Deadpool Costumes

Hi there! My name's Deadpool. They told me I couldn't swear here, but I just want to let you know, all those other superheroes? They're a bunch of wimps. I'm the best hero, because I get to swear. Don't you want to swear too? Try out some of these Deadpool Costumes for Halloween. Even kids can swear when they wear my costumes!

What, I can't say that, either?

Deadpool Costumes

If you're trying to get a Halloween costume that's one part superhero fun, and one part wild and crazy, then this up-and-coming Marvel hero is the perfect choice when you get a Deadpool costume for Halloween costume parties, going trick-or-treating with your friends and family, and much more.

Deadpool's costume is a classic mix of red and black, so it looks heroic and powerful, and it also catches the eye. Deadpool's costume covers his entire body, including his entire head, since Deadpool – real name Wade Wilson – is covered with horrible burns and scars, constantly healing and re-opening thanks to his super-powerful cancer and hyper-active healing factor, just like Wolverine, except way better. Way better.

Deadpool knows all. He is the smartest. He even knows he's a superhero in a comic book, or movie, or whatever, which is how he's gotten so popular – comedy choices are endless when you can talk directly to the viewer or reader. You'll be able to say some of the classic lines from the movie to get people laughing, like “Please don't make the super suit green...or animated!” or my favorite, “It's a Big house. It's weird I only ever see two of you. Almost like the studio couldn't afford another X-Man.”

Types of Deadpool Costumes

Men's Deadpool Costumes

There are plenty looks for men and women to choose from if you're looking for amazing Deadpool Halloween Costumes! The guys will be ready to go wild as a Marvel character who doesn't care about saving the world from Thanos, but just wants to have some fun and get a big bag full of candy, well-earned or not! Want some muscles? Deadpool can get you some muscles. Want sharp weapons to kill your enemies. Well we aren't “legally allowed to sell those,” so too bad.

Women's Deadpool Costumes

Ladies! Do you also want to look like a murderous lunatic? Of course you do! Black is slimming, and red makes your boobs look bigger, so a Deadpool costume is an outfit that you should wear at all times. To school! To work! While asleep! Always. There are a bunch of different choices to make, from slim dresses to leotards, and full bodysuits!

Deadpool Group Costume Ideas

Deadpool & Spiderman

Some people say that Deadpool ripped off Spider-Man's costume style, and now you can prove that it isn't true when you and Spider-Man both attend the same party, and almost invariably get into a fight. You'll be slinging quips and insults back and forth, friends or not. These two classic heroes have a long history – mostly it's been Spider-Man trying to keep Deadpool out of trouble. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

Deadpool & X-Men's Wolverine

Got a friend who's a little rougher around the edges, but has the same kind of healing factor as Wade Wilson? The only proper choice is X-Men's Wolverine, Logan – someone who will be able to keep Deadpool in check. An early, quite bad version of Deadpool is in the X-Men Origins movie with Wolverine, and the two of them have a long fight. You don't want to look like that version of Deadpool, of course, but you can still recreate the amazing back and forth duel between two famous Marvel warriors!

Deadpool Couple

If you're trying to get a memorable couples costume for a night of dressing up – you know, parties or whatever, you get the idea – and your main man or lovely lady likes the Wade just as much as you do, then get a couple of Deadpool costumes for a night on the town! You'll coordinate together, and obliterate the competition at a costume contest, or when you go trick-or-treating around a bunch of kids. You're an adult, you can beat up kids really easily. Especially if there's two of you!

Deadpool & Pet

Want to take man's best friend out for a night of costume party fun? Both of you can become a Marvel character who knows how to have fun when you take a look at a Deadpool Halloween costume for your perfect little pooch. Will he respond to you when you talk to him, do you think? It's hard to say no. Get a mini sidekick for your costume fun, and make sure that you both are ready for all kinds of party and trick-or-treating fun!

Enhance Your Deadpool Costume

The accessories make the man this Halloween, and now you can complete your fun Deadpool costume this Halloween with a big selection of fun items! There are classic red gloves for kids and adults, a bunch of different masks to help anyone get the wide-eyed look of Wade Wilson, hoodies, and even collectible figurines.

And what kind of Deadpool costume is complete without a couple of dangerous weapons! You can get big kits of classic sharp tools you can use to make your next night of Halloween fun look just right! There are some sharp swords, straight from Japan, because those are clearly better and cooler, and there are also some...they look kinda like forks? But you stab people with 'em. And there are throwing stars I think. Look, I'm not in charge of that, I just write this stuff. Buy the stuff already, whydontcha.

Deadpool Infographic

Why would anybody need to know more about Deadpool? He's pretty self-explanatory, but I guess there are a bunch of extra details you can learn, especially when you read this fun infographic! Want to know when he first debuted? We got that. Can he be affected by telepathy? This infographic has the information. What about his abilities and skills, his equipment, and a breakdown of all his comic book appearances? The graphic has all this and more, and it's a fun piece for a big comic book fan! Even if you don't like him, you may end up gaining a little bit of appreciation for this crazy character!

Classic Deadpool Moments

Want to read up on the most classic and memorable moments from Deadpool? This blog offers ten different moments from comic book history guaranteed to give you the giggles. And in classic Deadpool fashion, this list of the top ten best Deadpool moments has 13 moments. From talking about Star Wars and Star Trek, to cracking jokes with Hawkeye, to Grumpy Cat, and even showing his tender side.

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