Maleficent Costumes

Maleficent Costumes help turn you into one of the classic villains of the Disney canon! But was she really so bad? Yeah, she was. There are plenty of amazing looks to choose from, including classic purple dress looks, black dress looks from the recent live-action movie, Aurora outfits, and great accessories!

Maleficent Costume Ideas

Known as the mistress of all evil, Maleficent is the villain from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. When she is not invited to the christening of the kingdom’s new princess, Maleficent puts a curse on baby Aurora that destines her to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die unless true love’s kiss saves her. The Sleeping Beauty version of the character truly is the epitome of evil and does everything in her power to bring the kingdom down. However, the 2014 movie Maleficent, Disney’s live-action version of the story, paints the villain in a different light. The movie shows Maleficent’s backstory as a young fairy who gets her heart broken and wings cut off by the young King Stephan. For revenge, she casts her famous curse on Stephan’s daughter, the little Princess Aurora. Unexpectedly, Maleficent begins to care for Aurora and regrets her curse. This new version of events, expertly acted out by Angelina Jolie, was a hit at the box office and has transformed Maleficent into one of Disney’s best characters. Thanks to BuyCostumes, you can now become Maleficent and Princess Aurora with costumes inspired by the new live-action movie and the original animated tale.

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Channel your inner Angelina Jolie with the wickedly stunning Maleficent Deluxe Christening Black Gown, inspired by the actress’s dark movie attire. This sinister ensemble includes a black dress with ruched detailing and long, wide sleeves reminiscent of Maleficent’s long-lost wings. The outfit also comes with a black horned headpiece so you won’t be missing Maleficent’s signature feature.

“I must say, I really felt quite distressed at not receiving an invitation.”

Adult Aurora

When you arrive to your next special event in the Aurora Deluxe Coronation Gown, everyone will be looking on in admiration and bowing down to greet the beautiful princess. With an elegance and glamour straight out of a fairy tale, this gorgeous gold brocade dress will have people remembering your beauty long after the event ends.

“The princess can be woken from her death sleep by only one true love's kiss.”

Classic Maleficent

Tap into your dark side for your next party with this Maleficent Witch costume. Disney’s retelling of Maleficent’s story may have made the character kind-hearted, but with this costume, you can become the evil witch from the original tale. The black dress contains purple accents and fringe, an attached collar that frames the face and a horned headpiece to top off the classic Disney look.

“You poor, simple fools. Thinking you could defeat me. Me! The mistress of all evil!”

Young Aurora

Your little girl’s wish of becoming a Disney princess doesn’t have to be once upon a dream. With the Aurora Deluxe Girls' Blue Dress Costume, her dream can come to life as she transforms into the beautiful young princess. Inspired by young Aurora from 2014’s Maleficent, the costume features an elegant, light blue dress with gold detail on the sleeves, bottom and belt.

“The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who meet her.”

Maleficent Group Costume Ideas

Everybody loves a good villain, and with the selection of Maleficent costumes from BuyCostumes, everyone in the family can become the character audiences love to hate. Whether you want to channel the original mistress of all evil from Sleeping Beauty or the Angelina Jolie version of the misunderstood antagonist from 2014’s Maleficent, BuyCostumes has everything you need to transform into the character. Costumes are also available for all ages so the whole family has a chance to dress as the Disney villain. The Maleficent Deluxe Christening Black Gown and Deluxe Glam Christening Gown are both excellent choices for adults, while the Maleficent Deluxe Black Tween/Teen Gown and Maleficent Christening Deluxe Black Girls Dress are more appropriate for children and teenagers who wish to embody the villain. With everyone dressed in these frightening Maleficent costumes, your family is sure to steal the show at the next party.

Disney Princess Aurora and Classic Maleficent

Princess Aurora and Maleficent are great inspiration for you and your friend to match costumes at your next event. One of you can be the kind, lovable princess, while the other can take on the villain’s role as the evil witch Maleficent. Partygoers will love the good vs. evil dynamic the two of you bring to the party.

Maleficent and Aurora

Looking for the perfect mother-daughter costumes? As Maleficent and young Aurora from Disney’s 2014 live-action movie, you and your daughter can dress as an adorable, somewhat frightening, duo and turn heads at your next party. Although enemies in the original Sleeping Beauty story, their story has been transformed into one of love and affection.

Adult Aurora and Girl Aurora

The Aurora Deluxe Coronation Gown Adult and Aurora Deluxe Girls' Blue Dress provide an opportunity for a mother and daughter or two sisters to both dress as the beautiful Princess Aurora. One will shine as the grown-up Aurora in a shimmering gold gown, and the other will bring joy to the party as an adorable young Aurora in an elegant blue dress.

Aurora and Fairy

Along with beautiful princesses and charming princes, many magical creatures roam the kingdom, including fairies. According to the 2014 live-action movie, Maleficent wasn’t a witch at all, but a kind fairy scorned by love. With these Princess Aurora and fairy costumes for little girls, sisters or best friends, anyone can transform into young versions of the princess and Maleficent for their next event.

Enhance Your Style

You’ll look magnificently evil in the Maleficent Deluxe Christening Black Gown Costume, but with a few of Maleficent’s signature accessories, you can truly bring the character to life. First, add Maleficent’s Staff to your ensemble to help you cast spells and evil curses throughout the kingdom. The staff is masterfully crafted with a twisted appearance and a multicolored scepter on top. With the staff in your possession, partygoers will cower in fear of your incredible power. Next, add in the Maleficent – Movie Wings to your outfit. Fly through trees and over lakes while you patrol the Moors and keep your fellow creatures safe. You’ll be the focus of the party the moment you walk in the room with these wings. Finally, complete your dark, villainous look with black boots. With the wings, staff and boots enhancing your costume, you’ll be Maleficent from head to toe.

Maleficent Make-Up Tutorial


Makeup artist Charlie Short, also known as PinkStylist on YouTube partnered with us to create an amazing makeup tutorial video for the Sleeping Beauty version of Maleficent. Check it out and learn how to enhance your Maleficent costume to make a unique look this Halloween.

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