yoda because he’s the shortest), and laugh while you get ready together a few hours before the party. If you and your friends are big Star Wars fans, then look no further than our vast array of costumes to pair Darth Vader with the rest of the troop.

Couples & Friends Darth Vader Costume Ideas

Darth Vader and Female Darth Vader

I don’t want to worry you, but don’t. Move. There are TWO Darth Vaders standing right behind you. Just when you thought seeing Darth Vader at a party couldn’t be any more terrifying, these two show up and make you look like you just found out Leia has been your sister that WHOLE TIME. Combining the Darth Vader Female Adult Bodysuit and Collectors Supreme Edition Adult costume isn’t just scary, it’s downright diabolical.

Darth Vader and X-Wing Fighter

Get ready to begin the trench run with this unlikely couple. Darth Vader and the X-Wing fighter represent one of the most epic moments in Star Wars history. Though Vader and his fleet of Storm Troopers and Tie fighters gave it everything they had, they were simply no match for the Jedi cunning and the X-Wing fighters. Don’t overthink this. Use the Force and crush this costume combo.

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker

Oh man. Even someone who’s never actually seen Star Wars can tell you how epic that scene is. We have always seen Darth Vader as the essence of evil. But Luke, his son, saw the good in him. He saw the conflict his father was dealing with and showed him mercy. This pairing is represents one of the best story lines of the entire Star Wars series, so wear it well.

Darth Vader Child and Stormtrooper Dog

Darth Vader, relentlessly ruling the Empire with an iron fist and his intimidating army of Stormtroopers carrying out his every awful command! Oh the humanity!! Okay. We can’t promise this costume combination will send the Rebel Alliance back to Dantooine, but it will have the rest of the party talking about how adorable a pair these two make. The Darth Vader Child costume and the Stormtrooper dog costume provide an excellent way to let you and your family’s Star Wars fandom soar.

Enhance Your Darth Vador Costume

Ultimate Darth Vador Costume

Who doesn’t love Star Wars? I mean really. The Star Wars galaxy is home to such great characters, fancy droids, timeless dialogue and epic battles of good and evil. With a combination like that, it’s easy to explain the millions and millions of fans the movie franchise has accumulated over the past 40 years. However, with that many fans, it takes a little something extra to set yourself apart; to show that you REALLY are a fan.

That’s why we have taken the time to curate some very special, authentic Darth Vader pieces to make your rendition of Darth Vader the ONLY rendition of Darth Vader. The Darth Vader Collector’s Supreme Edition costume comes with every bell and whistle you need. That includes a replica-quality mask (cast from original Lucas Studios molds), durable jumpsuit (crafted from original Lucas Studios patterns), electronic breathing device to help you sound the part, and a light-up chest piece. The Force is very strong with this one.

Darth Vador Accessories

When it comes to costume parties, amateurs seem to be everywhere. Passive fans just use a florescent light bulb as a light saber and try to do their own Darth Vader impression. It’s embarrassing, really. But we don’t do amateur and neither should you. When it comes time to don the infamous black jumpsuit and cloak, don’t just wear your winter gloves and pretend like no one will notice.

At BuyCostumes, we want you to get the absolute most out of your costume party and we know that means paying attention all the way down to the very last details. We’ve got all the accessories to give you that boost from Sith Lord imitator to Lord Vader originator. Things like the Darth Vader Breathing Device and his signature red light saber are what make your costume really pop. Before you were the learner, but now YOU are the master.

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