Harley Quinn Costumes

The Joker's number one gal is always ready for a wild party! This Halloween, get one of these Harley Quinn Costumes and make yourself into a clown who loves to have fun at the expense of Batman, whether you're headed to a costume party, or want to give your little wild one a costume for trick-or-treating!

Harley Quinn Costume Ideas

The joke is never over when Harley Quinn is here

Since her first appearance in 1992, Harley Quinn has been the ever-faithful girlfriend and sidekick to Batman’s arch-nemesis The Joker. But Harley wasn’t always a villain; she was once Dr. Harleen Francis Quinzel, an Arkham Asylum psychiatrist tasked with treating the Joker. Instead, she falls in love with the villain and joins the Clown Prince of Crime in waging his war against Batman and the innocent people of Gotham City. Harley Quinn’s name is a play on the Harlequin character from commedia dell’arte, and she is usually depicted in such appropriate attire. At BuyCostumes we have everything you need to capture Harley Quinn’s look whether you're after her classic jumpsuit or her more modern video-game inspired attire. Simply put, if it’s Harley’s we have it.

Which Harley Do You Want To Be?


Of all Batman’s enemies, Harley Quinn delivers some of the best retorts to the Dark Knight. What can you say? The girl’s got some attitude. Showcase that sass – and a little of your own – in this polyester dress with lace-up arm warmers. Everything you need is here; you just have to pick the shoes that match your attitude.

Stupid little dead bat! Who's gonna save ya now?”


She may be small but Harley Quinn is no pushover. Underestimating her is a mistake that Batman and no Gotham police officer wants to make. Capture Harley’s strength – and show a little of your own – in this video-game-inspired interpretation of Harley Quinn.

“Ladies and jerks! There’s been a slight change in tonight’s show.”


Because she first appeared with Batman in 1992, Harley Quinn is one of the more recent additions to Batman’s enemy list. That doesn’t mean you can’t take the character a little retro if you want to, though. This classic costume brings Quinn back to your Harlequin/jester roots, complete with the bobbing headpiece.

"I'm not mad at all! I'm just differently sane!"


Keep the essence of Harley’s original look alive while adding some flavor of your own with this dress, leggings and sleeves combo from BuyCostumes. Whatever caper you have planned for the evening, you’ll feel comfortable and look great doing it.

“Anyone who throws boomerangs has some real issues letting go.”

Group Costume Ideas

Bring Gotham’s finest and most frightening to your next event with our wide range of costumes from the Batman universe. This field includes some of today’s most iconic characters, and everyone is sure to recognize them. Save the party as the Dark Knight himself or put the joke on your guests as the Joker or Harley Quinn. Make a statement – in your best accent – as Bane, Slink or Catwoman, or swindle as the Penguin. Poison Ivy is the natural choice if you’re thinking of going green, and Deadshot is just the look for a guest who values precision. Choose the look that appeals to you and start your own adventure today.

Friends & Couples Harley Quinn Costume Ideas

Harley Quinn and Joker

This criminal couple poses the greatest threat to Batman and the innocent people of Gotham – but they’ll be a blast at your next event. It's smiles all around when the Joker and Harley Quinn are involved, so get out there and party before that Bat Symbol appears in the sky.

Harley Quinn and Batman

Harley Quinn would do anything to protect her beloved Mr. J., and keeping an eye on Bat Brain is a great place to start. Don’t let this winged rodent out of your sight with these couples costumes and you’ll have a great evening...until it’s time to go back to the asylum.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

What do you get when you cross a lunatic ex-psychiatrist with a woman who's half human, half plant? The very best of gal pals. Celebrate your friendship with your bestie and all of the devious things you do in these themed costumes. Sometimes it’s good to be bad, very good.

Harley Quinn and Bat Dog Costume

If your pooch is always watching over you, then this Harley Quinn/Batman costume combo may be strangely appropriate. Bring your pet into the theme with this unique ensemble, but be prepared. Like the real Batman, your pet won’t let Harley Quinn out of his sight.

Enhance Your Harley Quinn Costume Style

Harley Quinn Costume Essential Features

Harley Quinn has several looks, but a few things remain steady in each rendition. Here are the essentials when considering a Harley Quinn costume. Harley Quinn’s name comes from Harlequin, and the jester hat is the perfect accent to her silly look that has a seriously dark undertone. Like her beloved Mr. J., Harley Quinn’s face is also white. All the better to conceal herself from the cops and that bothersome Bat Brain. A good crook never shows all the tricks up her sleeve and Harley Quinn’s mask is a great tool for keeping those last few surprises a secret. Harley’s jumpsuit pays heritage to her Harlequin roots, and it's also handy attire when you need to run from the cops and fight it out with Batman. It’s all in the cards, but foolish foes better beware. Harley Quinn always plays a rigged game.

Harley Quinn Costume Accessories

Give your Harley Quinn those final, perfect finishing touches with accessories from BuyCostumes. Red tights keep the theme going from your toes on up to provide that polished look. On top of those tights, don’t forget to add some fotowear. Harley prefers the tie-up boots for when the Joker’s enemies need a little stomping. And finally, if things with Bat Brain are really getting difficult, nothing sends the Dark Knight running for cover like Harley Quinn's mallet. It’s perfect for those times when people need a little more motivation to do what they’re told.

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