Descendants Costumes

After the stories are over, and the next generation begins, these characters will become the stars! The Descendants Costumes available here feature brand new Disney characters that are perfect ways to get your fans ready for Halloween fun like costume parties or trick-or-treating. Get Mal, Uma, CJ, and many more!

Descendants Costume Ideas

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the baddest of them all? Descendants is a 2015 Disney Channel musical that picks up after Happily Ever After and follows the children of everyone’s favorite fairytale heroes and villains. All villains have been banished to the Isle of the Lost while all the good guys live in peace in Auradon. At the center of the story are Mal and Evie, the daughters of two of the evilest villains, Maleficent and the Evil Queen, and they are training to follow in their mothers’ footsteps. But a chance to leave the cursed island and attend Auradon Prep School with the descendants of Auradon’s heroes makes them question their destiny.

The movie’s characters and songs have taken the world by storm, and luckily, BuyCostumes has Descendants costumes for you and your daughter to bring the story to life. Choose between good and evil with outfits from characters on the Isle of the Lost, as well the characters’ fancy looks from Prince Ben’s coronation in Auradon. Whichever side you choose, BuyCostumes has what you need.

Descendants Character Bios

Audrey Child

Your little girl will be pretty in pink in this Deluxe Audrey Coronation Costume. The daughter of Sleeping Beauty’s Princess Aurora and Prince Philip, Audrey was born with beauty and kindness in her veins. In this sparkling pink dress, your daughter can channel the young princess’s confidence and grace for her next special event. Whether it’s a coronation, birthday party or Halloween, your daughter is bound to be the center of attention in this costume.

“Your parents made their choice. Now you make yours.”

Evie Coronation

Evie is everything a girl wants to be: smart, beautiful and confident. The only problem is that she’s destined to be wicked like her mother, the Evil Queen. After seeing what life is like on the good side at Auradon Prep School, however, Evie decides to tread her own path, choosing good over evil. Evie’s blue coronation gown exudes her newfound goodness and is the perfect look for any little girl who wants to be just like her favorite villain-turned-princess.

“I like to think I’m the fairest of them all.”

Lonnie Child

With the Girls' Deluxe Lonnie Coronation Costume, your little girl can become the good-hearted, martial arts-loving daughter of Mulan and Shang. Just like her mother, Lonnie proves that girls can be both strong and stylish, which makes her the perfect costume inspiration for girls everywhere. Your daughter is bound to make a lasting impression when she arrives in this kimono-style light pink dress with exquisite floral embellishments.

“I can look into your eyes, and I can see you’re not evil.”

Mal Coronation

As the daughter of Maleficent and leader of the other villains-in-training, Mal was on her way to a life of evil. But once she enrolls in Auradon Prep School, new friends and the handsome Prince Ben lead Mal to choose a life of good over evil. Prince Ben’s coronation is the beginning of this new life, and Mal exudes happiness in a stunning lilac coronation gown. With this costume, your daughter can experience the same joy at her next party.

“The strength of evil is good as none, which stands before four hearts as one!”

Descendants Group Costume Ideas

If you love the characters from Disney’s Descendants, why not use them for inspiration at the next costume party? With costumes available for all of the movie’s favorite characters, your kids can put together spectacular themed group costumes. Those who want to feel wicked for the night can channel their favorite Isle of the Lost villain before they turned good, thanks to ensembles like the Mal Isle of the Lost Deluxe Costume and Kids' Evie Isle of the Lost Deluxe Costume.

To contrast these evil looks, other members of the group can attend the party as some of Auradon’s best and brightest youth in their magnificent coronation attire. Girls can wow the guests in Mal’s gorgeous lilac dress, Evie’s elegant blue gown, Audrey’s sparkly pink number or Lonnie’s kimono-styled pink dress. The Deluxe Maleficent Costume and Disney Evil Queen Deluxe Costume are even available for adults to join in the fun.

Duo Descendants Costume Ideas

Mal and Evie

Mal and Evie have been through it all. They grew up wreaking havoc together on the Isle of the Lost, and they transferred to Auradon Prep School together, where they helped each other find their own paths instead of the ones laid out by their parents. Because of their lifelong friendship, Mal and Evie are the perfect costume choices for sisters or best friends. The girls will certainly impress in these costumes, each designed after the characters’ coronation outfits.

Audrey and Lonnie

Audrey and Lonnie grew up in Auradon and are the descendants of some of Disney’s most beloved characters. The daughter of Mulan and Shang, Lonnie has a fighting spirit and a kind heart, while Audrey, daughter of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip, is known for her beauty and confidence. Taking inspiration from both, the Deluxe Audrey Coronation Costume for Girls and the Girls' Deluxe Lonnie Coronation Costume are great for sisters and friends who want to have matching outfits at their next party.

Mal and Maleficent

Mal and Maleficent don’t exactly have the best mother-daughter relationship, but that’s to be expected when the mother is known as the Mistress of All Evil. Family issues aside, the two make for a wickedly fun mother-daughter costume pairing. With the Mal Isle of the Lost Deluxe Costume for Kids and Deluxe Maleficent Costume for Women, you and your daughter can take any party by storm and play tricks on all the innocents in attendance.

Evie and Evil Queen

The Evil Queen was banished to the Isle of the Lost for her crimes against Snow White. Her desire to be the fairest of them all has been passed to her daughter Evie, who loves fashion, makeup and sewing when she’s not pulling pranks with Mal. The Disney Evil Queen Deluxe Costume for Women and Kids' Evie Isle of the Lost Deluxe Costume allow you and your daughter to show off your wicked side at your special event.

Enhance Your Descendants Costume Style

Your daughter will look mischievously amazing in the Kids' Evie Isle of the Lost Deluxe Costume, but a few accessories can take the look to a whole new level. The costume already has a flair of rebellion with its printed dress, black jacket, pair of glovettes and printed tights, but it’s Evie’s blue hair that really shows off Evie’s rebellious side.

Thanks to the Evie Wig for Girls, your daughter can have Evie’s long, flowing blue hair with a braid in front, too. Next, add a pair of the Combat Child Boots to make sure your daughter has the perfect shoes to fit Evie’s Isle of the Lost look. Finally, complete the look with the Glitter Make-Up Kit. Use it to give your daughter a stunning makeover that will make her truly feel like her favorite Descendants character. With the wig, boots and makeup added to the costume, your daughter can pull off Evie’s edgy style from head to toe.

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