Adult Easter Bunny Costumes

With Adult Easter Bunnies Costumes from this collection, become the cheerful character who loves to give out candy as spring begins! You can dress in plenty of different styles for a spring holiday or as a costume for a Halloween party, and you're sure to find a look you'll love with all these different choices!

Easter Bunny Costume Ideas

Do you revel in rabbits? Go bananas for bunnies? Those big ears, wiggling noses and adorable hops can melt anyone’s heart. Whether you want to celebrate spring or simply dress up as your favorite furry animal for an upcoming costume party, our collection of rabbit costumes will have you shaking your tail with delight. A plush adult bunny costume adds magic to any Easter party.

 Kids will squeal when they meet the real Easter Bunny in person! Or perhaps you want a cute costume for your baby’s first Halloween. A super-soft infant bunny costume will cause everyone to gush. Best yet, dress the whole family up as rabbits for the hoppiest family photo around! Our costumes are made of only the highest-quality materials, so adults can use them season after season and you can save your child’s costumes as heirloom memories.

Types of Easter Bunny Costumes

Adult Rabbit

Cozy, comfortable and completely adorable, this adult bunny costume is sure to make everyone grin. Ideal for Easter celebrations and spring parties, you’re sure to be the highlight of the event. This bunny costume is made from high-quality plush material that everyone will want to reach out and touch. It’s also a fantastic costume to represent a school or business mascot.

"Everyone needs a friend who is all ears."


What has big floppy ears, a fuzzy tail, an adorable smile and loves carrots? Your tot, of course! There’s nothing sweeter than a little one dressed in a bunny costume. Fine white plush is paired with a silky pink material on the belly and ears for a costume that is as comfortable as it is cute. Get your camera ready, because you’re going to want to capture this hoppy moment!

"A cute tail attracts a lot of attention."

Bunny Mascot

Any event will be a thumping good time once this bunny mascot arrives. How can you ever forget this rabbit running around the court, popping in on a parade, or surprising guests at a celebration? This costume completely conceals the wearer’s identity, so you can hop into the party without anyone knowing. Just peep through the mesh eyes and you’ll see just how excited everyone gets to see the biggest bunny around.

"Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits."

Easter Bunny

With an infectious grin, big pointy ears and a beautiful pastel bowtie, this Easter Bunny costume will bring joy to hearts both young and old. Plus, it’s full coverage, so little ones will never know it’s you! The dapper blue jacket adds a bit of personality to this costume, which is sure to be used time and again. Surprise the kids at school. Host a special event at church. Visit a nursing home and delight the residents. With this costume, you can bring the magic of Easter anywhere.

"Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail."

Easter Animals Group Costume Ideas

The weather warms, flowers bloom and baby animals are born, making spring a magical time to celebrate new life. Easter, of course, is the holiday that reflects all good things about spring, plus there’s a lot of sweet treats! We’re not talking about treats you eat, but rather adorable sights for your eyes when your group dresses up using an Easter Animal theme.

Start by transforming your infant into a lovely little lamb with this cute costume. Everywhere that mommy went, this lamb is sure to go! Babies also look incredibly sweet dressed up as fluffy bunnies. We offer both pink and blue options to suit your preferred style perfectly. Then mom and dad can complete the group costume by dressing up as the Easter bunny and big yellow duckling! With this group getup, everyone will be excited about Easter.

Friends & Couples Easter Bunny Costume Ideas

Baby Bunnies

One is blue, one is pink, both are undeniably adorable! These cute pink and blue baby bunny costumes will have your son or daughter looking so cute, everyone at the party will want a quick snuggle. These outfits also create an amazing look for photos. Just imagine using them for Easter cards this year! Have double the fun with twins? Order a couple costumes and watch everyone melt as these bunnies hop into the hearts of friends and family.

Bunny Adult and Pet Bunny

When you wear an adult bunny suit, you can’t help but make a splash anywhere you go. But do you want to up the ante? Dress up your pooch as a bunny, too! Yep, your favorite furry pet dressed up as a fluffy bunny along your side will have everyone doing a double take. He’ll walk, you’ll hop, and wherever you go you’ll have a great time.

Easter Bunny and Carrot

Looking for a fun way to coordinate costumes with your big kid? This carrot costume fits the bill! You can dress up as the Easter bunny and he can be the perfect carrot sidekick for an undeniably cool duo. You’ll be the perfect pair, whether you’re heading to an Easter celebration or a costume party. Make sure to take a selfie to capture this look; you’ll want to remember it forever.

Bunny and Duck

If Mother Nature could pick two animals to represent spring, they would have to be ducks and bunnies. That’s why this costume combo will be as fresh as a new spring day! One person can dress up in a full plush bunny costume and the other an adult ducky costume. Everyone will think they’ve fallen asleep and awoken to a bizarre springtime dream. No matter, you’ll still have a hopping and quacking good time.

Enhance Your Easter Bunny Costume Style

Professional Easter Bunny Ultimate Costume

When you take the Easter Bunny seriously, you need a seriously awesome costume. This professional-quality bunny suit will exceed your expectations. The sleek white jumpsuit features high-quality plush and a back zipper so you can easily hippity-hoppity in and out of it. You’ll love having the option to wear two different head pieces. One provides full face coverage so your outfit looks just like a cartoon rabbit. The other is an open face hood that covers the head yet leaves the face revealed for fun face-painting potential. No detail is overlooked with this fine costume, which includes white gloves, a yellow Easter-egg bowtie and a festive vest.

Easter Bunny Costume Accessories

Not just any bunny can be the Easter bunny. You need class. You need style. And above all, you need the accessories to get a look that is so over-the-top festive, no one will be able to look at you without cracking a smile. To start, grab yourself a gingham basket and fill it with goodies. Next, don’t reveal your identity when your ugly old sneakers peak out of your costume. Instead, get yourself some white shoes to streamline your look. Finally, the piece de resistance: a giant foam carrot! Now you’ve got a binky-worthy bunny outfit.

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