Power Rangers Costumes

Make everyone ready to fight dangerous aliens and monsters this Halloween! These Power Rangers Costumes include classic, original looks, movie costumes, and designs from shoes like Ninja Steel, and more! Kids and adults can get the power of the Zords, and you can also find accessories like weapons, masks, gloves, and plenty of other items to help you look just right!

Power Rangers Costume Ideas

Strap on your red jumpsuit and turn the speakers up to eleven. It’s time to fight some interstellar delinquents as you suit up as the mighty Power Rangers! You don’t want to just save the world. No, no, no. You must save the universe from the evil witches, lords and monsters and with your Zords and fine-tuned martial arts skills, they don’t stand a chance. From the classic Mighty Morphin’ rangers to the fresh, new Dino Charge rangers, we’ve got the perfect Power Rangers get-up for whatever costume party you’re going to…and whatever villain you may encounter. Here at BuyCostumes, we've got it all. And that starts, of course, with the perfect costume. We also have the gloves and blasters, sabers and swords to take you from earthling zero to intergalactic hero. You know the fate of the world is lying in your hands. So buckle up and get ready. It’s morphin’ time!

Which Color Suits You Best?

Red Ranger

The Red Ranger has always been the leader of the power pack. Be ready for any ferocious villain in the Power Rangers Super Megaforce Red Ranger Muscle Kids' Costume! This outfit comes complete with red muscle jumpsuit, attached belt with detachable buckle, and character mask. Be prepared and lead your brave, fellow rangers daringly into battle.

“The world needs us, Rangers.” – Jason, the original Red Ranger

Pink Ranger

Whoever said pink isn’t a power color has never met you before. The Power Rangers Super Megaforce Deluxe Pink Ranger Girls' Costume is fierce and packs a mean punch. This costume comes with the jumpsuit, attached belt with detachable buckle and character mask. Enemies, beware. Take on the power of pink, if you dare.

“Congratulations, Power Rangers. Victory is yours.” – Zordon, creator of the Power Rangers

Blue Ranger

With the Power Ranger Super Megaforce Blue Ranger Muscle Kids' Costume, brains and brawn come together in one complete costume. Armed with the muscle jumpsuit, attached belt with detachable belt buckle and character mask, you’ll be defending the universe in no time. And you'll be looking quite sharp, if we do say so ourselves.

“The world is very lucky to have you, and so am I.” – Zordon

Green Ranger

A master of all trades, the Green Ranger is ready for anything. You don't just come prepared. You come equipped with a plan B, Plan C AND Plan D. This Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Green Ranger Bodysuit costume comes with a one-piece bodysuit, allowing for maximum agility when taking on the foes of the universe!

“It’s morphin' time!” – Tommy, the Green Ranger

Gold Ranger

The Gold Ranger is a wild card. A real rebel. Usually a late addition, but always a feared foe. The Power Rangers Dino Charge Gold Ranger Muscle Costume comes complete with the muscle-chest jumpsuit and character headpiece. Enemies dare not tangle with the Gold Ranger!

“It is your duty as a Power Ranger to save the Universe.” – Zordon

White Ranger

Created from the White Light of Good, the White Ranger is pure and true. But don't let that bright white costume fool you; this power ranger doesn't run when things get messy. The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers White Ranger Muscle Costume comes complete with muscle jumpsuit, belt with detachable buckle and character helmet. Let's do this.

“May the power protect you.” – Zordon

Group Costumes

Legendary basketball coach John Wooden once said, "The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team." The individual Power Rangers are strong, smart and talented. They’re incredibly gifted martial artists and fierce defenders of the planet. But one Power Ranger alone cannot defeat the likes of Lord Zedd, Poisandra, or any of the other famed Power Rangers villains. Just like any other superhero crew, the team is more powerful than the individual. Mix and match costumes however you’d like to create a dynamic group of monster-fighting machines! With our variety of Power Rangers costume colors, series and accessories, you and your friends will have no trouble getting into a morphin’ good time!

Classic Red and Classic Pink Ranger

For the true Power Rangers fan, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers series is where it all began. Admit it: you can already hear the theme song in your head and you have VERY strong opinions about which Ranger is the cutest. The Classic Red and Pink Deluxe Costumes come with the jumpsuit, attached belt with detachable buckle and character helmet. These are classic costumes are for any Power Rangers purists.

Super Megaforce Red and Super Megaforce Blue

This dynamic duo is not to be taken lightly. The Power Ranger Super Megaforce Red Ranger and Blue Ranger costumes come with the muscle jumpsuit, attached belt with detachable belt buckle and headpiece. Super-mega costumes for a super-mega pair. Just make sure there's enough room at the party to accommodate your awesomeness.

Dino Charge Black and Dino Charge Gold

This is the perfect power duo to annihilate those prehistoric punks, Sledge and Fury. Each costume comes with a muscle jumpsuit and character headpiece. Put those dastardly adversaries back where they belong and leave them shaking in their intergalactic boots!

Adult Pink and Kids' Pink

You're sweet and sassy. Fair with a sense of danger and adventure. The Power Rangers Deluxe Sassy Pink and the Dino Charge Pink Ranger Deluxe costumes both come with the main jumpsuit and dress along with the masks to match. These two costumes spell unstoppable fun.

Enhance Your Style

A good Power Ranger relies heavily upon his or her martial arts skills to get out of a jam. However, without the proper accessories, a battle can easily get out of hand. And let's face it: ninjas throughout history have been aided by a trusty katana or killer set of throwing stars. We’ve got all the right accessories to make sure your costume looks good enough for Zordon and can instill fear in all those who threaten the planet. The boots and gloves are essential for stability and control while fighting off enemies great and small, and whether you’re old school or new school, the Dino Charge Blaster will fend off even the mightiest of villains. And there’s more! We’ve got even more blasters, sabers and swords to make it look like you just stepped off Megazord!

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