Mascot Costumes

Mascot Costume Ideas

Nothing stirs up excitement in a stadium or arena quite like the appearance of the home team’s beloved mascot. No matter what animal, object or mythical creature it is, fans go crazy as soon as he steps under the spotlight. These larger-than-life costumes will pump up the crowd whether they've gathered for a school pep rally, college Homecoming game or their favorite pro team's playoff run. Rally the crowd right with the complete look. These comfy mascot costumes let you move around with ease so you can get everyone on their feet, cheering as loud as they can. Whether you are a back-flipping leprechaun or a racing gorilla, the crowd will appreciate the lifelike appearance and your high level of energy.

Types of Mascot Costumes


Don’t give up on finding the perfect mascot costume and fly from the nest too early. We have the perfect larger-than-life eagle costume that is sure to leave your opponents scattering to find the holes they crawled out of. Your fans will be in awe of the powerful wingspan, strong talons and the face that screams “Go! Fight! Win!” This majestic eagle costume is everything you could hope for and a true symbol of the land of the brave.

"Keep an eye on your opponents with an eagle eye!"

Brutus The Bull 

Strong and fearless, this bull will charge head on at any opponent. Complete with the bull ring and horns, this mascot costume is sure to showcase your team's power. Just be warned: Brutus can be stubborn as a bull, so don’t expect him to give up hope when your team has fallen behind. He will keep cheering and pushing for a rally until the very end. And who knows, maybe that extra energy will give your team the extra kick they need to snatch a come-from-behind victory.

"In competition, it helps to be bullheaded."


The opposing team seems to be on fire? Don’t worry, this guy is on it. He is ready to put out the competition’s fire and stoke the home team's instead. This Dalmatian mascot costume is perfect for the big parade, special events or doing a few tricks before the big game. And he knows more than just a few simple tricks like “sit” and “stay," so keep your eyes peeled for his special skills.

"Like a leopard, Dalmatians earn their spots."


Moooove on over competitors. When your team's mascot comes to life, the crowd's spirits will be high. As he stampedes onto the field or court with the home team, the cheers of the crowd will quickly follow. Ring those cowbells loud and proud because the cows have come home and they are ready to milk this competition for all it is worth!

"We will dominate this team until the cows come home."

Bunny Rabbit

You don’t need to dangle a carrot to entice this rabbit to leave his hole, because he is already stoked to get the crowd spirited and amped up for a celebration. Whether your mascot is a rabbit or you are hosting the perfect Easter egg hunt, this larger-than-life costume will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

"Come on, get hoppy!"


Welcome to the jungle, where the beauty blinds you to the dangers of the predators lurking behind trees. Watch your step, because you never know when a tiger will pounce! These stealthy creatures are the perfect mascot for a team that is both calculating and strong. They know when to make a move and when to play strong defense. You will look grrrrreat in this full tiger costume.

"A tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of a sheep."

Dog Mascot Group Costume Ideas

Release the hounds! This pack of dogs is sure to show your fans that you mean business. While one bulldog will get the message across, a whole dog pile becomes irrefutable. With the howls of competition growing stronger, everyone will be ready to put their game face on. You won’t be barking up the wrong tree with these amazing mascot costumes.

Friends & Couples Mascot Costume Ideas

Elephant Pair

You won’t be able to take your mind off the elephant in the room when it is multiplied by two! This duo will delight the crowd with their amazing tricks. You've never seen anything quite like it, not even in the circus. This pair serves as the perfect representation of your school, including both a male and female mascot to show the opponents that they are ready to defend their turf and, when the time comes, charge!

Bunny and Carrot

Everyone needs a good laugh from time to time, and this costume duo will surely leave you in stitches. This larger-than-life bunny mascot is paired with a child-sized carrot costume to create the perfect chase. Who has ever seen a carrot grow legs and run away to prevent itself from becoming a bunny's dinner?

Lion and Tiger

These big cats may be the king of the jungle, but they are also the leaders of the spirit squad. Get everyone up and on their feet when you instill that fighting spirit in the fans once again. These two won’t just be chasing their tails, as they are true hunters who know that a stealthy approach and a calculated movement win more battles than big theatrics. You'll be able to do all that and maybe even a backflip or two.


This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef and this little piggy had none. And this little piggy cheered “wee, wee, wee!” all the way to the end zone! Show your family spirit by going all out with this mascot costume duo.

Enhance Your Mascot Costume Style - Lion

1. Kold Kollar: With all the fur and a big lion mane, you will want to keep your collar cool with this cold pack.

2. Kold Vest: Keep your center nice and cool while you run around the school getting everyone else excited for the big game. It is tiring work, and it helps to feel refreshed inside when you want to bring your A-game.

3. Mascot Bag: Lugging around such a massive costume from event to event can be exhausting. Keep it all together so you don’t lose any parts with this mascot bag.

Nothing is quiet as intimidating as the roar of the king of the jungle. This bold costume is the purrrfect pick.

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