Doctor and Nurse Costumes

Whether you have a child who wants to learn how to help people recover from illnesses or injuries, or you yourself want to put your best foot forward at a Halloween costume party with a sexy nurse or sultry hospital hottie, the Doctors and Nurses Costumes are sure to help you find the right collection!

Doctor/Nurse Costume Ideas

It’s time for a checkup! Starting when kids are just toddlers, playing doctor is always tons of fun. They love dressing up in a white coat, using a pretend doctor kit and taking care of stuffed animals (or mom and dad). This type of imaginary play is great for children’s development, and what parent wouldn’t want their child to grow up to be a doctor some day? Of course many people don’t want to go to school for eight or more additional years to get their Ph.D., but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop after the days of dressing up are over.

For a truly impressive costume, doctor attire is just the ticket. You may make hearts flutter, so it’s a good thing you’re properly trained in all things medical! Dressing up in doctor gear is a great group costume, too. Perfect for couples and families alike, our collection of doctor costumes for young and old will have everyone looking fabulous, stat. Made from high-quality materials with all the details and extras you can imagine, you’ll be able to use them time and time again. We offer doctor, surgeon and nurse costumes that are sure to delight. Now let’s take your temperature, because you may have a fever from so much excitement!

Types of Doctor/Nurse Costumes


Say ahhh! The tiny doc behind this cute costume is sure to make everything feel better fast. This costume comes will all the extras including a lab coat, mask, stethoscope, syringe, patient chart, clipboard, thermometer, scissors, hammer and water bottle. Your unexplained symptoms will be solved quickly with a checkup and hug. Of course you won’t want to feel better for too long, as you’ll want to see this adorable doc again very soon.

“Let’s take your temperature. Say ahhh!”

Blue Doctor Scrubs

Watch out! This surgeon has a serious case of cuteness. Designed to mimic the real deal, this surgeon outfit will have you feeling like you just stepped into a hospital. The head-to-toe blue scrubs are topped by a crisp white lab coat. Whether he’s healing broken toys or mending little brother’s boo boos, this costume shows he means business. Thank goodness the whole family will be feeling in tip-top shape as long as he’s around.

“Time to check your heartbeat.”

Green Doctor Scrubs

Have a mini MD in the house? This costume is a must-have for sure. A realistic replication of what doctors wear in emergency rooms, your family’s doc-in-training will feel like the real deal. Complete with stethoscope and name tag, she’ll be set for a sudden onset of tummy rumbles or heebie-jeebies. There’s even a face mask to block out all those germs — and kisses, of course, since this costume is simply irresistible.

“Code blue, code blue! All hands on deck.”

Sexy Nurse

This sexy nurse costume isn’t child’s play. In fact, you’re bound to break hearts any time you wear it. The white and red medical theme makes this costume unmistakable, but the short skirt and curve-hugging lab coat will turn heads. Everyone will have a neck ache so bad, they’ll be begging for a checkup. But make sure your patients sit down first, since they’ll be weak at the knees and you’d hate for them to pass out from excitement.

“Doctor, doctor, give me the news. I’ve got a bad case of loving you!”

Doctor/Nurse Group Costume Ideas

Looking to spice things up? From a festive adult costume party to the private moments in your boudoir, these sexy costumes will make both men and women melt. Hearts will be singing with a striped diner-girl number. He’s guaranteed to want to order more than just a cherry malt! When things are bound to get a little messy, a sexy maid costume is good clean fun. Add a feather duster and tickle him until he weeps. Of course, maybe you prefer a costume that’s a little more commanding. If that’s your cup of tea, wear this skimpy police costume and everyone will listen to your orders. Or, opt for a sexy retro army girl costume and have him feeling like the boogie-woogie bugle boy. Finally, you can provide service with a smile in jaw-dropping pilot attire. You’ll look saucy and sweet and you will be oh-so irresistible on land — or at 30,000 feet.

Couples & Friends Doctor/Nurse Costume Ideas

Child Doctors

A good dose of cute will cure any ailment, and these kids’ doctor costumes sure do fill the prescription! For your littlest, this green scrub outfit with white doctor coat will transform her from tot to Dr. Q.T. Patootie in a heartbeat. Everyone will grin when she pulls out her plush stethoscope. Not to be outdone, big brother and big sister are ready for any emergency with coordinating ER costumes. The whole crew will look so professional, people will think you’ve opened a medical clinic!

Sexy Nurses

Oh no! Your heart skipped a beat? Of course it did. Everyone will be begging for an exam when you wear this sensual nurse costume. With a touch of retro elegance, this white and red nurse’s dress brings new meaning to va-va-voom. Complete with belt, capelet and hat, you’ll think everyone’s suddenly been struck by scarlet fever. But no, it’s just a touch of flush from seeing how hot you look in this saucy little number.

Enhance Your Doctor/Nurse Costume Style

To become the chief of staff at any hospital, you need to know your stuff. That’s why the best doctor’s costumes have all the details so you’re ready no matter the emergency. To start, white gloves are ideal for protecting hands during examinations, adding a little elegance to your costume. Going for more scare than care? For evil doctors, a giant syringe will have everyone’s eyes wide with fear. There’s no mistaking who’s the big shot with one of these bad boys. Finally, those mini doctors-in-training who have been struck with a bit of the sweet tooth need not worry. These awesome skeleton trick-or-treat bags will ensure you have all the sweet medication you need to last for months down the road. No matter the nurse, doctor or surgeon, our collection of medical-related costume accessories ensures you’re ready for ‘code fun’ any time of year.

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