Super Mario Brothers Costumes

These Super Mario Brothers Costumes are wonderful looks for your next Halloween! You can become Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and the King Koopa himself, Bowser! At wonderful costume parties or going trick-or-treating, you or your little video game fans can become some of the colorful characters from the Mushroom Kingdom!

Super Mario Brothers Costume Ideas

Princess Peach, plumbers, toadstools and Bowser—if these words conjure up memories of warping between levels, making impossible leaps and finding secret power-ups, then it might be time for you to grab a helpful 1-up and transform into your favorite character from Super Mario Brothers. What best defines your personal style? Is it jumping down a drainpipe to rescue the princess, or peacefully ruling over the whisical Mushroom Kingdom? Do you have a lot in common with a lovable dinosaur (you know the one)? Maybe you want to unleash your inner Koopa! Each character comes in a variety of styles and sizes, so whether you’re shopping for your child or for the child in you, we’ve got you covered.

Types of Mario Brothers Costumes

Luigi Deluxe Toddler/Child

Though not as famous as his brother, Luigi has got some serious springs in his legs. Does someone you know like jumping on the bed? He might have a little Luigi in him. This costume comes with an inflatable belly to give you that plump plumber look, plus gloves, a hat and a mustache, so your little guy will look just like his favorite hero.

“Eh, it was nothing! Danger is our business!”

Mario – Adult

Just when he thought the hardest thing he had to deal with was a clogged toilet, Mario found himself battling evil Bowser and saving the innocent Princess countless times. Today he’s one of the most recognizable characters in the world. Put down the controller, because it’s your turn to become the world’s most famous plumber. Costume includes jumpsuit, gloves, hat, mustache and detachable belly. 

“It’s a me! Mario!”

Princess Peach

Being the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom isn’t all fun and games. With Bowser always pestering her, Princess Peach knows it is not easy being so adorable. Does this sound like your own little princess? With this elegant pink dress, jeweled broach and petticoat, she’ll look so royal that you’ll hardly be able to tell this is a costume from a video game!

“Go Peachy! Go Peachy! Go Peachy! Yay! Woo-hoo!”

Toad – Adult Female

You might not recognize this character at first glance. That’s because we’ve given Toad, Princess Peach’s faithful attendant, a little makeover. Now you can bring your own style to this classic character. With the signature hat, dress and gold-trimmed vest, you’ll stand out and make people wonder if you’re really the true princess.

“Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!”

Yoshi - Toddler

From the moment this dino hatched out of his egg he’s had an appetite, eating everything his tongue could reach. As cheerful as he is hungry, Yoshi is always eager to lend a helping tongue, er, hand. He has played a crucial role in clearing out Bowser and his crew over the years. With the jumpsuit, detachable shell and Yoshi headpiece, you’ll be transformed into Mario’s most lovable friend!

“We should team up! Come on! Hop on my back!”

Bowser – Adult Male

Zombies and vampires are fine, but nothing says villain like King Koopa! With his legions of Koopa Troopas and Goombas, there’s nothing Bowser likes better than causing trouble! For three decades he’s been squaring off against that pesky pair, Mario and Luigi. This costume includes an inflatable shell, jumpsuit and Bowser headpiece that will get you ready to wreak havoc through the Mushroom Kingdom!

“Can't you see that I'm having a merry little time making mischief?”

Super Mario Brothers Group Costume Ideas

What’s better than a game of Mario Kart with the entire family? Maybe dressing up as Super Mario Bros. characters and going to the local go-cart track! Whether it’s a safe trick-or-treating outing or a party, we’ve got the costumes to bring the whole family together. Our wide selection includes unique combinations, such as Mario riding Yoshi and creative styles that will surprise your friends. And Mario’s not just for the boys either! Check out our Deluxe Female Mario Costume, or the Mario Tween Costume with a skirt. What about growing that signature mustache? Don’t worry, the Mario costume comes with a mustache on a stick!

Couples & Friends Super Mario Brothers Costume Ideas

Mario and Luigi

These are just two ordinary brothers who are simply trying to make it in this world. One prefers red, the other green (maybe it goes with his eyes?) When they find the time they team up to defeat Bowser, rescue Princess Peach and bathe in worldwide fame. No big deal. Both costumes include jumpsuit, gloves, hat, mustache and detachable belly for that unmistakable plumber look.

Bowser and Princess

Some relationships are plain difficult. And sometimes the best enemies make the best friends. Take for example, Princess Peach and Bowser. Though these two don’t always get along, they sure know how to have fun. Peach comes with an elegant pink dress, jeweled broach and petticoat. Bowser includes an inflatable shell, jumpsuit and headpiece.

Mario and Yoshi

What’s better than stomping a Goomba and finding that secret power up? Why, teaming up with Yoshi to do this! These costumes are for the ultimate pals! So grab your buddy, jump over a pit, find the Fire Flower, and get going to your next big party! The Yoshi costume includes a jumpsuit, detachable shell and headpiece. Mario includes jumpsuit, gloves, hat, mustache and detachable belly.

Adult Toad and Kid Toad

Big and small. Cute and Cuter? Did your little apple fall close to the tree? If the difference between you and your little Toad is a Super Mushroom, then these are the perfect costumes for you two. The adult female costume includes the signature hat, dress and gold-trimmed vest. The children’s costume includes jumpsuit, vest and hat.

Enhance Your Super Mario Brothers Costume Style

Not everyone can rule over the Mushroom Kingdom. It’s a tough job, but we’re sure your little Princess Peach is up to the task. However, with Bowser and his friends always causing trouble, it’s hard to find time to pick out just the right accessories. Fortunately, we’ve made it easy. The White Sparkle Tights are both stylish and add a fairy-tale touch to the outfit. Princess Peach’s Accessory Kit, complete with white gloves, a jeweled gold crown and amulet, will make your princess dazzle. Of course, what outfit could be complete without a pair of shoes? Our Pink Sparkle Ballerina Shoes are so brilliant and cute that she’ll want to wear them well after the party is over!

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