Ghostbusters Costumes

This Halloween, equip your little ones or get ready to fight the spirits of the dead yourself with amazing Ghostbusters Costumes! Guys and gals will both be ready to fight the apocalypse at your next Halloween costume party, when you go trick-or-treating, with ghost-fighting jumpsuits, the Stay Puft Marshmallow man, and Slimer!

Ghostbusters Costume Ideas

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? BuyCostumes! I mean Ghostbusters! This 1984 classic is one of the most iconic comedies of the '80s. With an all-star cast and a wacky premise, Ghostbusters busted its way into the heart of America from Dr. Peter Venkman’s first sarcastic remark. Dressing up by yourself? Heading out with friends? We’ve got everything you need to take paranormal activity into your own hands. It’s time to suit up, lock and load those proton packs, hop into the Ecto-1 (crank some Ray Parker, Jr. while you’re at it) and save New York City of the evils from the other side.

Types of Ghostbusters Costumes

Ghostbusters Adult Costume

When it’s time to exterminate some ghosts, you have to be ready at a moment’s notice because the paranormal waits for no one. That’s why the Ghostbuster Adult Costume is just what you need to get ready in a flash. The jumpsuit, marked with the classic “Ghostbusters” emblem, means you can jump into action quickly. The costume also comes with an inflatable proton pack for blasting those buggers when you’re finally within striking distance.

“Drop everything, Venkman. We got one.” – Ray Stantz

Ghostbusters Child Costume

The paranormal extermination game is a tough one. The long hours, unusual locations and dangerous equipment make it an inappropriate job for a child. But alas, there’s only one way to ensure the future of the Ghostbusters: Start ‘em young. And get them started right with the Ghostbusters Child Costume. It comes with a kid-sized jumpsuit (with the classic “Ghostbusters” logo, of course) and realistic-looking inflatable proton pack. Paranormal justice knows no age.

“We’re ready to believe you!”

Ghostbusters Sexy Costume

Those pesky ghosts are sure to turn in fear when they feast their eyes on this stunning number. The Ghostbusters Sexy Adult Costume will torch some spirits and turn some heads in the process. The outfit comes with a tan dress to give you incomparable range-of-motion for the most demanding situations, and no way will those paranormal pests dare cross you as you strut your stuff downtown. There might be “somethin’ weird that don’t look good” but it certainly won’t be you.

Ghostbusters Dog Costume

In Ray Parker, Jr.’s iconic “Ghostbusters” theme song, he made no mention of this furry little paranormal pup. Forever the secret weapon of any Ghostbuster worth his or her weight in slime, the Ghostbusters Dog Costume is perfect for any canine crusader bent on exterminating those spirits a little lower to the ground. Your dog will don the Ghostbusters shirt and little proton pack for hours of fun! Just don’t leave your Muon Trap lying around, if you know what we mean.

“Does anybody wanna play Parcheesi?”


What classic comedy would be complete without a nutty, gluttonous sidekick? None of them. Slimer is the first ghost ever captured by the Ghostbusters and sort of serves as the annoying little pet of the gang. The Ghostbusters Inflatable Slimer Child Costume is the perfect way to deck out your favorite son or daughter in a truly spooky outfit. Big appetite, complete disregard for others, leaves a trail of destruction in his path — sounds like a child alright.

“Spengler, are you serious about actually catching a ghost?” “I’m always serious.”

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Fact: There is no villain in cinema history that is simultaneously so adorable and so terrifying as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. His round, gooey body and sinister stare are the stuff nightmares are made of. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Adult Inflatable Costume comes with the white jumpsuit, sailor headpiece, white gloves and fan for inflation. At your next costume party, you can hauntingly lumber your way through the city.

“There’s something you don’t see everyday.”

Retro TV Costume Ideas

Call us curmudgeons, but these days everyone seems so obsessed with the new. New-fangled phones every two weeks, weird new music with Justin Biebers. Heck. Even new TV shows and cartoons are wacky, loopy and downright silly. But us? We know the best characters come from yesteryear. They’re called classics for a reason and we love to celebrate them. Whether it’s the original Batman costume or your best Chewbacca impression, those old favorites have some serious staying power; we’ve got all the right costumes to help you relive the best moments as your favorite retro character.

Couples & Friends Ghostbusters Costume Ideas

Ghostbusting Couple

Everybody knows solo ghostbusting is irresponsible ghostbusting. It isn’t safe, it isn’t fun, it isn’t cool. For the most efficient and successful busting of ghosts, you should always use the buddy system. The Ghostbusters Adult Costume and Adult Sexy Costume make up the ideal duo for pounding paranormal pathogens into a bloody pulp. Although we recommend a small army of parapsychologists, this pair is striking enough to do the trick.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Adult and Child

You love Ghostbusters. Your child loves Ghostbusters. So this right here is a match made in heaven. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Adult and Child Costumes allow both you and your child to put on a white jumpsuit, fill it with air and boulder around the town like a couple of diabolical desserts trying to take over the mortal world. Both costumes come with a fan to keep you inflated and spooky all night. Pro tip: walk in super slow motion whenever possible.

Ghostbuster and Slimer

Quite an unlikely pair, but not completely unsurprising is the Ghostbusters Adult and Inflatable Slimer Child Costume. Slimer was actually the first ghost caught by the Ghostbusters (with everybody’s favorite: the Muon Trap) and established their reputation as the premier paranormal exterminators in NYC. It’s perfect for the parent who loves Ghostbusters and appreciates the similarities between Slimer, a messy character who eats all your food, and your child, a messy character who eats all your food.

Kid and Dog

Suit up and protect the neighborhood. Ghostbuster costumes are great for kids who “ain’t afraid of no ghosts” and now your child can capture ghosts with his best friend, Fido, at his side with these matching Ghostbusters outfits. Both costumes include a tan suit and an inflatable “proton pack” backpack in case there’s any pesky ghosts roaming around your neighborhood. These fun Ghostbusters costume will be a blast for any Halloween party or for trick or treating.

Slimer vs. Ghostbuster

At the Sedgewick Hotel, Slimer was a bit of a regular. He hung out on the 12th floor and oftentimes ventured out to eat some of the delicious food at the hotel. But for some strange reason, he started to become more of a nuisance and wreak a little more havoc than he usually did.

“We’ll take care of everything,” Dr. Raymond Stantz assured the maître d. And so they stormed in and captured that old Slimer with the famous Muon Trap. They also happened to destroy the entire ballroom in the process. ‘Twas a small price to pay for their first capture. 

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Make all your childhood dreams come true with this Adult Ghostbusters Inflatable Slimer Costume. You can pull your favorite memories of the glorious Ghostbusters saving the world from the oozing slim of this ghost. Add some dimension to your costume by running through shooting silly string the color of your costume.


Your kid can become one of their favorite characters when they are dressed in the Boy's Ghostbusters Costume. With the inflatable backpack, their look will become much more realistic and everyone will want to see how it's made. Let your child steal the show this year and show off their costume to all of their friends!

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