Flash Costumes

The fastest man alive is the perfect outfit for dressing up this Halloween, since it helps you go trick-or-treating like never before, or makes you a great hit at a costume party in incredible reds and yellows!

The Flash has experienced a resurgence in popularity recently, thanks to a hit television show, and his appearance on several high-profile big screen films. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a mysterious man arrives out of nowhere to warn Batman of something, before disappearing in an instant. The film's producer Deborah Snyder has confirmed that he is the Flash, played by Ezra Miller, who is traveling back in time. Want to dress up as the fastest man – or woman – alive? Take a look at these amazing Flash costumes, and get an outfit that will keep you ready for all kinds of fun this Halloween!

Which Flash Are You?


There are tons of different outfits you can choose from if you want to look like the fastest superhero to ever grace the comic book page! First and foremost, you or your child can get a classic red and yellow outfit that has been a mainstay of the DC Comics universe for decades with items like the Deluxe Muscle Chest Flash Toddler's Costume, and plenty more! You'll be ready to race through Halloween night and visit all kinds of costume parties, all at the same time! Boot on your running boots and take off!

Justice League

With the Justice League movie and other DC films, costumes have taken a dark turn. You can get a cool costume for your next night of fun and excitement alongside Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and more! Mens Flash Costumes is the perfect way to fight alongside other heroes against enemies like Steppenwolf, Darkseid, and more, since it's a little dark, a little dangerous, and plenty cool. Flash like lightning through Halloween night!

TV Series

Barry Allen is the Flash in the new television series on the CW, and this show is the reason the Flash has come back into the public eye so much. With the help of the TV Series Flash costume you'll have the dark red and bright yellow of this television superhero – fight against Killer Frost or The Thinker, and take on incredible villains like Reverse Flash! Even if you aren't fighting against villains or criminals, you'll have a ton of fun at your next Halloween costume party, or when you take the kids for some lightning-fast trick-or-treating!

Girl Power

If your girl likes to run, get the Girl's Justice League Flash Jumpsuit for her next night of Halloween fun! It's red and yellow, but it also has cool speed lines that will make her feel and look faster than ever! It comes with a mask, and will turn her into a lady of lightning for her next night of Halloween costume parties, when she goes trick-or-treating with the rest of the Justice League, and for fun fan events like movie premieres and costume conventions! Supervillains beware this Halloween when you get this amazing Flash Halloween costume for your girl!

Pet Sidekick

Man's best friend is ready to race alongside you when you get the DC Pet Flash Costume! Even if you just like to take a run now and then during the winter, and want a little bit of something to keep your pooch warm, or you're looking for the perfect way to get the family pet excited for a night of Halloween fun, one of these DC Flash Costumes is a wonderful look for a super powered pet! Your dog can join the Justice League and battle against big, dangerous villains alongside other classic DC Comics heroes!


Last, but certainly not least, you can get amazing looks for the youngest member of your family for Halloween with the help of costumes like The Flash (DC Comics) Infant Costume Deluxe! Your youngest will be ready to race through Halloween night and collect candy at a rate never before seen in October, or they can become the fastest superhero to ever run off the comic book page at their next – or very first – Halloween costume party! It's a classic outfit with bright reds and yellows that are sure to help your little hero get ready to run!

Flash Group Costume Ideas

Flash Halloween costumes are a great way to start a fun group costume, since he's been around for so long. You can build a huge group of people who are ready to take on all kinds of villains and criminals when you get the other members of the Justice League – Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and many more – but you can also get villains like Dr. Zoom or the Reverse Flash.

Flash & Supergirl

If you want to build a cute couples costume that has all kinds of superhero fun, add a Supergirl costume to get a pair of comic book heroes who love to spend time with one another, going from costume party to costume party, and taking the super powered kids trick-or-treating!

Flash & Batman

Become two of the best heroes on the Justice League with a Batman costume! These two will never stop battling against bad guys no matter where they go! With the Flash running as fast as lightning and Batman hiding in the shadows to take down criminals who have their eyes on the Flash, Halloween will be safe for everyone!

Flash & Green Lantern 

The Green Lantern has one weakness: the color yellow. And what does the Flash have on his costume? Despite this, the Flash and the Green Lantern are a dynamic duo who will be able to stop any kind of villain! The colors are complimentary, so if you show up at a Halloween costume party, people are sure to notice!

Flash & Superman

The original comic book hero – Superman – and the Scarlet Speedster have color schemes that go well together, so when you show up at your next Halloween costume party, you're sure to look great! Take on bad guys, gather candy, and bring some super-powered muscle to your next dress-up event!

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