Spider-man Costumes

There are lots of different styles and outfits to choose from this Halloween when you want to dress as one of the most well-known Marvel superheroes! Shop this collection of Spider-Man Costumes for classic looks, all the way up to designs from Infinity War! Kids and adults will be able to find the right outfits, so everybody will be happy this Halloween!

Spider-Man Costume Ideas

It’s your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Be a part of everyone’s favorite Spider tale when you take on the role of any of these beloved characters. With these fun and exciting costumes, you’ll be shooting your web, swinging from buildings and saving the day in no time. Whether you’re gathering your friends for a superhero party or scouring the neighborhood for candy, Spider-Man is your perfect alter ego. Take down the Green Goblin in traditional Spider-Man style. Go web, go!

Which Spidey Do You Want To Be?

Black Spider-Man

All this black Spider-Man needs is a little bit of Venom to get the party started. He’s ready to climb walls, swing through buildings and kick some enemy butt.

“Well, wobble my webs and call me shaky!”

Pet Side-kick

You know your pup has secretly always dreamed of being a Spider-Dog. Make all his hopes and dreams come true with the classic red and blue webbed ensemble.

Go web. Fly. Up, up, and away web! Shazam! Go! Go! Go web go! 


Sometimes Spider-Man needs a bit of sparkle and pizazz. Have no fear, Spider-Girl is here! She swoops in to save the day in a fancy pink dress, glam style.

“Have no fear! Spidey is here!”

Female Power

Spider-Man could always use a bit of girl power! She’ll defeat the enemies while looking sexy the entire time. 

Girl power! 


This Spider-Man is a tough guy who means business. He’s not fooling around when it comes time to protect his citizens. He is strong and muscular and ready to strike at any sign of danger.

My Spidey senses are tingling!


On Spider-Man’s day off, he’s just here for the party. This Spider-Man is a great friend to have. He’ll snag some treats and hang out with the gang, but he’s always got an eye out for danger.

“You can’t arrest me. I’m the good guy.”

Spider-man Group Costume Ideas

Gather all your friends together and be the superheroes you’ve always wanted to be! You’ll find everything you need to make your superhero dreams come true. Does the heroic demeanor of Captain America fit your style? Or maybe you’d like to keep the company of Iron Man and Wolverine. Complete your unstoppable crew with the Thor and Hulk. Get ready for the good guys to take over and be the life of the party. If you can’t decide who to be, why not try them all? There’s always an occasion to be a superhero.

Friend & Couples Costumes

Adult Spider-Man and Adult Convict Costume

Spider-Man will keep this convict in line as he roams from party to party, looking for trouble.

Adult Spider-Man and Adult Spider-Woman (couples)

Achieve the ultimate Spider power when you dress up as this dynamic duo. Double armed with webs, flexibility and speed, you two will be the perfect superhero couple to dazzle and entertain other party guests.

Kid Spider-Man and Kid Black Spider-Man

You know how much they love Spidey, and now they can be their own favorite superhero. Dress up two best friends and watch them have a blast shooting pretend webs and fighting crime together.

Kids' Spider-Girl and Spider-Man Dog Costume

Nothing can break the bond between a girl and her pup. Get the entire family involved in your next costume occasion. Incorporate a theme into your costumes and don’t forget to include the dog!

Enhance Your Spider-man Costume Style

Spider-man Ultimate Costume

What does it take to become Spider-man? Is it you or Peter Parker under there? No one will ever know with this signature Spidey mask. You won't know it's Spider-Man without his signature red and blue suit. Stay comfortable and cool as you swing from building to building on a life-saving adventure. You know you're the real deal with the official spider emblem on display right across your chest. This is an ensemble that partygoers young and old will recognize. Cover up your web-shooting hands and get the full official Spider-Man look with red gloves that boast the traditional webbed pattern. Stay in disguise from head to toe with red boots that will blend right into your Spidey outfit. Your feet will need protection when you're moving so fast through the air.

Spider-man Costume Accessories

Go all out and become your favorite superhero when you don one of our SPider-man costumes. Your head will be in full disguise, but this signature Spidey hood won't block your vision. Air holes are perfect for sight and breathability as you spin webs and swing across town. Step into the red and blue jumpsuit and you'll be ready to take any costume event by storm. No Spider-Man costume would be complete without a pair of web shooters and the official spider emblem. An officially licensed Marvel product, you'll feel like the real deal when you bring Spider-Man to life with this Ultimate Costume.

Spider-Woman Makeup Tutorial

Don’t want to wear a mask with your Spider-Woman costume? You can still get the official look with our face makeup tutorial. Follow the easy steps and you’ll be in full disguise in no time. All you need is white, red, dark red and black face paint. Start by creating a tear-drop shape above your eyes in white then outlining the rest of your face in red. Paint on the web with the dark red paint then go over in black. Create a spider between your eyes with the black face paint and use a bit of white paint to add random accent details like dots and lines throughout your face. Master this, and you'll be ready to show off your makeup and web-spinning skills out on the town.

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