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Hulk Costume Ideas

Robert Bruce Banner is the son of atomic physicist Dr. Brian Banner and his wife Rebecca. Rebecca deeply loved Bruce, while Brian hated their child. Both an alcoholic and a very angry man, Brian was driven by an insane jealousy of Bruce for his being an object of Rebecca's love. 

Brian also believed that his radiation work had altered his DNA and given him a mutant son. Brian subsequently abused Bruce and finally murdered Rebecca, after which Brian was placed in a mental hospital. Raised by his aunt, Susan Banner, who understood his immense pain and rage over his childhood suffering, Susan raised him with love and care as if he were her own child. Bruce grew up from then on as a highly withdrawn, intellectually gifted child prodigy.

Types of Hulk Costumes


Get into costume and make a smash at your next bash. Add Hulk gloves (sold separately) for better smashing ability. And here’s a thought, why not team up with Iron Man, Thor and Captain America? You'll be the greatest superhero team the planet has ever seen!

“Avengers Assemble!”

Hulk Classic Adult Costume

You’ll be all the rage when you show up at your next bash in this iconic Hulk ensemble. The padded arms give you a ferociously strong and virtually indestructible look. Throw on our Hulk wig to complete your look, and you will undoubtedly become Bruce Banner’s alter ego. Now go forth and conquer!

“Grrr whhh aaaah grrr whaa grrr aaaaahgger waah!”

Boy Hulk

There's nothing like getting into this costume, I mean character, to get your little superhero pumped up for a fantastic bash! The padded chest and arms will have him feeling so super strong he’s sure to be “all the rage!” And the molded plastic mask is built strong to last, so it can be worn again and again.

“Puny God.”

Hulk T-Shirt Kit

Wouldn’t life be cool if you could just pick up a car and toss it down the street? Well, we have a t-shirt for that. No, it won’t give you the strength of the Hulk, but this hip little number is optical illusion all the way. Bruce Banner is the brains behind the brawn, and sexy INSIDE is often the coolest way to make someone’s heart race. So toss on this super-strength tee and play both!

“Doc, I think now is the perfect time for you to get angry.”

Hulk Group Costume Ideas

You don't need to expose yourself to a high dose of gamma radiation like Dr. Banner to look like the Hulk; we’ve got you covered! Every gal worth her weight in fierce knows hairstyles totally define a look, and Storm's platinum hair makes up one of the most iconic superhero styles of all time. Wanna be a man of few words? Then Groot’s your guy! 

Brush up on your Peter Parker impression and slip into this classic Spider-Man ensemble. And hey, if it’s your dream to wake up tomorrow with retractable adamantium claws, we’ve got a costume for that! If worship is more your thing, try on Thor for size. And finally, if playing the femme fatale is your game, then Black Widow is the perfect costume for those who want to kick butt, read minds and basically steal the room!

Hulk Friends & Couples Costume Ideas

Hulk and Iron Man

From the moment Tony Stark and Bruce Banner struck up a conversation in the first Avengers film, it was apparent these two have “a certain chemistry.” In a world full of what Tony feels are inferior beings, Banner is the only one Stark feels he can compete with intellectually. This “bromance” is alive and thriving in The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron!

Hulk and Black Widow

It’s hard finding love, but it’s especially tough when you’re a man who hulks into a green rage monster when he’s angry, or when you're a woman who makes a living killing people all over the world. But these two have something brewing and now you can, too. Get into character as these two and unleash the chemistry!

Hulk and Gamora

Green is good! Well, it is according to these two crime-fighting heroes. To coin a phrase: “I go by many names Earthian, but I’m sure the one that most know me by is Gamora, the deadliest woman in the whole galaxy!” So, take that Hulk!

Hulk and Captain America Dog

Go green and get your little superhero pumped up for a fantastic bash as the Hulk! And what better companion to help him avenge evil when he’s all “hulked” up than...yup, you guessed it, the family dog! In this getup, his favorite four-legged friend avenges evil right alongside him. Together these two are totally pumped for action!

Enhance Your Hulk Costume Style

Hulk Ultimate Costume

Go ahead, Hulk-out and break everything that gets in your way in this fantastic ensemble. Keep in mind that you don't want to end up in jail in a costume though!

  • Featuring huge muscle padding in the shoulders, torso and arms, this green getup will help you get ready to smash the competition!
  • Did we mention that your pants will be coming apart at the seams? Well, in these pants the rips are already in place, just like the ripples on your over-sized chest!
  • Don't forget the mask. With an expressive look and plenty of details, the textured hair on this latex mask captures that wild Hulk look fantastically.
  • Includes jumpsuit and mask. Does not include makeup.

Hulk Costume Accessories

For a great, big green giant, the Hulk’s hair is always on point, literally! All the gamma radiation the Hulk received has never affected his fabulous jet-black locks, and now you can don that Hulk look, too, by adding this fab wig to your costume. It’s  just what the doctor ordered!

  • You know you absolutely CANNOT live without a set of Hulk hands—I mean, how can you even call that living! Get ready to yell "HULK SMASH" once you slip into these. Pretty cool, right?
  • All the superheroes rock awesome boots. I mean, you HAVE to be able to support your uber-cool fighting skills firmly planted on the ground! Enter these cool boots, which will elevate your strutting power to superhero status as soon as you put 'em on! Ya, that’s right, you’ll be making your way through comic cons, office parties and, well, even your daily life when dressed as yourself; they’re that cool! 

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