Red Riding Hood Costumes

Turn yourself, or your little fairytale princess, into one of the famous characters from storybooks everyone knows this Halloween with this collection of Red Riding Hood Costumes! There are plenty of choices for you to browse, from toddler and classic little red riding hood costumes for the little ones, all the way up to sexy red “riding” hood costumes, and even the big bad wolf!

Red Riding Hood Costume Ideas

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Little Red Riding Hood who was never spotted without the red velvet riding hood her grandmother gave her. In the woods on her way to deliver cake and wine to Grandmother’s house, Little Red’s bright hood attracts the wolf’s eye — and taste buds. The wolf tricks the girl by eating her grandmother and then dressing in her clothes as a disguise. The wolf gets Little Red, too, but fortunately, a huntsman nearby came to the rescue.

We all know the story, and Little Red Riding Hood has become a fairy-tale favorite. The character is known for her distinctive fashion sense, making the hooded heroine the perfect costume inspiration for ladies and children who want to celebrate the classic story at a Halloween party or costumed event. So grab your basket of cake and wine for Grandmother and get ready for a stroll through the woods in one of BuyCostume’s Little Red Riding Hood costumes. Just remember to watch out for the big, bad wolf.

Types of Red Riding Hood Costumes

Red Riding Hood Woman

With the Red Riding Hood Elite Collection Adult Costume, you might as well have plucked Little Red Riding Hood right out of the fairy tale’s pages because this costume doesn’t skimp on the details. The ensemble includes a gorgeous peasant-style dress with a lace-up, corset front to show off your figure, plus a built-in gingham apron to add some of Little Red’s playfulness to the outfit. Of course, the outfit wouldn’t be complete without the character’s trademark red velvet hooded cloak.

“Never trust a stranger-friend; no one knows how it will end.”

Red Riding Hood Toddler

Your little girl probably lives for fairytales and their pretty princesses, charming princes and fiery dragons. The Red Riding Hood Costume for Toddlers will let her become one of her favorite characters and embark on her own fairytale adventure. She may not be old enough to go through the woods alone, though, so be sure to walk with her to Grandmother’s house. You never know when the big, bad wolf will be lurking in the shadows.

“As you’re pretty, so be wise; wolves may lurk in every guise.”

Sexy Little Red Riding Hood

Whether you’re walking through the woods on your way to Grandmother’s house or heading to a friend’s Halloween party, you’ll attract plenty of attention in the Sexy Little Red Riding Hood Dress. This outfit isn’t the innocent attire Little Red wears on her way to deliver treats to her grandmother. The short-length dress has a sweetheart neckline and corset to accentuate your curves, and a full-length, red satin cape completes the outfit. With this costume, the wolf won’t be the only one in the woods who has his eye on you.

“Oh, grandmother! What a terrible big mouth you have!”

Wolf Granny

If the tale of Little Red Riding Hood is a favorite from your childhood, but the story’s sweet and innocent heroine doesn’t interest you the way she did when you were younger, you can draw inspiration from other characters for your next costume. The Wolf Granny Adult Costume is the perfect choice if you want to channel your dark side and play the story’s villain. The outfit comes with a wolf mask, gloves, boot covers and Grandmother’s green floral-print nightgown.

“All the better to eat you with!”

Red Riding Hood Group Costume Ideas

Everyone loves stories that begin with “Once upon a time…” and end with a well-deserved “Happily ever after.” Children love them because they want to live in a fairy tale world of their own where they fall in love with a handsome prince, travel the world or save the day from the evil villain — or all three. Even adults have a special place in their hearts for these stories, as they remind them of their own imaginative childhoods and spark new hope that Prince Charming will come to the rescue.

If your friends or family members are searching for matching costumes, look to characters from your favorite childhood stories for ideas. BuyCostumes has fairytale costumes that everyone in your group will love. Younger members can choose from options like the Disney Snow White Deluxe Sparkle Toddler/Child Costume or Teen Queen of Hearts Costume, while adults can pick the Disney Princess Prestige Cinderella Costume, Sexy Little Red Riding Hood Dress or Frozen Anna Coronation Deluxe Costume. Whichever fairy tale you want to be a part of, BuyCostumes has the perfect outfit waiting.

Friends & Couples Red Riding Hood Costume Ideas

Red Riding Hood and Cinderella

You and your best friend have a relationship that stands the test of time, so why not dress as two characters who have done the same? Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella are classic heroines that everyone at your party will recognize instantly. With the fabulous Red Riding Hood Deluxe Adult Costume and Disney Cinderella Movie Adult Deluxe Costume, the two of you are guaranteed to steal the show.

Red Riding Hood Child and Granny Wolf

When Little Red Riding Hood finally makes it through the woods and arrives at her grandmother’s home, she doesn’t encounter the person she was expecting. Instead, she meets the wolf from the woods in disguise. This encounter is the story’s pivotal scene, and you and your daughter can reenact it whenever you want with the Red Riding Hood Costume for Girls and Wolf Granny Adult Costume. Hopefully there will be a huntsman nearby to help out.

Red Riding Hood and Dorothy

The Red Riding Hood Elite Collection Adult Costume and Wizard of Oz Dorothy Adult Costume are the perfect picks for two friends or sisters who want to be classic lovable characters everyone will recognize. The two may seem like an unlikely pair, but both are strong female leads who rescue their story from evil villains. Both timeless tales, Little Red Riding Hood and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz are sure to be a hit at your next party.

Red Riding Hood Girl and Red Riding Hood Adult

If your daughter’s favorite fairytale of the moment is Little Red Riding Hood, she’ll love dressing up in the Red Riding Hood Costume for Toddlers. To make the occasion even more special, you can dress up with her in the Red Riding Hood Adult Costume. Her eyes will light up when she realizes she can bring her favorite story to life and you’ll be there fighting the big, bad wolf right by her side.

Enhance Your Red Riding Hood Costume Style

If you want to dress as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween or any special occasion calling for costumes, the Red Riding Hood Deluxe Adult Costume is a great place to start. But don’t stop with just the costume. A few accessories will truly bring the character to life. First, add the Basket with Wolf’s Head to your costume. You’ll need the wolf head and basket to show off your defeat of the wolf to everyone back home. Then, add the Babydoll Black Adult Shoes and Fishnet Pantyhose. These are simple items that will transform your outfit and give you a completed look. With the basket, shoes and pantyhose added to your costume, your Little Red Riding Hood costume will be the best at the party.

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