Goddesses Costume Ideas

Myths are enchanting. The stories wrap you up, capture your imagination and make you start to muddle fantasy with reality. The beautiful myths of the many Greek goddesses are even more enrapturing than other mythological creatures. From Athena to Aphrodite, the poise, grace and power these women had come together to create an unforgettable costume for your next event. You will turn heads when you enter the room even without supernatural powers bestowed upon you by the gods. Your power will not go unnoticed, but neither will your beauty. A sleek dress and gilded accents are a sure hit for any costume party.

Types of Goddesses


Rule with knowledge and beauty over any gathering you attend, whether it is a theme party or costume party. A flowing gown will make you feel like a goddess who is both strong and fair. As you fall into character, you will soon be speaking in rhythmic iambic pentameter. 

"If you always greatly honor with kindness the kindly ones, you will surely be preeminent."

Classic Goddess

Even as centuries pass, the classic stories and looks of the Greek gods remain in style. You will always look divine in a flowing gown fit for the goddess you are. This simple costume is both stylish and sophisticated whether you are heading out to a costume party or a Halloween ball.  

"A day can press down all human things, and a day can raise them up."

Glamorous Goddess

Power is extremely attractive. As the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, mathematics, strength and war strategy, Athena is very powerful indeed. Channel her presence with this jaw-dropping costume that plays into the fantasy land of Greek mythology.

"Three times as many glorious gifts shall be yours on account of the king's arrogance."

Mythical Goddess

With grace and fairness, Athena managed to reign over some of the most difficult assignments. While dealing with war and law, she is always aiming toward heroic endeavor. Her beauty matches her power, and yours does, too. Let it shine with this flowing Greek gown that accentuates your womanly power.

"But the great leveler, Death: not even the gods can defend a man." - Athena

Goddess Group Costume Ideas

The power of one goddess is breathtaking, but the power of a group of goddesses will absolutely blow them away. Make an entrance to your next event with all of your closest girlfriends by your side, and the whole party will stop when you walk in. Goddesses have beauty and grace that cannot be matched by mere mortals, but they also have divine powers that are used to create powerful forces like love, justice and knowledge. Whether good or evil, you and your friends will draw the attention of the mortals in the room whether you choose to be Athena, Medusa or Perseus.

Friends & Couples Goddess Costume Ideas

Athena and Medusa

When Medusa slighted Athena's beauty, Athena was sure to teach the woman a lesson she would never forget. "Medusa, there is more to life than beauty alone you see," said Athena as she turned Medusa's beautiful hair into a head full of snakes. Show up to your next bash as this dueling duo.

Goddess and Perseus

The perfect couple costume. As the son of Zeus, Perseus has many strengths. But his achievement of cutting off the head of Gorgon Medusa remains the most memorable. Walk into the party arm in arm as a beloved hero and his glamorous goddess.

Greek Goddess and Athena Girl 

Family played a large role in Ancient Greek times, just as it does today. This mother and daughter costume is the perfect way to showcase your family ties for your next big event. As a great protector, Athena watches over her beautiful daughter, just waiting to pass on all of her knowledge and power.

Girls Golden Goddess and Gladiator

The joy and innocence of a child is a power unmatchable even by the Greek gods. Dress your little girls up like the goddesses they are for their next costume party. They will feel like they are on top of the world with their flowing gowns and beautiful crowns.

Goddess Costume Essential Features

1.    Headpiece - Just as a queen would not be seen without her crown, a goddess should never be seen without her headpiece. While it may not be as ornate as a bejeweled crown, a golden headpiece is the perfect accessory to make your costume stand out from the crowd. It will accent the perfectly tousled updo.

2.    Long Hair - Greek goddesses are known for their beauty. Their flowing locks are luscious, healthy and simply unattainable by mortals. Instead of spending hours with hot irons and blow dryers, give your hair the extra help it needs with a long flowing wig that will have you looking divine in no time at all.

3.    White Gown - This iconic Greek goddess style will let people know exactly who you are the moment you step into the doorway. These gowns aren't just for a toga party; these elegant dresses make you look out of this world.

4.    Draped Fabric - The look of a goddess is soft and elegant. Get the layered feel with a flowing dress and draped fabric to shield you from a chill and keep you looking fabulous.

5.    Gold Accents - With great power comes great riches. Whether they have been bestowed upon you as a gift or you acquired the golds yourself, these accents make your outfit look as divine as it is.

Enhance Your Goddess Costume Style

Glamorous Goddess Ultimate Costume

A goddess wouldn't let any details slip through the cracks, so why would you? Show your heavenly powers with all of the bells and whistles of the perfect costume. Mortals will fall to their knees to worship you once you make your grand entrance. From head to toe, you will look like the picture-perfect Greek goddess. Slip into your sequin mesh and chiffon dress over a luxurious matching panty set. The detachable arm drapes and embroidered belt will help emphasize your beautiful figure, and the elegant crown will serve as the cherry on top. Even if you aren't well versed in Greek mythology, you will quickly understand what it means to feel like a goddess.

Goddess Costume Accessories

It's not easy being a goddess, but when the power is bestowed upon you there is no ignoring the call. Whether you rule over love, nature, war or peace, your power is simply unmatchable. Mortals fall to your feet and gods respect your strength. But a goddess does not fall short in any aspect of her demeanor, so don't hold back on any aspect of your costume this year. No matter your natural hair color, you can have a blonde goddess-worthy hairdo in the blink of an eye. Your arms and neck will be dripping with the riches of gold, and your feet will be protected by stylish sandals that are true to the era. You will look the part, feel the part and everyone will take note.

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