Poison Ivy Costumes

Spread your feminine wiles, and your pheromone madness, throughout your next Halloween costume party when you wear Poison Ivy Costumes! There are plenty of eye-catching and sultry outfits you can choose from, perfect for getting Batman all to yourself, as well as amazing accessories like tights, gloves, wigs, and more!

Who is Poison Ivy?

Poison Ivy has been a classic Batman character for over fifty years, first appearing in Batman #181 in June 1966. With this wonderful collection of Poison Ivy Halloween costumes, you're ready to spread your beauty throughout the neighborhood while trick-or-treating, or bring anyone under your spell at your next costume party!

When Doctor Pamela Isley introduced a mixture of several potent toxins originating from a selection of venomous predators and poisonous plant life into her bloodstream to act as a mutagen, with the goal of become a protector and an avatar of plant life, in order to protect the natural world. She is a frequent villain of Batman, but has also fought alongside him on several occasions. Her powers include a deadly touch, a superhuman immune system, and a natural pheromone that make people susceptible to mind control. Her greatest and most noteworthy power, however, is her control of plants: incredible plant growth, tactile control. She is incredibly fit, and can battle Batman in hand-to-hand combat even without her plant powers. Ivy sometimes allies with other villains like Harley Quinn, but woe betide them if they threaten any of her plants. She normally battles Batman, but also would like nothing more to bring him under her control.

Types of Poison Ivy


The classic Poison Ivy look takes full advantage of Ivy's...natural advantages, but it's sprinkled liberally with green details that turn her into a dangerous villain to battle Batman. Costumes like the Lethal Beauty Women's Costume have plenty of details to turn you into the lady of nature who will bring men under her spell with just one glance!


While Poison Ivy can control plants with a single thought, she also loves to send her pheromones into lungs and take full control of humans – and sometimes, she doesn't even need to use her pheromones! With costumes like the Women's Sexy Ivy Maiden Costume, all you'll need to do is put on a sultry look to get men to follow your every whim!


Girl's love to dress up as villains, and there are plenty to choose from with Batman's enemies, but Poison Ivy is an excellent choice for a couple of reasons: She's powerful on her own, she gets people to do as she wishes, and she has an outstanding personal style that she's sure to love. Great costumes like the DC Superhero Girls Poison Ivy Deluxe Costume are a wonderful way to get her ready for Halloween!


If you're looking for something that looks mischievous and is perfect for a Halloween costume party or a night of trick-or-treating, there are plenty of ways to get a costume that draws the eye, gets people to notice, and helps you get a memorable look, even if you aren't interested in evil. The Sexy Naughty Ivy Babe Costume is a wonderful way to get the perfect look for any kind of night of dressing up!

Poison Ivy Group Costumes

Since she's part of the immense collection of characters from the Batman universe, there are tons of options for creating a group costume or a couples costume with other masked heroes or dangerous villains with your Poison Ivy Halloween Costume. Whether you want to hit the town with the girls, or you finally have Batman under your control and need to make an appearance at your next costume party with the big bad Bat under your thumb, you're sure to find something you like!

Suicide Squad

One of the current popular options are to add the ladies from the recent Suicide Squad movie to create a group of girls who will paint the town red, or green, or any color you want! Get Harley Quinn or Katana costumes and create a trio of super-powered characters who will have all eyes on you!

Poison Ivy & Batman

Poison Ivy is always trying to get Batman to fall under her command and control, so if your number one guy wants to join you at your next Halloween costume party, why not dress him up as the Dark Knight, and create a couples costume that is classic, recognizable, and fun all at once?

Poison Ivy & Catwoman

But what if you and another classic Batman femme fatale want to get matching outfits for your night of dressing up? There are plenty of Catwoman costumes, so Selina Kyle can get a costume she will love, and the two of you can get everyone looking in your direction all night long!

Poison Ivy & Joker

Or, are you interested in getting a date that might just be even more wild and crazy as you? The Joker is Batman's greatest foe, and he loves to cause trouble no matter what kind of party he attends – if you and he go to a costume party together, you're sure to be the talk of Halloween!

Poison Ivy: Get The Look

Complete your Poison Ivy costume and help it look better than ever this Halloween when you add some of the accessories to your next look! We offer plenty of great choices, like tights bedecked with leaves and vines, a leafy headband, a green corset, green heels, glovettes, tutu skirts, a variety of long red wigs that are sure to catch the eye, makeup, and much more, which all help you create Poison Ivy costumes that are sure to grab hold of everyone around you! Green is sure to become your color with all of these wonderful costume and accessory options.

Other Batman Villains

There are lots of other villains you can pick to look your best for your night of Halloween fun, including the Joker, Harley Quinn, Mister Freeze, the Penguin, Two-Face, and lots of others, but there are plenty of wild, crazy, goofy villains you may not be aware of. Check out this list of completely absurd Batman villains to get a laugh and read up on the history of one of the best comic book heroes!

Arkham Asylum

Poison Ivy makes a few appearances in the Arkham Asylum series of video games, and now you can learn all about these games by taking a look at the Quick Guide to Batman: Arkham Asylum, which goes from the first eponymous game, all the way through Arkham Knight. 

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