Supergirl Costumes

She'll be ready to keep the skies clear and safe this Halloween, or you can get a colorful and fun look for your next costume party when you shop for Supergirl Costumes! There are plenty of styles to choose from, for newborn heroines all the way up to adults, and they're great looks that are sure to be fun!

Supergirl Costume Ideas

Girl Power!

Introduced in 1959, a number of different characters have assumed the role of Supergirl over the decades, with the most popular and enduring version of the character being Kara Zor El, Superman's cousin. She shares his super powers and vulnerability to Kryptonite. The character was created by writer Otto Binder and designed by artist Al Pasino, and she first appeared in the Action Comics comic-book series, later branching out to animation, film, television and merchandising. In May 2011, Supergirl placed 94th on IGN’s list of the Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time!

Choose Your Fashion

Girls' Pink Sequin Costume

Get ready to kick your way through any villains in your path. Those thugs may not take you seriously just because you're a girl, but boy are they in for a surprise! Once you suit up in this costume, you’ll be fighting crime in no time!

“Superboy, I can tell this is going well!”

Girl Power (supergirl toddler costume)

Once Supergirl suits up in this ensemble, there's no room for villains to escape! As one of the guardians of the galaxy, Supergirl is ready for whatever comes her way. The Supergirl Toddler Costume includes the trademark "S" symbol, golden belt, red cape, stylish gold trim on the shirt collar and sleeves, as well as coordinating red and gold boot covers.

“I promise you Thomas, I’m not going to let you die.” 

Supergirl Infant Onesie Costume

Okay, how super adorable is this? Your daughter is sure to be a hit in this cute-as-a-button pink Supergirl Infant Onesie Costume. She's totally ready to save the world from bleak destruction in this adorable get-up. The only question is whether you are ready to let her rescue the bored denizens of your neighborhood.

“I’m Supergirl, this is my life.”

Justice League Supergirl Adult Corset Costume

You’re definitely guaranteed to cause a universal stir in this Justice League Supergirl Adult Corset Costume. Stealing looks and saving the day in this colorful sexy costume will have you ready to fight for the greater good, or just enjoy it! Grab a friend and partner with the Superman Deluxe Adult Costume for a cute couple's pairing.  

“I’m Kara-Zor-El of Krypton, Queen. I’m a Superhero, I don’t scare easily.”

Tough, Supergirl Adult Plus Costume

Get ready to race to your next mission is this version of our Supergirl costume. You’ll definitely be ready to take on any evildoers AND strike fear in the hearts of all your neighborhood super villains. Just be sure to steer clear of any Kryptonite, and don't go changing editorial policies with comic book publishers who might have their way with you!

“You can’t just arrive in Gotham City and not tell Batman!” 

Trendy Costume

Hotter than a speeding bullet, more independent than a locomotive, you’re not just Superman’s sidekick. In this blue Supergirl dress, you’re a true heroine! Of course you’re “super,” but you’re also “smart,” “sassy” and “sexy.” And when you don this fabulous ensemble, which is complete with a cape, we think you’ll definitely fly like a superwoman!

“Begging? Would begging have saved me? No? Then why should it save you?”

Group Costume Ideas

Channel your inner caped crusader to help bring the amazing Barbara Gordon to life and reinvent yourself as the iconic Batgirl! When stepping out as Wonder Woman in this eye-catching costume, you'd better be prepared to receive compliments galore on how "wonderful" you look! Kara Zor-El is all grown up and ready to take the reins from her Superman cousin in this Supergirl ensemble. Get ready to knock their socks off as Black Widow when you slip into this “smart-as-can be” curve-hugging outfit! Oh, the webs you’ll weave when you don this ensemble and swing into action as the iconic Spider-Girl. And, this “cat suit” makes Emma Peel's jumpsuit look like Mother Teresa's pajamas. Add the kitten-esque ears, and you'll have an outfit that's really worth purring over!

Friends & Couples Supergirl Costume Ideas

Supergirl and Wonder Woman

Keeping the world safe from evil is no easy task, but Kara Zor-El makes it look easy. You can too in our fantastic Super Girl ensemble! Or you can get ready to kick some you-know-what when you dress up in this Women's Wonder Costume.

Supergirl and Superman

With her Kryptonian physiology Supergirl, is able to do the same things her cousin Superman can. They both leap tall buildings in a single bound and challenge any train to a foot race. Why not team up with your super partner, head out to your next bash together and “stun” the crowd with YOUR super powers?

Adult Supergirl and Pink Supergirl Child Costumes

Since she took up the Supergirl name to fight crime alongside her cousin Kal-El, better known as Superman, Supergirl has saved the world time and time again. Then, when Supergirl changes her look and her age, she wears her favorite color. In this pink suit, she’ll dazzle everyone who sees her!

Child Supergirl and Prisoner Dog Costumes

Has your little gal always dreamed about being a superhero and banishing bad guys? Then this Child Supergirl Costume is perfect for her. What better sidekick at her side than the family dog in this little number? A sure bet to keep any wayward tail-wagger on the right track!

Enhance Your Supergirl Costume Style

Supergirl Ultimate Costume

Get ready to ditch your thick-framed glasses and plain Jane civilian clothes when you put on this adventurous outfit for your next bash. The Supergirl Deluxe Adult Costume will prepare you for anything, including tons of fantastic attention! Kara Zor-El is all grown up and ready to take the job from her cousin Superman. Once you slip into the fabulous blue shirt with the iconic "S" emblazoned across your chest, your confidence will be sky high. With your fantastic cape fluttering in the breeze, you’ll definitely be ready to soar! The red and gold metallic boot tops add the perfect finishing touch! A metallic red skirt with a statement gold belt pulls things together beautifully.

Supergirl Costume Accessories

Your little super gal will be super cute in this pink sequin Supergirl costume. Trust us, in a world full of “Superboys” like Superman, Batman and Spider-Man, she’s sure to stand out! Girl Power rules and she’ll definitely feel pretty in pink when you add the Supergirl Glitter Mask to the ensemble. It’s the must-have accessory for adding a bit of glam to your supergirl’s ensemble! The glovelets add just the right amount of panache to an already fantastic ensemble, and when she steps into the pink glitter ballerina flats the look will be complete. Plus, these glittery costume shoes are so irresistible, your child will be dancing on air and will most definitely want to wear them with tons of other outfits, too. Say hello to “pretty in pink Supergirl,” a different version of the same iconic Superhero!

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