Dr. Seuss Costumes

The wild, whimsical worlds of Dr. Seuss are the perfect way to get ready for your next night of Halloween fun! With Dr. Seuss Costumes, you can get looks from the Cat in the Hat, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the Lorax, and more! Whether you're ready to go to a costume party, or want to take the Things trick-or-treating these are the perfect outfits!

Dr. Seuss Costume Ideas

Oh the Places You Will Go With Dr. Seuss Costumes!

Do you enjoy dressing up in the house? Do you enjoy dressing up as a mouse? Do you enjoy dressing up here and there? Do you enjoy dressing up anywhere? Then these smile-inducing, rhyme-infusing, Dr. Seuss costumes are just what the doctor ordered. Take a character from your favorite Dr. Seuss book and starting rhyming the night away because these elaborate costumes will put you right into character. Whether you are big or small, we have the perfect costume for your next get-together. One of the best things about a costume party is that you have the chance to explore another world. With a costume set for Whoville or the McGrew Zoo, you will get one night to explore life and an amazing culture that is completely new to you! We supply the costumes, but you are in charge of letting your imagination run wild with all the possibilities that the festivities could bring!

Character Bios

Cat in the Hat

When the adult supervision is away, the cat will play! You will be the life of the party as you crack jokes, speak in riddles and maybe even cause a little mischief. What kind of trouble will you instigate in this adult Cat in the Hat costume? Arrive with a game plan and then be ready to just throw it all out the window, because if the cat is anything consistently it certainly is spontaneous!

“I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny.” - Cat

Thing 1

Can’t seem to shake your best friend or sibling? Embrace the pairing just like Thing 1 and Thing 2 do! While they may be quite the little troublemakers, they certainly know how to have a good time with a little help from their good friend Cat. Create your own language and speak together in code for the whole night. It will certainly be an experience you will remember fondly long after the party is over.

"Thing 1 says he's Thing 1 for a reason and some people should just get used to it." - Cat

Thing 2

Feeling just as wacky and wild as a crazy blue wig? Thing 1 and Thing 2 have more where that came from. Grab your complete Thing costume along with your friend and the crazy adventures of a costume party will never come to an end! Just imagine all the mischief that you can get into with your best friend by your side. But don't expect to get away with anything too stealthily, because there aren't too many others who look like you do.

"Just because he wears the number 2 does not imply in any way that he's inferior to Thing 1.” - Cat

Female Cat in the Hat

With your fun-loving attitude and energetic spirit, this Cat in the Hat costume is the perfect fit. Who says you need to follow the rules? They were made to be broken! Have fun in your tutu and catty headband, which will certainly be the life of the party.

“You find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax. All you need is a book.” - Cat

Group Costume Ideas

Everyone needs a friend or two. And we all know The Cat in the Hat tends to roll with a crew! Get your group together this year for a costume party that won’t be forgotten. With colorful Dr. Seuss inspired costumes of your favorite characters, your mind will be spinning with as many possibilities as the Cat’s infamous red box. Whether you choose to go as a group of mischievous cats or grace the party with a wild Thing 1 and Thing 2, you will bring plenty of smiles along with you!

Male Cat in the Hat and Female Cat in the Hat

You will be seeing double the trouble with this Cat in the Hat duo. Whether you are a couple or just friends, this costume pairing with have the whole party purring with delight. It’s not a magic trick. This duo really is twice as fun!

Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 

Every good hero needs a sidekick, and The Cat in the Hat is the hero of fun. No more boring days or unexciting parties. When The Cat and Thing 1 show up to the bash, the party has begun. You don’t even need to bring a bag of tricks. Your rhyming riddles will be more than enough.

Adult Cat in the Hat and Kid Cat in the Hat  

Have a blast with your little mini-me. You two will never be bored together and you don’t even need a bag of tricks to keep yourselves entertained. Whether you are partying or trick-or-treating, you two will be full of silliness and giggles.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 

This dynamic duo may not get along 100% of the time, but that’s what makes them so entertaining. The playful banter and lighthearted pranks will keep you busy throughout the entire celebration. With the crazy blue hair and labeled onsies, you will stand out from the crowd like one – or two – of a kind!

Enhance Your Style

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Costume

You can’t transform into a Thing without the help of a few things! To play the part of these mischief-making characters you don’t need to be a troublemaker yourself, but you do need the right accessories. From the bright blue hair to the striped socks on your toes, this is a costume that everyone knows! Go the extra mile with fuzzy gloves and a stylish take on the iconic red onesie. No need to fly kites in the house, everyone will know exactly who you are as soon as you make your entrance into the festivities.

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