Ever After High Costumes

Ever After High Costume Ideas

Escape to the Fairy Tale World when you attend Ever After High, a boarding school for the teenage children of all your favorite classic fairy tale characters. Each character must follow their true destiny or else their stories will cease to exist! 

Whether you’re like Snow White or more of an Evil Queen, why not dress up as their lovely teenage daughters? Find everything you need to be Madeline Hatter, Cerise Hood, Raven Queen, Apple White, Briar Beauty and all your other favorite Ever After High characters. These costumes and accessories are full of color and sparkle, so they’re perfect for any costume or Halloween event. You won’t regret making your favorite characters come to life. Choose your favorite character and get ready to have some fairy tale fun!

Ever After High Character Bios

Briar Beauty 

Briar Beauty is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty and loves living her life to the fullest every single day. After all, she’s heard what it’s like to fall into a night of sleep that turns into a century-long nap! She has even been known to fall asleep in class, but she always wakes up when it's time for fun. Bottom line, she’s more interested in planning fun parties and celebrations that include all of her wonderful fairy-tale friends.

“I’m not in a rush to kiss any frogs!”

Apple White 

Apple White is the daughter of Snow White and, just like her mom, she’s the fairest of them all both inside and out. She’ll bring out the hero in everyone at the costume party when she bats her eyes and seeks out her prince charming. She’s simply looking to have a great time! Just keep her away from the apples or she’s bound to eat them all!

“Everyone is counting on me to be the best queen ever!”

Madeline Hatter 

Madeline Hatter is the daughter of the infamous Mad Hatter, so it’s no question or surprise that she loves both hats and tea! She’s an adventurer and she loves to explore. Someday she’ll travel the world and own her own hat and tea shop! It’s fun being friends with Madeline Hatter because she is always pulling something exciting out of her hat whether it be a white rabbit, some school books or a fancy tea set! Stick around because you just never know what her next trick will be.

“I love making potions that make you grow or shrink!”

Raven Queen

Raven Queen, the daughter of the Evil Queen, is definitely not a damsel in distress. She can tricky cast spells just like her crafty mom, but she can’t use her powers for good so she tries to stay away from magic! She’ll steal the show with her magical voice as she sings the night away. She’ll find her happily ever after someday, but right now she is all about living for the moment and enjoying herself as much as possible.

“I have to figure out where my story is heading!”

Ever After High Group Costume Ideas

Get in the enchanted spirit with all of your favorite fairy tale characters from lands and realms near and far. There is no need to stand by traditions, books or legends. With group costumes, you can get creative and make up your own fun-filled stories! After all, a mix of characters and story backgrounds is what will make the costume event more interesting. 

Let everyone come together and laugh the night away as you take fun pictures and admire each other’s well-thought-out costumes. From Elsa, Tinkerbell and the Little Mermaid to your favorite Ever After High teens, there’s a perfect costume for everyone. And there is just no need to leave out any member of your family or circle of friends! Include everyone you know and encourage them to create their own happily ever after with one of the best costume parties yet.

Friends & Family Ever After High Costume Ideas

Madeline Hatter and Cerise Hood

Madeline Hatter loves everyone, so she always has friends by her side. Cerise Hood is the edgy daughter of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, so you know she has some compelling stories. Enter the party as this dynamic duo and you two are sure to turn some heads. One look at your striking costumes, and everyone will be dying to hear your fairy tale backstories.

Mad Hatter and Junior Mad Hatter

Fun awaits the Mad Hatter and Junior Mad Hatter at any costume event! These are the perfect outfits for any Wonderland occasion. You have to look the part whether you’re on your way to a tea party or just a night out on the town. Get together with the March Hare and the White Rabbit and your crew will be set and ready for a great time.

Evil Queen and Raven Queen

Raven Queen doesn’t want to be like her mother, the Evil Queen, but unfortunately she inherited her dark magic. Everyone will delight in the ironic cuteness of this pair from the moment you both walk in the door. Prepare yourselves to party in true elegant queen style, this time with a mother-daughter duo! Black and purple hues and sharp accessories will show off your mutual love for fantastic gothic style.

Apple White and Briar Beauty 

As the daughters of two true fairy tale icons, Apple White and Briar Beauty will definitely stand out at any costume event they choose to attend. Get ready to live out the destiny of happily ever after when you dress as these cute princess minis! You two will sizzle in front of everyone in your sparkly dresses and accessories. Make your two favorite Ever After High characters come to life.

Ever After High Ultimate Costume

Make her dreams come true with the ultimate Apple White Child costume. Fit for a princess, this costume doesn’t leave any details out. A red and pink dress will have her feeling like royalty as she outfits herself in elegant style.

Apple Wig: The Apple White costume isn’t complete without the flowing blonde curls and crown headpiece. Everyone will know who she is the moment they spy her sparkling crown.

Apple Treat Purse: Apple White can’t live without apples, so the Apple Treat Purse is the perfect accessory. Gold handles make this bag easy to carry. It will fit plenty of tricks and treats!

Red Flats: These are the perfect sparkly red flats to match Apple White’s shimmering ensemble. She would settle for nothing less than dazzling! Watch your daughter stand with a confident smile the moment she puts these pretty red shoes on her darling feet.

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