Robin Costumes

The colorful boy wonder of Gotham is always ready to help Batman keep the city safe! With this collection of Robin Costumes, kids and adults can both find cool Halloween costumes that are great for becoming heroic for costume parties, or keeping the trick-or-treat trail safe from villains this year!

Robin Costume Ideas

Holy sidekick, Batman! It’s Robin! In a world where criminals and derelicts run rampant, you help separate right from wrong. When the times get tough, one of DC’s most iconic heroes has you on speed dial. And why? You get stuff done. You stand next to your fellow caped crusader and fight until the very end. Sure, Batman’s got all the gadgets. But the name is Dynamic Duo, not Sensational Single. You’re the real brains of the operation. Yes, your nickname “The Boy Wonder” is a LITTLE condescending. But sidekick? You don’t know the meaning of the word.

Types of Robin Costumes

Young Justice Robin

Even despite your size and stature, you’re no stranger to the captain’s chair. Among a new group of teen crime fighters, you’re at the helm once again. As leader of The Team, Young Justice Robin is ready to take on the worst the universe can muster. Suit up for action with the Young Justice Robin jumpsuit with attached cape, belt, mask and gloves. If you weren’t prepared for battle before, you sure are now.

“We didn’t come for a play-date.” – Robin in Young Justice

Sexy Robin

This costume gives the term “Dynamic Duo” a whole new meaning. When you walk into the party, they’ll be looking to see who YOUR sidekick is as you command the room in this stunning and ferocious get-up. The Sexy Robin costume comes complete with the striking dress and cape, utility belt, gloves and eye mask to make every other Robin costume look like kid stuff. Pair with some tall black boots to really light it up.

“Holy One Track Bat Computer Mind!”

T-Shirt Robin

Are you someone who loves dressing up but is stuck on a budget? Are you a Robin fan but don’t quite have the attitude to pull off a deluxe costume? Do you love Halloween but were too lazy to think of something more clever? The Robin t-shirt costume is right up your alley! This all-in-one t-shirt and cape combo is the perfect solution. It’s simple, easy to put on and you’ll be a t-shirted crusader in no time!

“This brassy bird has us buffaloed.”

Tutu Robin

Though this is one of our more adorable Robin costumes, the Robin Tutu Child Costume is anything but benign and sweet. The red and green dress, yellow cape, eye mask and wrist gauntlets get your kid battle-ready no matter where your costumed adventures takes you. This cute and fun get-up is perfect for going to a costume party, trick-or-treating or taking down bad guys in Gotham with your fellow Caped Crusader.

“Batman, Schmatman. I’ve got this down!”

Muscle Chest Robin

To be a superhero, you need to be strong. And to be strong, you need to lift a bunch of weights and consume half your body weight in protein every day. Well, that or you could just deck yourself out in the Teen Titans DC Comics Robin Muscle Chest Deluxe Toddler/Child Costume and never have to step foot into the weight room until you’re at least four. It comes with the muscle chest jumpsuit, attached boots, yellow cape and belt.

“It looks bad, Batman.”

Pet Robin

WHAM! KABLAM! WOOF! Robin is one of the most iconic sidekicks in comic book history. So why not let your own little furry sidekick in on the fun? The Pet Robin costume comes in two different sizes and is a hilarious get-up for your four-legged friend. Don’t let looks fool you, though. Those villains look like kibble to this ferocious little guy. One false step and they’ll be dealing with a cataclysmically curt canine.

“Holy hole in a donut!”

Robin Group Costume Ideas

If two’s a company and three’s a crowd, four and five must make for one kick-butt troop of superheroes. In the DC Universe, the cast of characters is seemingly endless. From Superman and Green Lantern to Black Adam and Dr. Fate, villains and heroes abound. In Gotham City, however, resides a particularly well-known group of folks. Iconic heroes like Batman and Robin are at odds with storied antagonists like The Joker, Poison Ivy and a whole slew of others. If you’re looking to dress up as a group for your next costumed gathering, look no further.

Couples & Friends Robin Costume Ideas

Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin. Robin and Batman. The Dynamic Duo. The Caped Crusaders. No super pair has a longer and more storied past than these two, which makes them a natural choice for a partners’ costume. Pair up the badass Batman Dark Knight Muscle Chest costume and the striking and fierce Sexy Robin Adult Costume for a memorable evening out in Gotham. No villain or bad guy would dare cross this power couple.

Batman and Robin Kids

If you’ve got two little Batman lovers running around the house, we’ve got great news. The Batman and Robin kids costumes are high-quality, super cute and will leave you and your family as the talk of the block. As soon as those costumes go on, those children will be overcome with a sense of duty and responsibility, ready to command the neighborhood and keep its residents safe. Buyer beware: instant popularity imminent.

Robin and Poison Ivy

Oh boy. It seems as though the boy wonder has finally met his match: Poison Ivy. In the 1997 classic, “Batman and Robin,” these two prove that opposites attract. Although Robin got the last laugh in 1997, now he might not be so lucky. No matter, these two will make a striking pair as adversaries with an attitude. With both costumes leaving you dressed to kill, we can’t promise this will end well.

Kid Batman and Dog Robin

You won’t see a more precious sight than your favorite child (face it, you’ve got one) dressed up as the Caped Crusader and your beloved pup as the smartest sidekick this side of Elm Street. The Dark Knight Rises Deluxe Muscle Chest Child costume and Robin Dog costume are a match made in Gotham, especially if they (or you) are a real Batman buff. You’ll be able to rest well knowing these two are standing watch.

Enhance Your Robin Costume Style

From his first appearance in 1940 to his antics in the 1960s television series to all the movies TV shows and video games since, Robin’s look has changed significantly. There are, however, a few details that have remained largely the same and you’ll want to include them all. The red shirt with iconic “R” letter patch is a must, as is the yellow utility belt. And how can you be a Caped Crusader without your classic yellow cap? Once you add the black eye mask as a final touch, there’s no doubt you’ll match Robin to an R when you hit the streets.

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