Superman Costumes

Become the very first comic book superhero this Halloween with this collection of Superman Costumes! Everyone from newborn heroes to adults will be able to look like this incredible character, and your next costume party is sure to love having this heroic addition, or you can go trick-or-treating as the Man of Steel, Metropolis' powerful guardian, and a beacon of hope and justice!

Superman Costume Ideas

There’s obvious appeal for The Man of Steel

Superman is more than a comic-book hero—he is an American cultural icon. The Man of Steel was originally created by two teenagers from Cleveland, Ohio, and he first appeared in Action Comics #1 in June of 1938. Since then he has fought evildoers through thousands of adventures in the comics, television and on the silver screen. Originally from the planet Krypton, Superman’s powers are derived from the earth’s yellow sun, which empowers him with superior strength, flight and near invincibility to anything but kryptonite. Clad in blue with his trademark red cape, Superman’s appearance is iconic and so is his costume.

Which Type of Superman Are You?

Clark Kent

Even Superman can’t spend all of his time fighting crime, so when he’s not flying through the air, he’s hiding as Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet. Being disguised as Kent allows Superman to stay up to date with everything that’s going on. When the need for a hero is too great, Superman himself is always just a phone booth away.

"My father always told me I was sent here to save mankind. Maybe this is my true destiny."


Fly to your next party in these classic Superman duds from BuyCostumes. The blue, muscular body suit, the red boots and cape and, of course, the famous crest across the chest. It’s all here so make your look super, and you’ll be receiving compliments faster than a speeding bullet.

“Nobody tears my city apart and gets away with it.”

Girl Power

Who says The Man of Steel has to a be a man at all? Introduce a little girl power in defense of humanity with this fun girl-power costume. Pink and silver boots, a bright pink dress and snappy silver belt make this the most stylish Superman costume to ever fly out of Krypton.

“I’m pretty and powerful in pink.”


Even the smallest among us are capable of super-human feats, especially when the little tyke is decked out in this Superman onesie costume. The blue onesie and hat are adorned with the Superman logo, as are the bottoms of the red booties. No matter where you child is crawling, the symbol of Superman is not too far away.

“I'm Superman. I can do anything.”

Man of Steel

Looking to bring the Man of Steel to life? Nothing does it like the Man of Steel Grand Heritage Superman Adult Costume from BuyCostumes. This officially licensed costume includes jumpsuit with attached boot covers, cape and molded belt, which is everything you need to step out of the film and into your next party with style.

“Only the weak succumb to brutality.”

Pet Side Kick

Even Superman needs a helping hand now and again. Bring your four-legged accomplice along on any adventure with this Pet Side Kick costume. Available in three different size, it's made from lightweight 100 percent polyester and soft wearable polyurethane. This look can give power to any pooch.

“I don't know what hole you crawled out of or where you came from, but I'm sending you back!”


Take that traditional Superman look and give it a feminine style all your own with this one-of-a-kind Super Girl Adult Corsets Costume. Evildoers won’t be able to stand in your way when you're in this ensemble, and good Samaritans will certainly notice you've passed buy. Save the city and turn a few heads all in one fell swoop.

“Just remember... no matter what happens... I'll always love you. ALWAYS.”


Fighting crime isn’t just a guy thing. With this officially licensed Super Girl costume criminals can cower before a woman’s touch as well. Lose the tights for a more comfortable dress, and admire the boot tops that make for more feminine look. In this costume, the crested S on the chest is still the same but the look is all your own.

“This is not a costume. These are my clothes.”

Group Costumes

DC Comics Group 

Their exploits have been told across thousands of comics and their adventures have made them some of popular culture’s most recognizable characters. Whether you’re drawn to the strength of Superman, the stealth of Catwoman, the precision of Green Arrow or the brooding of Batman, each of these characters makes for a wonderful costume. At BuyCostumes, we have the looks you crave to step outside your normal life, don the mask and make crime-fighting your full-time profession. We have the Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and her iconic Lasso of Truth, and the Flash, who’s so fast no one else may see how great you look. Whatever hero you’re looking to capture, we have the costumes and accessories you need to bring them out of the pages and into your party.

Friend & Couples Superman Costume Ideas

Superman and Batman

One is a hero from another planet, blessed with superhuman strength and the gift of flight. The other is a brooding billionaire who stalks the shadows of Gotham’s underbelly. Superman and Batman, iconic on their own and the nightmares of criminals everywhere when they combine forces. Whether you stand with the Man of Steel or hang with the Dark Knight, you’re sure to instill fear in wrongdoers everywhere.

Adult Superman and Adult Supergirl

Two from Krypton is double the fun and there’s always room for more capes. Fly to any party in this couple’s ensemble of Superman and Supergirl. The innocent pedestrians of Metropolis are bound to take notice.

Boy Superman and Girl Wonder Woman

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes and, in this case, ages. This boy’s Superman costume and girl’s Wonder Woman costume prove you’re never too young to start fighting crime or look great doing it.

Kids' Supergirl and Superman Dog Costume

Make crime-fighting a family affair with kids' Supergirl and Superman dog costumes. Our Supergirl attire is a can’t-miss with young female heroines in any household, and this Superman dog costume proves heroes come in all shapes, sizes and degrees of hairiness.

Superman Costume Breakdown

Curious about what makes this Superman costume perfect for any event? Let’s take a look:

1. The blue jumpsuit does more than just give you a super appearance. It comes complete with an already-muscled chest to make sure you maintain that Man of Steel appearance.

2. Superman proudly wears his emblem across his chest and the back of his cape. You can do so, too, with this officially licensed product.

3. Complete your ensemble with this yellow belt. Unlike other costumes that turn the belt into a two-dimensional design, this belt is a full accessory.

4. The cape flows behind you as you take off on your next adventure. Is this cape the key to being able to fly? We won’t say it isn’t.

5. And what will you wear when you land? Why not these red boots? They work for Superman himself and they’ll work for you.

Enhance Your Superman Costume Style

Superman Ultimate Costume

Harness the power of Metropolis’ greatest defender and bring the Man of Steel to life with the Ultimate Superman Costume from BuyCostumes. This costume features a blue latex chest piece that comes complete with the iconic Superman emblem as well as those bulging muscles nourished by Earth’s yellow sun. This costume includes everything you need to bring Superman to life, from the free-flowing red cape to the durable belt and those stomping red boots. This is the iconic Superman costume and you’ll find it only at BuyCostumes.

Superman Costume Accessories

Like the pages of the comics themselves, the right accessory can be a perfect add-on to any costume story. At BuyCostumes, we have the items you need to re-create Superman exactly as you want. You can tell your own story! There’s the Superman wig, perfect to give the man of steel his famous hairdo, complete with the hanging strand. Then, show off your muscles with this bendable steel bar. You may not know the reason you need to bend the bar immediately, but it’s good to know you can. Finally, no Superman parades around Metropolis without his red boots. This footwear is perfect for the job, whether you’re getting out of a car or making a perfect landing from a trip around the stratosphere.

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