Rapunzel Costumes

Let down your long hair and create a wonderful Halloween costume for your next night of fun! These Rapunzel Costumes are available for kids and adults, and you can also get items like shoes, tiaras, and incredibly long blonde wigs to make sure your costume party or trick-or-treat adventure is ready to look perfect!

Rapunzel Costume Ideas

Her story started as a German fairy tale, but Rapunzel is now an esteemed Disney Princess, showing off her signature long locks everywhere she goes. She may have been locked in a tower for most of her life, but Rapunzel is just as strong, smart and beautiful as the rest of the princess crew, so of course she’s the perfect option for you or your little one’s next Halloween costume! Find your very own Flynn Rider and be off to the costume ball for a dazzling night of dancing and the sights of beautiful lanterns in the sky.

You already know you’re a beautiful princess, so make your dreams come true with any of these Tangled Rapunzel costumes. Bring out your inner Disney Princess with an abundance of sparkly pinks and gorgeous purples. Find everything you need and more in a single convenient place! Let down your hair from the tower and escape to another time and place with any of these beautiful costumes. Enchant your family and friends with your whimsical ensemble and you’re sure to be the Belle of the ball!

Types of Rapunzel Costumes


Spirited, lively and independent, you would never guess that this princess was locked in a tower for eighteen years by Mother Gothel. Born with the power of a magical golden flower, Rapunzel’s hair is long, shiny and beautiful. Gothel kidnapped Rapunzel in order to gain control of the powerful magic flower. To make her great escape, Rapunzel enlists the help of a thief, Flynn Rider, to help her see the floating lanterns on her birthday. She eventually learns her true princess identity, escapes the tower forever and reunites with her real parents.

“I want to see the world and not just through a window.”

Adult Rapunzel

Adult Rapunzel is ready to let down her hair. Famous for her beautiful, flowing golden locks, Rapunzel attracted her prince and let him up to her tower by climbing her strong braided hair. Now that she’s out of the tower, she’s ready to turn heads at every party she attends. With her matching dress and sparkly headband, she demands the attention of every person in the room.

“Go live your dreams.”

Rapunzel Group Costume Ideas

Get a fabulous group together and embark on a fantastic journey to save the kingdom from evil queens, witches and dragons! Be any princess you want to be and get ready to make a splash at your next costume party or event. A queen in training might like to be Elsa the Snow Queen, protecting the kingdom with her frozen powers with her sister, Anna, by her side. Be a part of your favorite stories as Jasmine, Belle, Aurora or Rapunzel, and you’ll be inspired by their determination to reach their dreams. No matter which costumes you choose, you’re bound to bring a magic Disney sparkle to any party you attend. Handsome prince or not, these princesses are ready to have some fun! Why don't you join them?

Friends & Couples Rapunzel Costume Ideas

Rapunzel and Snow White

Had their stories been set in the same time period, Snow White and Rapunzel surely would have been great friends. Snow White’s compassionate personality and Rapunzel’s sense of adventure make these two a dynamic pair. Take the costume party by storm together dressed as two of your favorite storybook characters.

Rapunzel and Cinderella

Be the fairest princesses of them all and walk with your heads held high! Whether you are dressing for a Halloween costume party or a Disney Princess inspired event, these costumes will perfectly fit the part. You two will be the spitting images of Cinderella and Rapunzel, so don’t be surprised if your Prince Charmings are waiting in the wings. No more scrubbing floors or being trapped in a tower, now that you're free you need to get out and sparkle the night away! Time is of the essence!

Rapunzel and Jasmine

Everyone will notice your sassy yet sweet Jasmine and Rapunzel costumes right away! Grab the attention of Aladdin and Flynn Rider and they’ll have their eyes on you all night. With all of the signature elements of Jasmine and Rapunzel’s outfits, you’ll be recognizable and approachable for the whole party, even into the morning hours. These costumes have everything you need to recreate the looks of your favorite Disney Princesses.

Rapunzel and Elsa

Don’t be surprised if your daughter wants to be Elsa or Rapunzel for Halloween. Or all the time. Little girls everywhere want to become their favorite Disney characters and these costumes are the easiest way to make their dreams come true! These little girls will look great as they stand side by side in their adorable princess outfits. Whether it’s time to go trick-or-treating or the girls simply want to watch Frozen again for the one-millionth time, these costumes are ready to go and can stand up to the challenge.

Enhance Your Rapunzel Costume Style

Rapunzel Costume Accessories

Let your little girl pretend to be Princess Rapunzel! You’ll love seeing the smile on her face as she plans her great adventures after escaping the tower. In her signature pink and purple dress, everyone will know the girl with the long, golden hair. Whether she wears it to costume parties, play dates or trick-or-treating, this ensemble fits any and all occasions. But of course the costume isn’t complete without these lovely details:

Wig: A 32” wig adds the perfect length of Rapunzel’s beautiful hair to your princess’s costume. But be careful. Don’t let anyone climb up this wig! 

Make up: Rapunzel is all about the shimmer and sparkle, as are all princesses. She’ll need a little bling to take her costume to the next level. Glitter makeup adds just the touch of glamour her outfit needs.  

Shoes: These shoes have a picture of Rapunzel, the long-haired beauty, right on the front! Your princess will slip into these shoes and immediately be ready for a thrilling adventure.

Ultimate Rapunzel Costume

Represent the timeless story of Rapunzel in this stunning princess costume. This outfit takes care of all the details so you won’t need to worry about anything else. Get ready to get dolled up for the big event with your long hair and brilliant purple dress. A headband ties back your hair, keeping it out of the way when you’re ready for action. Sheer sleeves add a touch of elegance to the outfit, so you’ll turn heads wherever the night takes you. This costume is as gorgeous as it gets!

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