Elsa Costumes

This famous member of the Disney canon isn't even a princess – she's a queen! With this collection of Elsa Costumes, women and girls can get the amazing blue, icy style of the next ruler of Arendelle for an amazing Halloween of attending costume parties or going trick-or-treating this year!

Elsa Costume Ideas

Upon its release in 2013, Frozen became an instant success and quickly made Disney history. With catchy tunes, irresistibly lovable characters and a tribute to the power of a sister’s love, Frozen offers a winning combination and has captured the hearts of both children and adults. One of the most memorable characters from the movie is Queen Elsa, who finally decides to break free from her life of concealment and embrace her icy powers. Her ability to be true to herself has inspired millions, and people everywhere wish to be just like her. Fortunately, BuyCostumes has Elsa costumes to help you make that wish come true.

Which Elsa Do You Want to Be?

Snow Queen

Channel your inner Snow Queen and arrive at your next event in Elsa’s iconic blue dress. In the dress, you don’t have to conceal your icy powers any longer. In true Elsa fashion, you can “let it go!” The dress features a sparkling sequin bodice, blue skirt and a sheer cape detailed with snowflakes and swirls.

“The cold never bothered me anyway.”

Little Princess

Elsa’s ability to “let it go” and be herself has inspired girls everywhere. With this dress, your little girl can instantly become Elsa whenever she wants. She will never forget the time she got to be her favorite Disney queen, and you’ll never forget the smile it put on her face.

“The fears that once controlled me can’t get to me at all."

Frozen Fever

In Frozen Fever, Arendelle is no longer in an eternal winter, and Elsa has traded in her chilling blue dress for more appropriate spring attire. Elsa’s new shimmering green gown includes a sheer cape detailed with beautiful flowers and her signature snowflakes, lest people forget Elsa’s icy abilities.

“It’s time to see what I can do, to test the limits and break through.”


Your little one probably knows Frozen inside and out. Just when you think she’s done singing “Let it Go,” she starts again… and again and again. Now that she’s old enough for full costumes, there’s really no option other than Elsa. At least when she sings “Let it Go” for the thousandth time, she can look the part.

“Let the storm rage on.”

Group Costume Ideas

Looking for a group costume for your next special event? With our selection of Frozen costumes, you can prepare to escape the eternal winter with sisters Elsa and Anna and their lovable snowman Olaf. Dressed as the gang from Disney’s beloved movie, you’ll be sure to warm hearts at your next gathering. Plenty of options are available for all ages and sizes, meaning there’s something perfect for everyone in your group. For the ladies, all of the sisters’ favorite looks are available, including Elsa’s famous blue ice dress, Anna’s coronation gown and Anna’s traveling gown.

Friend and Couples Costumes

Girl Elsa and Girl Anna

The bond between Elsa and Anna is magical–literally. Their sisterly love had the power to save Arendelle from its frozen curse. The Anna and Elsa costumes are the perfect way for sisters or best friends to show the strength of their relationship to all of their friends at the next special occasion.

Adult Elsa and Adult Olaf

She’s everyone’s favorite Disney queen, and he’s everyone’s favorite lovable snowman with a strange affinity for summer. Together, they embrace the cold and know how to have a good time, even in the midst of an eternal winter. They also make an enchanting couples costume for your next special event!

Adult Elsa and Tween Anna

Your daughter has probably watched Frozen more times than you can count and knows every word to every song. Nothing would make her happier than bringing the movie to life. The Adult Elsa and Toddler Anna costumes provide the perfect opportunity for a mother-daughter Frozen takeover at your next party.

Frozen Fever Elsa and Frozen Fever Anna

Sunshine and warmth have returned to Arendelle after the deep snow and bitter cold, and Anna and Elsa can finally enjoy all of the fun adventures life outside the castle has to offer. Dressed as this sisterly dynamic duo, you and your best friend can take part in the fun, too.

Essential Features

You want everything to be absolutely perfect when your daughter dresses as Elsa, which is why BuyCostumes has made sure every detail of the Elsa Prestige Tutu Costumes for Girls is just right. First and foremost is Elsa’s signature blue dress. The dress has a poofy tutu skirt, sheer sleeves and a shimmering beaded bodice with a large snowflake stitched in at the top holding Elsa’s picture. Attached to the dress is a sheer, flowing cape with snowflake embellishments. A queen is nothing without her crown, which is why the costume includes a beautiful tiara featuring a bright blue gem to accent the dress. To complete the look, add gloves and make your daughter look even more regal. Finally, a wand will emphasize your little Elsa’s powerful abilities.

Enhance Your Style

Accessories make or break a costume, and BuyCostumes has the perfect selection of accessories to make your daughter’s Elsa costume a hit at her next special event. Your daughter will already have the iconic, sparkly blue dress and snowflake cape; with a few accessories, she can elevate her look and truly become Elsa. Besides the dress, the best part of any Elsa costume is the hair. Elsa’s famous braid is her defining feature, and it cannot be forgotten in your daughter’s costume. With the Frozen Elsa Child Wig, your daughter is one step closer to becoming Elsa. The Frozen Elsa Gloves are also an essential element of any Elsa look. Elsa uses her gloves to control her powers and prevent herself from covering the world around her with ice and snow. Finally, your daughter can top off her Elsa costume with the Frozen Elsa Wand, which will help her rule over Arendelle and make her feel like a true queen.

Makeup Tutorial

You have the costume, and you probably have the entire Frozen soundtrack memorized and ready to belt out. All you need now to truly embody Elsa is the makeup and hair. Makeup artist Elsa Rhae Pageler has prepared this amazing step-by-step tutorial to help you achieve Elsa’s pristine, regal appearance and take your look to the next level. Learn how to apply the perfect amount of blush to replicate Elsa’s complexion, blend three shades of lipstick for Elsa’s icy pink lips, and combine purple, pink and red eye shadows to get Elsa’s defining eyes. Finally, no Elsa costume is complete without the Snow Queen’s signature braid, which is why Elsa Rhae has taken the time to show you how to style your long locks just like Elsa. Now that you have Elsa’s makeup and hair mastered, your Elsa costume is ready to go!

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