Firefighter Costume Ideas

While comic-book heroes battle imaginary villains, the real-life heroes take on the more imminent dangers of the world. Firemen and women voluntarily walk into danger every single day in order to keep the public safe. While their primary duty may be to extinguish fires and bring the nearby people to safety, they do so much more on a daily basis. From responding to car accidents and natural disasters to helping educate people regarding fire safety, these true superheroes have many powers. Pay homage to these men and women by dressing up as a firefighter at your next costume party.

No matter your age, you can dress up as a fireman or firewoman. Adult costumes range from rugged to steamy hot, while little kids' costumes are the perfect launching pad for the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” What little kid doesn’t want to dress up in the full firefighter uniform and prepare to save lives? Start your young one on a noble path by encouraging his or her admiration for these heroes.

Types of Firefighter Costumes

Fireman Accessory Kit

Every superhero has special gadgets or powers to help him or her win in battle. Whether it is a special vehicle, indestructible weapon or protective uniform, firefighters are no different. Get outfitted with the full fireman accessory kit to get the job done right. You are fully suited up unless you have your badge, mask, radio and ax. With all of these by your side, you will be ready to stand tall against the fire and bring the innocent people back to safety.

“With better gear, firefighters no longer surround and drown a fire — they go in.” — Bill Dedman

Red Firefighter Suit

When children are young, they certainly do enjoy imagining the future. Daydreaming about all of their glorious pursuits as an adult is a rite of passage during childhood. Give your little one something to look forward to with a firefighter costume. Your kids will love dressing up like the brave men and women down at the fire station. Whether their sights are on a future career or they simply enjoying role-playing, this is the perfect costume to spark their interest.

“Firefighters save hearts and homes.”

Brown Fireman Suit

You know your little man is tough, so show the world as well at his first costume party. This fireman suit doesn’t take hours of layering or accessorizing, so your job as a parent is a little bit easier. Simply slip on the button-up jumpsuit and he is good to go! Any good fireman knows he has to be ready to go in a moment’s notice, so there is no need to over-complicate things. This cozy suit can even be layered on top of clothes for those chilly nights of trick-or-treating.

“When a man becomes a fireman, his greatest act of bravery has been accomplished. What he does after that is all in the line of work.” - Edward F. Croker

Firetruck Rider

Get to the scene of the action faster with your very own fire truck! For kids, half of the allure of being a firefighter comes from being able to ride in the big red fire engine. You won’t forget the most important part with this costume! Your little firefighter in training will always have the truck by his side. Get ready for some siren sounds and flashing lights as this firefighter races his way to the candy bowl.

“I can think of no more stirring symbol of man's humanity to man than a fire engine.” - Kurt Vonnegut

Firefighter Group Costume Ideas

It’s never too early to start dreaming big. From the moment your baby is born, you know that he or she is destined to do great things. And as your kiddos age, you can help them see that as well by encouraging their curiosity and eagerness to make the world a better place. Keep stoking the fire in your little ones’ spirits and encourage them to become more like the heroes who they admire so much.

With so many firefighter costumes to choose from, your kids can join all of their friends in their noble pursuit of becoming a real-life superhero. No matter their age, there is a very special firefighter costume that will fit them. From babies to teens, every kid is a hero in our book!

Couples & Friends Firefighter Costume Ideas

Firefighter and Police Officer

Put your bravery badge on as one of these public servants for your next costume party. While their roles vary greatly, these two costumes go hand in hand. They both serve the community and look out for the greater good with an air of selflessness. Get dressed up as this power duo for your next costume party to pay respect to the real heroes while everyone else dresses up as imaginary comic-book heroes. Just don’t be surprised if everyone starts turning to you to solve all the problems at the party.

Brown Firefighter Suit and Red Firefighter Suit

Your little ones can both be the same superhero without any bickering over who gets to go in which costume this year! Because firefighters rarely fight a fire alone, you can have both of your little ones go as the same thing, or let your child bring along a friend this year. And if they still want to have their own unique spin, these brown and red firefighter suits will get the job done right.

Firefighter Costume Accessories

Firefighter Hat: There won’t be a shadow of a doubt regarding who is in charge when your little firefighter is wearing this chief’s hat. This is the cherry on top of a perfect costume with a little extra pride and prestige as the fire chief.

Super-soaker fire-hose backpack: A firefighter can’t do his job without water. Your kids will have a blast with this super-soaker backpack that will extinguish any flame. Whether it is part of a costume or a new favorite toy, this fire hose is ready for action — and so is your little hero.

Child Combat Boots: Step right up to the face of danger without even blinking an eye. These fire-ready combat boots will finish the costume off from head to toe. Your little one will truly feel like the real deal.

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