Grease Costumes

You and your number one gal will be ready to show of an incredible style this Halloween when you get Grease Costumes! Leather jackets, poodle skirts, wigs, and lots of other items help you get groovy at your next costume party and going trick-or-treating with the little speed demons, or anything else you have in mind!

Grease Costume Ideas

Grease is the word

Wop baba lumop a wap bam boom! You’ll have everyone singing “We Go Together” with these fabulous costumes inspired by the movie Grease. Have a blast even if Summer Lovin’ isn’t your style. In this classic story, Good girl sandy and greaser Danny fall in love over the summer vacation and then suddenly find themselves at the same high school. They eventually rekindle their romance, but the way they get there is a wild ride.

All of your favorite characters are here from Sandy and Danny to Rizzo and the rest of the Pink Ladies. Grease is the word when you bring your friends together for a hand jive costume party. What are you waiting for? Find a group, choose your character and get up and dance! These costumes will take you back to another time and place where you'll be able to move and groove every day. 

Character Bios - Who Do You Want to Be?

Danny Zuko

Danny Zuko may be known for his bad boy ways, but he always dresses to impress. He’s the center of attention and leader of the gang at any party. As the coolest cat on the block, you’ll find him down at the soda fountain surrounded by the ladies when he’s not out driving his cool car!

“That’s cool baby, you know how it is, rockin’ and rollin’ and what not”

Good Sandy

The innocent Sandy just stepped off a plane from Australia and is ready for a fresh start at a new school. Until she runs into her summer crush, Danny. Sandy goes through a period of discovery where she finds her true self and a great group of friends. 

“My parents want to invite you over for tea on Sunday.”

Tough Sandy

The tough sandy was tired of being a boring plain Jane. She released her inner rebel and stole the show at the year-end carnival. Jaws drop as she enters the room wearing this cool leather jacket and sexy black ensemble. She’ll find her own Danny Zuko and tell him he’s the one she wants.

“Tell me about it, stud.”

Pink Ladies  

The Pink Ladies are the coolest girls in school. They make all the boys want to pull out their combs when they strut the halls of Rydell High. Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion for Rizzo, Frenchy, Marty, Jan and Sandy, as they rule the school by day and the parties by night.

“What do you guys think of Sandy? Do you think we can let her into the Pink Ladies?”

Group Costumes

Anyone can be a part of this decades party with Grease costumes for kids and adults alike. These costumes will take you and your entire family to another fun-loving time and place. Dress up your kids for a '50s-inspired party and watch them twirl to the music in their cute poodle skirts. Mom and Dad can join in on the fun as Sandy, Danny or any of the beloved Grease characters. Nothing says “we go together” like celebrating one of the best time periods for fashion, music and dance. Anyone who wants to take a step back in time and dance with a huge smile will love all of these charming costumes.

Danny and Good Sandy 

“Summer lovin’ happened so fast.” Danny and Sandy met on a sunny beach during one long, romantic summer. Recreate their enchanting romance together in this classic couple’s costume. But don’t worry! You won’t have to break up at the end of the summer; you already know what happens next!

Danny and Tough Sandy 

It’s electrifying! Danny and Sandy’s chemistry is electrifying when they get together at the end of the movie. You two can have this much passion when you dress in such cool leather outfits. Rock, roll and jam to the beat of the music and you’re sure to win both the dance and costume competitions.

Sandy and Pink Lady 

Sandy solidifies her place in the Pink Ladies when she turns to the dark side of leather jackets and cool cars. This group of ladies steals and crushes the hearts of boys everywhere they go, from the soda shop to the movies. The gang’s all here with Rizzo, Marty, Jan and Frenchy, and they're ready to party!

Adult and Girl Pink Ladies 

You’re never too young or old to become a Pink Lady. Gather a group of girls of all ages for a fun and creative costume idea. The little ones will love dressing up and learning about a time long before they were born. Turn on the Grease movie and watch them bop their heads and twirl their skirts around in endless fun.

Enhance Your Style

Danny Zuko with Accessories

“Why, this car is Auto-matic. It’s System-atic. It’s Hyyyyydro-matic. Why, it’s Greased Lightning!” Achieve the ultimate in Danny Zuko style and fit in with the rest of the Grease gang with all of the necessary greaser accessories. You can’t go wrong with a greaser wig, sunglasses, and black and white saddle shoes. Transform into the smooth, cool greaser that everyone wants to be! Don’t forget any retro details when you include all of these greased-out details:

1. Greaser Wig: You can dance for hours at the sock hop with this lightweight synthetic 1950s-style wig. With curly, short black hair in a greased back style and long sideburns, this is a great choice for anyone looking to rock the signature greaser hair look.

2. Greaser Sunglasses: You’ll be too cool for school in these shades. Strut your stuff and turn all the ladies’ heads as you make a grand entrance into your next costume party. They’ll complement your greased back hair and black leather outfit, all of which come together flawlessly. Greased Lightnin’ is right around the bend waiting to pick you up!

3. Black and White Saddle Shoes: Embody the phrase “Grease is the word” from head to toe with these black and white saddle shoes. You’ll be dancing, rockin’ and rollin’ all night long without skipping a beat. You won’t regret completing your 1950s ensemble with these swanky shoes.

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