Princess Leia Costumes

The original Star Wars heroine is a hard-shooting, fast-talking princess who is always ready to fight against the empire this Halloween when you get one of these Princess Leia Costumes! There are great looks for girls and women for a fun Halloween night, and great accessories to make your look perfect!

Princess Leia Costume Ideas

As a leader of the Rebel Alliance, Leia Organa is a symbol of strength and beauty in the Star Wars universe. She is driven and dedicated with a forceful personality that allows her to reach her goals. Her tiny frame may not be the typical build of a warrior, but she has unbeatable Jedi skills like those found in her brother and father.

While Princess Leia is the love interest of many men in the universe, she is able to fight with the best of them. Princess Leia is an excellent sharpshooter and her wit allows her to defeat many enemies in battle. With her iconic hairstyle and a few fellow members of the New Jedi Order, Princess Leia makes the perfect costume for Star Wars fans young and old. This famous series will never go out of style, as the story continues to unfold and grow in popularity. 

Types of Princess Leia Costumes

Princess Leia

The force will be with you wherever you go, even at a party in a galaxy far, far away. An unforgettable white dress and iconic cinnamon bun hair will make you stand out from the crowd the minute you walk in to the room. Because Star Wars is so well known, you can’t skimp on this costume; you have to commit to it and go the whole way. Do so with the dress, belt, boots, wig and that classic Leia attitude.

“Help me Obi-wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.”

Princess Leia Slave

Ooze sexuality in this sultry costume that leaves little to the imagination. We all know that Princess Leia can’t be held captive for too long, as she will use her strength and intelligence to get her out of any dire situation. In fact, these traits are quite possibly her most attractive assets. You will be able to create a diversion at the party easily just by walking through the room. Team up with your most trusted allies to complete any mission in the blink of an eye as onlookers stare in wonder and amazement.

“I'd just as soon kiss a Wookie.”

Princess Leia Toddler

The star of your world is going to be the star of the party. Dress your little princess up as Princess Leia and let her cuteness scare away all the evil in the world. Just because she is adorable, don’t underestimate her. This pint-sized princess can still pack quite the punch.

“Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?”

Princess Leia Dog

Get the whole family in on the fun. They say that dogs tend to look like their owners, so why not have matching costumes this year? Complete with the hairdo and all, your pup will be ready to defeat the dark side one bark at a time. Whether she goes it alone or has the force on her side, Princess Leia will move forward with bravery and valor—as long as there is a tasty treat at the end of the battle.

“I should have expected to find you holding Vader’s leash. I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board.”

Princess Leia Group Costume Ideas

The force may be with you, but when it is multiplied by each of your friends, you can’t beat that strength. Gather your family and friends for the group costume of the year. Everyone will have a part to play, whether it's from the Dark Side or the Rebel Alliance. Even Fido will be transported to a galaxy far, far away. As you all band together to begin the most epic battle in the entire universe, you will want to make sure that you are outfitted with all the necessary tools and tricks, such as your handy lightsaber.

Couples & Friends Princess Leia Costume Ideas

Princess Leia and Han Solo

It's the perfect couple costume for Star Wars lovers! This galactic love went back and forth just like any courtship. With their sharp wit and prestigious names, this couple has combined to create a powerful family of their own. Whether your relationship is still in the courting phase or you have been married for years, these costumes are sure to get the sparks flying.

Princess Leia Slave And Jabba

This fatal relationship will get both laughs and respect from all of the guests at the party. After Princess Leia infiltrated Jabba's palace to free Han Solo from carbonite, she was captured and held prisoner by the monstrous Jabba until she turned on him, choking him with the very chain he used to tether her to his lair.

Princess Leia Mom and Daughter

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. You and your daughter will complement and complement each other all night long when you both dress up as the ultimate heroine from Star Wars, Princess Leia. Grab your lightsabers and get ready to have a wonderful time, whether you are heading out on the town, going trick-or-treating, visiting friends or celebrating at home with a Star Wars movie marathon.

Princess Leia Girl and R2D2 Dog

Let your little princess celebrate with her favorite pup by her side. Bring Fido into the mix and make him an integral part of the costume. He will be as loyal as R2D2, and he'll have just as many tricks, too. The only difference is that your pooch may be a little softer to the touch. Your little girl will love having her best friend by her side, and guests will be head over heels for this adorable duo.

Enhance Your Princess Leia Costume Style

You won’t have to leave anything to the imagination when you have all the accessories and accents you need to make the perfect Princess Leia slave costume. With a striking figure and stunning outfit, people may not even notice the jewelry. Still, you want to be the whole package when you go for a costume as daring as this one! Jedis will swoon when you bat your thick, long eyelashes, and your gold earrings will catch the light in the room to make your face glow. Even down to the sexy gold shoes, the whole ensemble will look just like the one from Return of the Jedi.

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