Inflatable Costumes

Inflatable Costumes are a special style the other Halloween costume party guests are sure to remember! There are lots of cool looks to choose from, including muscle men, dinosaurs, animals like kangaroos, elephants, and alligators, and plenty more! Going trick-or-treating will be fun and easy, and you're sure to get some laughs from your goofy look!

Inflatable Costume Ideas

Want to dress in a costume that’s larger than life? No matter the event, your whole crew will blow up the scene in these awesome inflatable costumes. Heads will turn as you waddle by as Godzilla or Jabba the Hutt. People will cheer as you dress up in an ultra-realistic Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man costume. Are your buddies expecting a bundle of joy soon? Show up in an inflatable sumo baby costume and everyone will be laughing out loud.

Inflatable costumes come in many different styles and themes, but one thing is for sure: you’ll stand out at the party. Everyone will be asking where you found such a gem of a costume! Wondering what it’s like to wear an inflatable costume? Inflatables make a big impression, but they aren’t bulky or uncomfortable like other large or complex costumes. The smart designs use air to fill out the costume for a unique look that is surprisingly comfortable to wear. Plus, after the party is over, you can simply deflate it for easy, compact storage until the next big event.

Types of Inflatable Costumes


Poke fun at expectant parents or new moms and dads when you dress up as a big baby. This inflatable baby costume perfectly captures the puffy arms and legs of a bouncing baby boy. The white diaper with blue safety pins is the perfect finishing touch. Some may chuckle and others may become wide-eyed in terror at the thought of an adult-sized baby. Good thing the diaper is just pretend!

“Psst. Party at my crib. 3 a.m.”


America is land of the free, which means you can dress up in this amazing inflatable Uncle Sam costume any darn time you please. Perfect for costume parties, parades or patriotic celebrations with friends (hello July 4th BBQ!), this inflatable costume will show your larger-than-life love for the good old USA. Add a white wig and beard and no one will deny your adoration for our country!

“I want you … to have a great time!”


Whoa, partner! Pull back on those reins, your turkey is out of control! This hilarious inflatable turkey costume is designed so you look like you’re riding a turkey all around town. Whether you want to turn heads at the next turkey trot fun run or make a big impression when you show up at Aunt Hilda’s house for Thanksgiving, this costume will not disappoint. Gobble, gobble!

“Gobble gobble goo and gobble gobble gickel. I wish turkey only cost a nickel.” Turkey song, Adam Sandler

TV & Movies 

The new Jurassic World movie inspired a new generation of kids to explore the wonders of the dinosaurs. But you already know how awesome prehistoric dinos are and you have a plan to show those kids who the real king of the jungle is: The mighty T-Rex! This inflatable costume measures 84 inches tall so you’ll truly make a terrifying impression when you enter the room. Of course it’s all in good fun, and as soon as you start busting a groove, everyone will laugh out loud at the delightful dancing dino.

“He'll lose you if you don't move.” Jurassic Park movie

Ghostbusters Inflatable Group Costume Ideas

Ghostbusters is one of the most beloved movies of your childhood, and watching it with your kids is a true treat. With the release of the new all-female Ghostbusters movie coming up, everyone is talking about their favorite goofball characters and how the storyline will evolve. Since the new movie isn’t yet out, your group can set the trend when everyone dresses up in Ghostbusters costumes. Is something strange in the neighborhood? Your kid decked to the nines in Ghostbusters gear will save the day.

 An inflatable proton pack is attached to a backpack so your child can properly dispose of any and all troublemakers as he screams, “I ain’t afraid of no ghost!” Of course mom and dad are dressed up, too, just in case backup is needed. Even Fido can get in on the action and sniff out the bad guys with a cute Ghostbusters pet costume! The final piece to complete your group theme? An inflatable Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man costume. This cool costume looks like it was plucked directly from the movie screen with blow-up air pockets that inflate the sides to make a big impression. With everyone dressed up, no one will deny the awesomeness of your crew!

Couples & Friends Inflatable Costume Ideas

Jabba and Princess Leia Slave

Are you proud to be a Star Wars geek? Live out one of the most iconic moments of the movies when you and your partner dress up as Jabba the Hutt and enslaved Princess Leia. The inflatable Jabba costume perfectly captures his gluttony by using blow-up pockets to inflate the design. His power is strong, but not as much as the sensual force that Leia conjures when she wears this stunning slave-girl outfit, which resembles the movie version perfectly.

Big Hero 6 Baymax and Hiro

Do you and your kid adore Big Hero 6? Let the movie be inspiration for your next costume party! Your kid will lead the crew as Hiro Hamada, the founder of the group. With help from you, dressed up as an inflatable Baymax, you’ll keep your city safe. With vivid colors and realistic detail, you'll both look like you were pulled right off the silver screen.

Adult Ghostbusters and Kid Slimer

Slimer was the first ghost captured by the Ghostbusters. Known for his insatiable appetite, he’s able to pass through solid objects, leaving gobs of slime in his path. Perhaps there are a few similarities between Slimer and your child, who seems to eat everything in sight and leaves trails of toys wherever he goes! Have fun with the comparison and dress your kid as Slimer for your next costume party. Better yet, join in on the fun and you can dress as a Ghostbuster!

Mario Riding Yoshi and Luigi

Both your kids will be screaming "Let's-a-go!" when they dress up as their favorite Mario Bros. characters. Luigi never looked so adorable as when your daughter dresses in this cute costume, complete with green “L” hat and mustache on a stick. For Mario fans, this inflatable costume brings the game to life by transforming your child into Mario himself while riding Yoshi all around. "One-up" with these costumes and you’ll be ready for fun all year long.

Enhance Your Inflatable Costume Style

Giddy-up! An inflatable costume is sure to get noticed, but to win "best costume" you’ll need a few extras for a fierce look no one can deny. This costume starts with a high-quality inflatable design that makes the wearer look like they are riding a bucking bronco. Yee-haw! To be the star of the rodeo, though, you need to up the ante. Start by adding a ginormous inflatable Western-style hat and a bright red bandana.

Of course you’ll want to be ready for a quick draw, so outfit your attire with an oversized cowboy gun. This big beauty in your holster will keep criminals at bay so the town can remain safe. Get into character with a few funny cowboy phrases like “Don’t squat with your spurs on” or “Always drink upstream from the herd.” Whether you’re attending a costume party or cheering on your favorite sports team to victory, your spirit will ring strong in this head-to-toe look.

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