Luigi Costumes

Mario's younger brother may not be as famous, but he's still ready for fun this Halloween with this big selection of Luigi Costumes! There are lots of different styles for you to choose from, for kids and adults, and all of them will make you ready for jumping and running through a trick-or-treat night or costume parties!

Luigi Costume Ideas

He’s a-Luigi! Number one! As the taller, younger brother of Mario, you’ll always recognize Luigi in his signature green overalls. For a couple of plumbers, Mario and Luigi sure have a lot of fun and adventures. In fact, they spend most of their days battling creatures and racing down the race track! Step into the world of your favorite video games and take on the personalities of your very favorite characters. With a few handsome press-on mustaches, the possibilities are endless.

 Find everything you need to recreate the look of Luigi, Mario and the rest of the gang right here in one easy place. From fun accessories to those world-famous plumbing overalls, you can transform yourself and feel like you’re an important part of the Mushroom Kingdom. Whether you’re chasing down enemies in Super Mario Bros. or saving Mario from ghosts in Luigi’s mansion, there’s no telling just where these costumes will lead you!

Types of Luigi Costumes

Luigi Boy

Luigi Boy will take on and defeat Koopa Troopas in his classic green shirt and overalls. He’ll join Mario and the rest of the gang on their journey to save Princess Peach. With all the accessories necessary to navigate through the whimsical worlds, Luigi can take on enemies no matter their size. Gloves, a mustache and a plump belly mean this energetic plumber is ready for action.


Luigi Women's Plus Size

Who says girls can’t get in on the Mario Brothers action? All she needs is a mustache and this Luigi chick can be whoever she wants to be! Look out, here she comes to save the day in her blue dress and Luigi’s favorite green shirt. Watch as she helps Mario escape the evil deeds of Goombas and Koopa Troopas to save the princess. Don’t worry. She’ll do it all in plenty of time before the costume party begins!

“Let’s-a-do this!”

Luigi Woman

Why dress as Princess Peach when Female Luigi gets to go on all the adventures? She’s no damsel in distress waiting to be rescued, though. With a sexy jumpsuit in Luigi’s favorite colors, the classic Luigi green hat, a pair of white glovettes and a mustache on a stick, she has everything she needs to race around, fight ghosts and jump from building to building.

''What? Stay home and take care of the house? Man, that's not exciting at all!''

Luigi Man

Man Luigi doesn’t waste any time jumping into the action! He’ll bring your favorite Nintendo games to life and make any costume party a blast. Luigi may act a bit timid at first, but when there’s a hairy situation at hand, he can always overcome his fears to become the hero. He won’t stand in the shadow of his brother, Mario, either. Luigi stands up tall to represent The Mario Brothers with honor.

“Mama mia!”

Luigi Group Costume Ideas

Each Super Mario Brothers character has his own quirks and charms, so why not have one of each at your costume party? Coordinating costumes with friends or family just got easier thanks to our selection of Mario Bros. outfits. After all, planning a group costume has to be easier than searching for 1-Up Mushrooms. The gang’s all here with Mario, Luigi and the lovely Princess Peach. And don’t forget about the kids! They’ll love dressing up as the adorable Yoshi or lovable Toad. And whoever wants to channel their inner villain can be Bowser, the evil enemy who traps Princess Peach and brings terror to Mushroom Kingdom. Kids young and old can get involved in the fun-filled and magical worlds represented in the classic Nintendo games. You can even dream up your own stories where each character plays a role! No matter which character you choose, get ready for a party that's jam-packed with action!

Couples & Friends Luigi Costume Ideas

Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi can fix anything if there’s spaghetti involved! There’s no stopping these two plumbing brothers. And who says brothers can’t make a darling couples costume? Make everyone at your costume party laugh and smile as they’re reminded of their favorite Nintendo games. Reminisce about the good old days and who knows, maybe you’ll even get a chance to show off your gaming skills. Hats, mustaches, gloves and outfits are all included so you can make your favorite pair of plumbing brothers come to life!

Luigi and Yoshi

Often referred to as “The Green Team,” Luigi and Yoshi are the best of friends. Their chemistry is undeniable as they partner to take on many battles. Dress your kids as this adorable pair and the two will be a splash of green, entering the costume party or heading out to go trick-or-treating for a night of fun in the Mushroom Kingdom. After all, friends always have a great time together!

Princess Peach and Luigi

No one will see this group costume combination coming. You may be as royal and beautiful as the infamous Princess Peach, but that doesn’t mean your daughter has to be dressed in a tiara! Let your little one be herself and get in on the action, jumping from buildings and beating Koopa's Troopas. All you have to do as Princess Peach is supervise! These two costumes are sure to be a hit no matter where you go!

Toad and Luigi

Toad is another good friend of Luigi’s, and he always has his back when times are tough. Toad encourages and praises Luigi as he races around, jumps across buildings and fights to save the sweet Princess Peach. Toad and Luigi make the perfect pair, whether you’re attending a costume party or gearing up for a convention. Find everything you need to recreate these characters here, and then all you need is to practice your voices and quotes!

Enhance Your Luigi Costume Style

Impress your video-game-loving friends with a completely authentic outfit inspired by Super Mario Brothers. Officially licensed by Nintendo, everyone will recognize your Super Mario Bros. Luigi Adult Costume right away. Just don’t forget to bring along your brother, Mario! The blue overalls and green shirt are an exact replica of Luigi’s ever-present ensemble, and the fun little mustache ties the entire look together. Don’t leave any detail out when you include the puffy green hat and white gloves. This plumber is off-duty tonight, but he’s certainly ready to party! With everything you need to create the look of your favorite Mario brother, this costume won’t disappoint.

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