Jurassic World Costumes

Become one of the incredible beasts living in Jurassic World Costumes, or Owen, their trained and talented handler, when you shop in this collection of Jurassic World Costumes! Make your next Halloween of costume parties, trick-or-treating, or more go perfectly with lots of amazing dinosaur fun for kids and adults!

Jurassic World Costume Ideas

It takes the entire theme park to make the journey through Jurassic World as epic as it is. Bring all of your friends and family into the fun with a prehistoric group costume. You don’t have to be a paleontologist to get close to some of the most intimidating creatures that ever walked the earth. Just join the Jurassic World crew and see how many people you can give a good fright to at your next costume party. The dinosaurs certainly tend to run the show, so show off your power with these fun costumes in all shapes and sizes. Just give your hosts fair warning that there may be a lot of shrieking—but keep the destruction to the outside. You may be a group of wild dinos, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have any manners.

Jurassic World Character Bios


Everyone loves a classic. While the hybrid Indominus Rex may be the terrifying twist featured in Jurassic World, the powerful T-Rex is where is gets its impressive bite—which apparently can crush a bullet-proof Gyrosphere. No matter which Jurassic Park movie is your favorite, this character has sure gotten plenty of screen time. The series wouldn’t be what it is today without the menacing look of the tyrannosaurus rex.

Child Owen

Every kid wants to dress up like his hero when it comes time for a costume party. While there are many heroes to choose from, Owen certainly stands out from the crowd. He doesn’t simply fight off bad guys, no; this hero takes on the biggest predators of all time. Let your little man show his brave side as he dresses up like Owen from his favorite summer flick, Jurassic World.

“You just went and made a new dinosaur? Probably not a good idea...” - Owen

Couples & Friends Jurassic World Costume Ideas

Child T-Rex and Adult T-Rex

No matter how old a T-Rex is, they are still dangerous as ever. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a child T-Rex is cute and cuddly. They are just as much of a threat as the adults, so watch your six and don’t fall for the trap!

T-Rex and Indominus Rex

If you really want to make a splash at your costume bash, come dressed as the gigantic villains of this summer’s hottest blockbuster. The suspense will start to build the moment you click “submit order.” With this otherworldly look, you will be completely unrecognizable to friends and family. Practice your best screeching to really bring the whole feel together. Just try not to make too much of a mess.

T-Rex vs Indominus Rex


While he may be far from his ruling time, this prehistoric creature is the king of the Jurassic. With a notorious look and super strength, the T-Rex is a force to be reckoned with, but can science beat it out?

Indominus Rex

Can this new hybrid beat out the real deal? With shared traits of numerous creatures in the animal kingom, the Indominus Rex is both a highlight reel of dangerous animals and a delicate science experiment. Does it have what it takes to survive in this world?

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