Minion Costumes

From the Despicable Me series, the Minions have gone on to become their own group of famous characters adored by kids and adults! These Minion Costumes help you dress up as these fast-talking yellow creatures, and your next Halloween costume party or night of trick-or-treating is sure to be perfectly fun!

Minion Costume Ideas

Goofy, child-like behavior with a hint of innocence. When you dress like one of the one-eyed or two-eyed minion characters from the movie, Despicable Me, you're in for a night of fun. These yellow creatures in blue overalls have stolen hearts worldwide and become an entity of their own. They even have a spin-off movie and are featured in fun messages shared across Facebook, showing just how widespread their popularity has become.

Dress as Minion Dave, the center of attention. Or as Minion Jorge, the naughty giggler. We also have purple minion costumes from Despicable Me 2 for adults as well as children who want to play an evil character for a night of trick-or-treating or to attend a costume party. If you want the entire family to participate in the minion fun, dress Fido in our Despicable Me minion dog costume and one of the kids as the innocent Agnes who stole everyone's heart. Put her black hair in a ponytail shooting straight up into the air. With these group costumes, you'll be set for a night of mischievous, impulsive and playful fun, especially when away from the supervision of Gru. 

Minion Character Bios


Agnes Gru is a unicorn-loving, adorable child so full of innocence, you just want to say, "aww" every time you see her. With her big brown eyes and that hair sticking straight out from the top of her head in a ponytail, she wraps everyone, even the bad guys, right around her finger. When your toddler dresses in our Agnes costume complete with blue overalls and upright ponytail, she'll have no trouble pulling off "adorable."

"Come on! Smile, Gru!" - Agnes

Minion Dave

When it comes to taking center stage, Minion Dave is always found. He loves attention and has a sentimental domestic side. During the movies, Minion Dave takes on a pet UFO, develops a crush on Lucy, is involved in decorating the house for a party, and often is the instigator for Gru's plans. He is frequently picked on by the other minions due to his blunders, but he will sidle up to Gru ahead of the rest of the minion pack for a goodnight kiss.

"Ditto." - Minion Dave

Minion Jorge

If Minion Jorge weren't a minion working with Gru on Gru's nefarious schemes, he'd be a fireman. Often found with a grumpy look on his face and wearing fireman gear to extinguish the latest minion-launched, rocket-caused blaze, Minion Jorge erupts into giggles while playing with the photocopy machine. Especially when he's sitting on it. As one of the shorter and rounder-shaped minions, Minion Jorge is not self-conscious about how he looks, and it plays well with his character's personality.

"Gelato!" - Minion Jorge

Purple Minion

In Despicable Me 2, Gru's minions are kidnapped by El Macho, who injects them with PX-41 and turns them into purple mutant minions. These mutants are indestructible, and they can swallow bombs. They will chomp on anything and everything in their way, destroying it completely. Fortunately for the beloved minions, an antidote is created and Gru is able to get his yellow minions back to normal before they destroy Earth's major cities.

"Banana!" - Purple Minion

Minion Group Costume Ideas

You've seen the movie Despicable Me as a family so many times, you can quote it around the dinner table. Why not have fun and giggles dressing up as the show-stealing yellow minion characters from the movie for a costume party or for Halloween? Start off by casting Dad as Minion Dave, the one who can take charge of everything without getting into any trouble (hopefully). Next, have Mom dress as Lady Minion in her blue overalls and yellow shirt. For the kids in your family, we have Minion Jorge costumes for children as well as female minion outfits just like Mom's. Don't leave Fido behind – dress your pooch in our minion dog costume and you'll be the hit of the party.

Just like the minions did when they stole the show in Despicable Me, you'll be stealing the show with your family costume idea, and you'll have fun while doing it. To help you get into character, remember these yellow, cylindrical creatures are very loyal to each other, they love to have fun, and they won't stop short of making fun of each other. Be sure to communicate during the party in minion language, just to give everyone else at the party the giggles.

Friends & Couples Minion Costume Ideas

Purple Minion and Dave

As a fiercely loyal subject of Gru's, Minion Dave is against everything the Purple Minion is for. These two costumes are great if you want to play bad guy versus good guy. Minion Dave is known for teasing the Purple Minion for how he says words and his response to being teased with a banana. Two friends can have a great time at a costume party getting into trouble dressed as these characters.

Lady Minion and Adult Dave

Couples who love to dress in similar costumes will love our couple's minions costumes. Minion Dave is a beloved character from the movies who's also made it big in off-shoot videos. He's a character who sometimes gets into trouble when he can't control his enthusiasm for whatever plot Gru has planned. And since she's dressed for the part, Lady Minion can play right along with Minion Dave's antics, or create some trouble of her own.

Lady Minion and Kid Agnes

When it comes to finding the perfect mother/daughter costume pairing, you don't have to look any further than our combination of Lady Minion and Agnes costumes. We have the spiked ponytail and blue overalls that complete Agnes' costume perfectly. And for Lady Minion, she's outfitted in the blue overall skirt with yellow shirt minion costume as seen throughout the movies. You'll have a great time playing these characters from this beloved movie.

Minion Girl and Dog

It's impossible to separate a girl and her dog, so why not dress them up together in fun costumes from Despicable Me? We have a minion dog costume complete with goggle glasses for Fido to wear. And his blue overalls and yellow shirt will perfectly match the girl's minion costume we have for your daughter. They'll be the perfect match for a costume party or while trick-or-treating for Halloween.

Enhance Your Minion Costume Style

If your toddler wants to dress as Agnes for the costume party, we have the outfit you need. We also have the accessories that will truly set your daughter apart. Agnes loves unicorns and in the first movie one of her costumes is her riding a unicorn. Be sure to get our unicorn costume so your Agnes can dance around as if she's riding a unicorn herself. We also have a princess hat to go with the unicorn costume that looks just like the costume Agnes wears for her birthday party in Despicable Me 2. Finally, top the entire costume off with a pair of white shoes.

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