Women's Superhero Costumes

From Wonder Woman and Batgirl to Black Widow, Gamora from the Guardians of the Galaxy, and lots of other female versions of normally-male characters, this page of Women's Superheroes helps you find the perfect look for your Halloween costume party, going trick-or-treating, movie premieres, and more! There are accessories and dresses to help you get the perfect look!

Female Superheroes Costume Ideas

Get in touch with your superhero side with any of these tough-girl costumes. You were born to fight evil and now is your chance. Any of these women’s superhero costumes will help you get in the form to save the world from evil. Whether you identify more with Superwoman, Batgirl, Catwoman or all three, you’ll find everything you need to recreate the perfect superhero look. The bad guys don’t stand a chance with you around to save the day. It’s time for a night of superhero fun!

Female Superheroes Character Bios


Batgirl protects Gotham city at all costs, but she’s always looking her best. She’s ready for anything in her stylish purple jumpsuit, allowing her to move quickly as she works with Batman and Robin in their endless battle against The Riddler.

“I’m strong enough and smart enough for anything you throw at me.”

Black Widow

Among the elite Avengers team, the Black Widow is an expert spy and assassin. With her athletic skills, strength and stamina, she’s ready to take down anything in her way. But behind all the beauty she’s hiding the brains of a trained secret agent.

“Nothing will go wrong on my watch.”


This superheroine uses her cat-like reflexes to pull off burglaries of only the finest objects. She carries a whip and is not a cat to be messed with. In a tight black jumpsuit, there’s no telling what she can accomplish.

"Little birds should stay away from big bad kittycats."


The most dangerous woman in the galaxy is ready to make an appearance at your Halloween party. She’s looking fierce and ready to take down her enemies as a soldier and smooth assassin.

“I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die surrounded by my friends.”


This superheroine knows how to save lives and be stylish all at the same time. She'll be casting her web and swinging from building to building to make sure she gets to the party on time.


An ordinary life is not an option for Storm. She'll lead the X-Men into victory with her powerful and fearless ways. Make sure you don't upset her or she'll create a lighting storm right before your eyes.


Forced back into action after settling down and having a family, Mrs. Incredible must go back to her former life of fighting evil to keep her family safe. She transforms back into the amazing Elastigirl to keep her family safe.

“Your identity is your most valuable possession. Protect it. And if anything goes wrong, use your powers.”


The leading lady of DC comics always does what it takes for justice. She’s the most iconic and recognizable superheroine around and is ready to make a scene at your next costume party.

“You obviously have little regard for womanhood. You must learn respect!”

Female Superheroes Group Costume Ideas

Get ready for some major girl power! These superheroines are ready to take action and save you from all evildoers. Get your friends together and have everyone transform into their favorite superheroine alter ego. Whether you want to be a group of no-nonsense crime fighters or just save the day while looking great, you’ll find everything you need to make your superheroine dreams come true. You’ll kick some bad-guy booty the moment you walk into the room.

Couples & Friends Group Costume Ideas

Captain America Duo

Vow to serve your nation together as this dynamic Captain America duo. No super soldier serum needed here, just a party attitude! Together you can be living and breathing symbols of freedom and liberty in these beautifully patriotic costumes.


Who says your dog can't join in on the superhero fun? Supergirl teaches Spider-pup the ways of saving the world this Halloween. Answering the door for trick-or-treaters has never been more entertaining than when you're in these fun ensembles.

Enhance Your Female Superhero Costume Style

Black Widow Ultimate Costume

If you’re really looking to dress to impress at this year’s costume event, the Ultimate Costume Black Widow Grand Heritage Costume is the way to go. When you’re planning to go all out for your costume, you can’t skimp on the important details. This Ultimate costume has everything you need to truly look the part of the fierce Black Widow. Get into character with this sleek and sexy faux leather jumpsuit and your flowing brown wig. You’ll look tough with your bullet gauntlet and gold-colored belt. This officially licensed Marvel costume is the real deal.

Gamora Costume Accessories

Become the most dangerous woman in the entire galaxy when you don this Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy costume. You’ll be ready to fight as a green-skinned alien with green sleeves and bodice with attractive blue accents. Punch out all the bad guys with your tough-looking fingerless gloves.

1. Look even more mysterious and alluring with this smoldering red-headed wig. Reach for the stars, as you’re limited only by your imagination in this wig.

2. Your Gamora costume isn’t complete without turning into the alien you truly are. Use this green face makeup to transform into the dangerously beautiful Galaxy assassin.

3. Lace up these boots and walk on the wild side of the galaxy. Unleash your inner vixen as you strut around in these five-inch heeled boots.

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