Pirate Costumes

Hit the high seas and begin your life as a famous member of the thieving class this Halloween when you shop for Pirates Costumes! From pretty pirates and swashbuckling children to fun accessories like hats, cutlasses, and boots, you can get everything you need to make your next night of trick-or-treating or costume parties fun and exciting!

Pirate Costume Ideas

Avast ye, from Captain Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard to Jake and the Never Land Pirates, we’ve got "arrr"guably the best selection of pirate costumes and accessories in all the realm. We’ve got ‘em for buccaneers, wenches, lads and lasses. A landlubber can easily become a swashbuckler and a lady can transform into a vixen in no time at all with our incredible array of dress-up fun. You’ll need not only pirate garb, but eye patches, swords, boots, hats, even Jack Sparrow facial hair. Pirates have all the fun, and so should you. Become your favorite character, or make up your own version of swashbuckling fun. Now you can talk like a pirate and you can dress like one, too.

The kids can be their favorite pirate, Jake, from Jake and the Never Land Pirates. And don’t forget your First Mate. Fido needs his own costume, too! There’s nothing cuter than a four-legged friend with an eye patch and a bandanna. So whether it’s Halloween or International Dress Like a Pirate Day, we’ve got everyone in the family covered from top to bottom. Yo ho ho and a bottle of fun! 

Pirate Character Bios


Become the fierce and fearsome Blackbeard, a real-life pirate who was depicted as a notorious villain in the Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan movies. He terrorized the English colonies and Eastern coast of the American colonies in the late 1600s. He was a shrewd and calculating leader known for his thick black beard and fearsome appearance. He was reported to have tied lit fuses under his hat to frighten his enemies. Don’t try that at home.

“Dead men tell no tales…”

Captain Hook

Captain Hook is the infamous pirate villain in the movie Peter Pan and probably one of the most famous in the history of movies. His plan was to defeat Peter Pan and take over Neverland. He’s got a hook on his right arm, and he’ll never forgive Peter for cutting off his hand and feeding it to Tick Tock the Crocodile. He’s the reason the iconic hook has become the most popular accessory for pirate costumes today.

“And now, which will it be: the pen.... or the plank?!”

Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow has become one the most popular pirates of all time. The leading character of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, he survives mostly by his wit and wiles rather than by force. Jack is played by Johnny Depp, who based his characterization on Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and cartoon character Pepé Le Pew. His beaded beard and shabby chic garb have become an iconic symbol of pirate coolness. Get cool.

“You look somewhat familiar, have I threatened you before?”

Elizabeth Swann

Elizabeth Swann is a spirited, intelligent and independent-minded character in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Played by Kiera Knightley, she transforms from a proper lady into a courageous pirate throughout the movies. She’s capable of defending herself against multiple opponents, at times fighting with two swords simultaneously. Anyone who wants to be the ultimate fierce female and fashionista will love this costume.

“I have had more than enough experience dealing with pirates!”

Pirates Group Costume Ideas

These fantasy swashbuckler films have made pirates oh-so cool once again, and pirate costumes are some of the most sought-after fantasy frocks around. Who doesn’t recognize Captain Jack Sparrow with his iconic beaded beard? He’s the epitome of cool. Whether it’s for a Halloween party or a Pirate Festival, a Captain Jack costume is a must-have. Maybe a dark and fearsome look is more your thing; why not be Blackbeard? For the ladies, we’ve got the savvy and sexy Elizabeth Swann, or beautiful and dangerous Angelica. Now, both guys and gals can dress for pirate success.

You’ve got to look good when you’re pillaging, plundering and searching for Davy Jones’ locker. Sail the seven seas (or just drive across town) in style. Gather your friends, re-create your favorite scene, and impress the other party-goers with your authentic movie garb. Get your Pirates of the Caribbean style today with our captivating costumes and accessories. You’ll still have some treasure left in the chest, too!

Friends & Couples Pirates Costume Ideas

Jack Sparrow and Angelica

Dress as the beautiful and dangerous Angelica, lady pirate and love interest of the roguish Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. When you pair this costume with our Jack Sparrow costume, the two of you can go to the party as the ultimate, cool, swashbuckling couple. You’ll turn heads and maybe even find some buried treasure. Practice your pirate-speak before you leave for the event to make the costume complete!

Female Pirate and Infant Pirate

You’re never too young to sail the seven seas, but be sure to bring Mom with you! Dress baby up as an adorable buccaneer or a swashbuckling little stinker. Mom can transform into a royal lady or a villainous vixen, all depending on her mood. Your pairing will bring smiles to everyone at the party. Keep it all in the family with the pirate theme, as it transcends generations and is fun at any age.

Captain Hook and Peter Pan

Captain Hook or his nemesis, Peter Pan, which one fits your personality? Re-create the fun from the movie with these great authentic costumes. Be the boy who can fly and never grows up. Or dress as the fearsome legendary pirate whose hand was eaten by a crocodile and has been replaced with an iron hook. Either way, as an entertaining duo, you’ll be the hit of the party.

Kids’ Pirate Costume and Pirate Dog

From Jake and the Never Land Pirates to pint-sized versions of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie characters, we’ve got the kids covered. A little buccaneer needs a little buddy and there's nothing better than taking your pirate dog along for the fun. So, let them match this Halloween. Pet costumes are all the rage, and so are pirates. Our pirate-pooch costumes fit the bill perfectly. Now, if only you could teach Fido to say "Arr" instead of "Woof!"

Enhance Your Pirate Costume Style

Captain Jack Sparrow Ultimate Costume

1. Pirate Hat with Bandana and Dreadlocks

2. Gold Brocade Vest

3. Two Belts with Attached Buckles

4. Faux Suede Boots

5. Officially Licensed by Disney

This isn’t any run-of-the-mill costume. With the Captain Jack Sparrow Theatrical Costume, people will think you are Johnny Depp himself. It’s got everything you need to look the part. This costume comes with a knee-length coat, gold brocade vest, burgundy bandanna with attached highlighted dreadlocks, two belts with attached buckles, pirate hat, faux suede boots and more. Plus, it’s officially licensed by Disney, so it’s as authentic as it gets. There’s so much here, you can mix and match depending on your favorite Captain Jack look. Dress to impress.

Royal Lady Pirate Costume Accessories

1. Pirate Eye Patch

2. Pirate Sword

3. Black Leggings

Ahoy me lassies. Get all decked out for the party. Start with the Royal Lady Pirate costume with its brown bustier, cream blouse and attached black skirt, then add great accessories. Choose from the must-have cloth eye patch, the great-for-every-costume polyester/spandex black leggings if you’re looking for some extra coverage with your costume, and the I-mean-business Pirates of the Caribbean textured sword. Put them all together and you’ve got the ultimate lady-of-the-seas ensemble. All pirates will bow before you as you set out for your adventures. You’ll be both fierce and feminine. It’ll definitely set you apart from the other run-of-the-mill wenches, and it won’t take all your booty to do it.

Sexy Pirate Makeup Tutorial

Steal the spotlight when you use this pirate-themed makeup to add a finishing touch to your pirate costume. Makeup artist Miranda Hedman has partnered with us to create some amazing costume makeup tutorials. In this video, she demonstrates how to apply makeup for a pirate costume, including eyeliner, eye shadow and even a scar. The outfit in the video is our Angelica costume from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but the makeup would look great with any pirate costume!

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