Mortal Kombat Costumes

Mortal Kombat Costume Ideas

After years of not doing homework, staying up late to master finishing moves and combos, it’s finally your chance to travel across the universe to compete in the Mortal Kombat Tournament! OK, maybe it’s just a costume party across town, but wherever you go, we’ve got the classic characters from the video game that outraged your parents and shocked your teachers

The battle is about to begin. Do you want to be the god of thunder, an undead ninja or an elite member of the Special Forces? Whether you’re one to throw fireballs or ice-balls, knives or flying kicks, get ready to suit up and relive all those victories you won at home and in the arcade.

Mortal Kombat Character Bios


Rumor has it that his mask conceals something terrifying, something not quite dead, but not alive, either. Maybe his opponents fear Scorpion because he’s been resurrected from the dead. Or maybe it’s the spear he likes to chuck into their chest. Either way, dressed as this classic character, you’ll be a force to be feared. The costume comes with a belt, molded armor, a mask. and jumpsuit.

 “Get over here!”


With Halloween on its way, we all know that winter will soon follow. Winter: the time when everyone complains about the cold. Cold? Try being frozen by an ice-ball then punched so that you shatter into a thousand little pieces. That’s cold. And anyone who has fought Sub-Zero knows this kind of cold. The costume comes with a belt, molded armor, mask. and jumpsuit.

 “You should’ve finished him”


Some spend their summer evenings catching lightning bugs, while others, like Raiden, control the lightning! Become the god of thunder and descend to the Earthrealm to become god of the party. This costume will electrify your friends and remind them that they are mere mortals. Includes a white jumpsuit, blue tabard, shoulder, wrist and shin guards, black hood, and straw hat. We’re working on teleportation and flight.

“The fate of billions will depend on you. Sorry”


Judging how she throws a punch or lands a kick, it's hard to believe that Kitana is a 10,000-year-old princess. Honestly, she doesn’t look a day over 3,000. If you’re looking for a provocative costume that’s sexy and lets people know you’re not to be messed with, this is it. Includes a shimmering blue crop top with matching apron and shorts, a facemask, armbands, boot tops, and headpiece.

“You will learn respect”

Mortal Kombat Group Costume Ideas

You don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, and you sure don’t show up to a tournament that will decide the fate of the universe and have no one to fight. Who are you going to prove yourself against? Some guy in a lion’s costume, a naughty nurse? No, you need a worthy opponent. And with your fighting skills, you'll be sure bring out a few jealous challengers! But, why be enemies? After all, Mortal Kombat is a world where you can choose to throw someone into a pit of spikes or finish things up with a token of good will in a “Friendship” move. Find the combination that defines your relationship!

Mortal Kombat Friends & Couples Costume Ideas

Sub-Zero and Scorpion

Whoever said that birds of a feather flock together never met Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Though they look alike, these two couldn’t be more different. With different weapons and plenty of unique skills, these two are all too eager to duke it out, whenever and wherever. Sound like a sibling you might know? Each costume comes with a belt, molded armor, mask, and jumpsuit.

Raiden and Kitana

Raiden is immortal and Kitana is thousands of years old. Is this a perfect match or what? Well, this god and this bombshell princess don’t always play nice. This relationship might sound like the next hit reality TV series, or it just might be you and your special someone blowing up the next costume party. Kitana includes top, apron and shorts, facemask, armbands, boot tops, and headpiece. Raiden comes with a jumpsuit, tabard, shoulder, wrist and shin guards, hood, and hat.

Enhance Your Mortal Kombat Costume Style

Even when the stakes are life or death, and the fate of the world is in your hands, a girl needs accessories. Dressed as Kitana, you'll definitely want to check out the blue tip eyelashes to give some pop to your assassin’s eyes. You’re going to want to pick up the black lace fan too. After all, when you look as hot as Kitana, you’ll need to cool off a bit. It also comes in handy when shooing away that pesky guy next to the punch bowl. Finally, how can you stand on the champion's podium, gloating in your victory over all the other challengers, when you don't have a proper pair of shoes to wear? Our 4” patent leather babydoll black shoes will have people asking: How can someone so sexy be so deadly?

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